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Boundless Technology started in November 2015 and has since released 6 aromatherapy units, each with their own unique appeal.

Experience the power and technology found in the Boundless Line Up


Units to Choose From

Experience next level aromatherapy with Boundless Technology. Featuring full conduction, hybrid heating, and full convection there is a Boundless unit for every taste.


Full Convection Aromatherapy

Boundless introduced the CFV aromatherapy device in October 2016. Featuring innovative aromatherapy rings, your herbal blend is preserved and efficiently extracted.

1 Goal

Spread Aromatherapy Awareness

Our goal at Boundless Technology is to educate the consumer on the benefits of aromatherapy over traditional combustion methods. Join Boundless Technology today.

Our Partners

Boundless Technology strives to advance in the aromatherapy industry by creating innovative products with portability and stealth in mind. We aim at delivering an affordable, efficient, and straightforward experience for the consumer while developing new methods that are able to achieve the highest of effectiveness at delivering. We believe that customer satisfaction is our main priority and we do our best to reach out to the community through frequent forum posts and live streams that aim to answer questions, showcase updates to our existing products, and introduce new products to the community.

Live Streams

Boundless Technology hosts multiple live streams a week on our Facebook and YouTube Channel that aim to create an avenue for our consumers to interact with members of the company and provide a platform to answer questions or bring up concerns. Viewers are able to get a first look at new product and see demonstrations of the Boundless line up.

Only Certified Products

All units are hand tested and processed by our quality control team. The Boundless Technology line of products stand behind a 3 year warranty.

Our Team

Eric C. - VP Marketing

"Transparency is our key marketing strategy. We are able to be direct and connect with our community through transparency." 

Edith R. - VP Sales

"Boundless Technology can be found worldwide through our trusted distributors. Our goal is to spread the Boundless experience and spread aromatherapy awareness around the globe." 


David [CFX]  -  Puffitup.com

Great Vape on a budget. Would recommend.

Kellen [CF]  -  Planetofthevapes.com

I feel like a king. No one notices when I smoke. Walk out in public and I can pretend it is a normal vape. Not too big and looks like a poryable charger for a phone. Definite buy for the price.

Van der Beek [CFC]  -  Vaposhop.com

I am really content with this device. It is small, cheap and extremely powerful. It heats up in seconds. I love the flavor. Absolutely wonderful. Best vaporizer ever, I think.