Arend Richard Reviews the CF-710 Dab Pen!
Arend Richard Reviews the CF-710 Dab Pen!

Arend Richard Reviews the CF-710 Dab Pen!

The Boundless CF 710 dab pen is the newest way to dab. And it’s quite different from any other type of wax pen since it allows you to dab with only one hand. Complete with accessories the CF 710 is easy as 1-2-3. Like Arend said, “It’s more of a wax straw.” There is nothing to load up, nothing to screw on, and there is no need to adjust any type of temperature settings. Press the power button to heat the coil tip, inhale through the mouthpiece, and apply the concentrate to blow tasty thick clouds.

Hand holding a CF-710 Vaporizer

Eliminate the need for torches and expensive dab rigs and get the most from your favorite concentrates as you’re able to dab directly into the glass dish that is provided. As mentioned in the video, other pens for wax usually have a metallic-like taste whereas with the CF 710, the hits taste clean; you’re able to extract the pure flavor of your concentrates. We’ve made dabbing easier, faster, and cleaner. With the CF 710, “It comes in handy every time.” When you’re finished dabbing, just cap the lid for a more pocket-friendly unit.

“This is one of the things that I’ve used most this year in 2017.” -Arend Richard

What’s in the box?

  • CF 710 Unit
  • Glass Jar
  • Dab tool
  • Quartz tip
  • Ceramic tip
  • CF 710 charger
  • User manual

The CF-710 Dab Pen Successor

Now, as great as the CF-710 dab pen was, it had its fair share of drawbacks, such as its bulking size. Our new line of Terp Pen Vaporizers addresses these with a compact design and instant heat time. If you’re interested in the optimal way to enjoy vaping, you can’t go wrong with a Terp Pen.

*A special thanks to Arend Richard for his review on the CF 710 dab pen. Make sure to tune into his channel to catch his next review later this month on another Boundless product.

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I think this is the best portable device to dab my concentrates and is superior to all the other brands I’ve tried! I am so happy! I wish Boundless Technology allowed us consumers to post reviews but this will do.