Boundless Technology MJBizCon 2022 Recap
Boundless Technology MJBizCon 2022 Recap

Boundless Technology MJBizCon 2022 Recap

On November 16, 2022, the 11th Annual MJBizCon was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Boundless Technology was one of the many companies in attendance at the show. This year’s show had a renewed sense of comradery, business, and growth for the cannabis community, unlike previous years.

We showcased a 20’ x 20’ space (booth #7103), making it our largest activation to date. Our booth showcased our Boundless load-your-own aromatherapy units along with BND hardware. The CFX+, Vexil, and Terp Pen were some of our highlighted products. And seeing as how our flagship CFX is seven years old, our new CFX+ vaporizer garnered attention from those who were familiar with the original. The adjustable session time, zirconia air path, and on-board loading tool were features that went over famously.

BND Vapes were displayed at the Boundless Technology booth during MJBizCon 2022.

With BND, the RHINO and RAM disposable devices were at the forefront. They garnered attention and interest from oil manufacturers and concentrate brands. The RHINO devices were the most popular with their three various tank sizes (1 ml, 2 ml, and 3 ml) and their compatibility with numerous types of oil.

The swag given out at the show was plentiful, as always. However, those who were lucky enough to stop by the Boundless Technology booth walked away with translucent colorful bags and tie-dye bucket hats, in addition to vape lanyards.

Of course, there were many celebrities that made an appearance to promote their cannabis brands and partnerships. One notable attendee was Mike Tyson, yes the Champ himself, who even took a quick stroll through the Boundless Technology booth.

When is the Next MJBizCon?

With the Boundless Tech team back at home and fully rested, we’re excited to follow up on all the connections we made. And with the dates for next year’s show already slated for November 28th – December 1st, we cannot wait!

If you attended MJBizCon 2022, let us know what your favorite part was in the comments!

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