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Buy the World a Toke

Buy the World a Toke

A Marijuana Parody Song

Coca-Cola and cannabis share a common thread, they both bring people together. The community-driven aspect they share was the inspiration for Buy the World a Toke. That, and the one letter difference between “Coke” and “toke,” just made this parody an obvious choice.

The focus on coming together was also our inspiration to create a video that includes a bunch of faces from the cannabis community. Like sharing a Coca-Cola, the act of passing a vaporizer or bowl is a little way of saying “let’s keep each other company for a while” and just enjoy the moment.

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A screenshot from the Coca Cola "Hilltop Commercial" which inspired the parody "Buy the World a Toke".

The Iconic Hilltop Commercial

Whether you remember it originally airing in the 70s or became familiar through the hit series Mad Men, you’ve likely seen the ad. The Hilltop Commercial, as it’s known, features 500+ people standing on a mountain singing along to the lyrics “I’d like to buy the world a coke”.

It is easily considered one of the most recognizable advertisements of all time. If you’ve somehow eluded it for the last 50 years, check out the full story of Bill Backer to learn how it came about.

Classic Cannabis Parodies

While creating the Buy the World a Toke parody song, it was obvious that marijuana parody videos are rather popular. This is no surprise since there are a lot of funny ones on the internet. Ranging from the oldies through contemporary tunes, we came across quite a few.

Here are some of our favorites:

Pot Shop – Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody

The Devil Went Down to Jamaica

Hey There Delilah – Parody Chief Greenbud “Its Only A Weed”

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