Best Rick and Morty Episodes to Watch High
Best Rick and Morty Episodes to Watch High

Best Rick and Morty Episodes to Watch High

Get Stoned and Watch these Rick and Morty Episodes

Since its release, Rick and Morty have been very popular amongst the stoner crowd. The bizarre nature of every episode with the well-timed comedy just seems to resonate. If you know that the next episode is going to be crazier than the last, why wouldn’t you tune in? And since we know a thing or two about packing a bowl and watching our favorite cartoon, we watched every season again to compile this list. Here is the Boundless Technology guide to the best Rick and Morty episodes to watch high.

Total Rickall (S2E4)

The first scene of this episode really sets up the conflict in a fun way, with the introduction of a character we’ve never seen before, but the family seems to know so well. From there, the slow and steady filling up the house with random characters keeps getting better and better. But as fun as this episode is, the ending gets dark and will have you repacking your favorite herb vape to lighten the mood again.

Pickle Rick (S3E3)

Even if you have never seen Rick and Morty, there is a high chance that you’ve heard someone shout, “I’m Pickle RIIICK!!!” in a random setting. This episode is very imaginative and really takes one back to playing with action figures in their childhood. Heck, Rick builds out a mech suit that is similar to something out of Aliens. If you aren’t high when watching this one, you’re missing out.

Morty’s Mind Blowers (S3E8)

Do you want a bunch of good jokes back to back to back and so forth? That’s really what this episode is all about. But there is a level of skill required to connect the small stories meaningfully. Though not every stop in Morty’s memory is specifically groundbreaking. This episode is a great example of what the show does well.

The Vat of Acid Episode (S4E8)

This episode gives a great view into how terrible Rick is and also provides plenty of time for Morty to shine. We see him growing as a character and becoming more independent. Though things can be rather bleak, there is a lot of solid comedy throughout.

Mort Dinner Rick Andre (S5E1)

It’s not a Narnia thing… okay, it’s a Narnia thing. As Morty goes through the door, each generation builds off of the last, creating a century-long adventure. Every plot of this episode stands on its own, so everything comes together very well. Maybe make a game out of it and pack a new bowl just before Morty enters the door every time.


All Rick and Morty episodes are great to watch high, but we particularly found those episodes to be our favorites.

Which episode is your go-to?

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