Red CFV Vaporizer with a Water Pipe Adapter and its Box
CFV Redesigned: Evolution of the Convection Vaporizer Heater

CFV Redesigned: Evolution of the Convection Vaporizer Heater

Convection vaporizer power is a force that is hard to contain, especially in a portable aromatherapy device. Utilizing convection power in a portable device requires the heating elements and oven to be working together harmoniously to deliver an efficient and smooth experience. To have a portable focus on convection that’s able to produce satisfying and tasty clouds proves to be a daunting task.

The Tera is a formidable attempt at this but proved to be a bit overpowered by some. There is no question that the Tera is a beast of a convection unit. Although, it sacrifices some portability. The two 18650 batteries make the unit fairly hard to contain, as it seems that all the Tera wants to do is extract.

For our third iteration of a convection portable, we upgraded the existing CFV with internals from the Tera. The heating chamber and oven design of the Tera are now incorporated into the shell of the CFV. This means that the stainless steel convection oven, which has proven successful in the Tera, is now featured in the smaller, contained form of the CFV.

The CFV convection vaporizer is for those seeking medium to heavy cloud production. It doesn’t reach those high temperatures of the Tera, which keeps the mouthpiece much cooler on the lips.

Upgraded Box Design

Along with a redesign of the internals comes a redesign of the box. The box has been upgraded visually and internally to include the water pipe adapter for the CFV and will no longer include the heat retention rings required to be used in the previous version. This allows the CFV to be a more straightforward device, making it easy to load and easy to use. Convection power drains more power than a conduction unit, which comes in at around 5 – 8 sessions on average. The unit can go from zero battery life to 100% in less than an hour thanks to its quick-charge feature.

The CFV redesign will come in red and black and will maintain the same price as the original model. This portable also comes with a water pipe adapter to give the user this option right out of the box.

Thanks for the Support

Thank you all for the support of Boundless Technology and the feedback you provide. It has come from many places such as and Our goal is to continue to improve the heating technology in our devices to the best currently available. We also want to bring safe and efficient aromatherapy devices to the market. We are open to any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us.

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This write up says the CFV has cooler vape at higher temps… I can only assume this is down to the cooling ability of the mouthpiece….. Given all the people out there modding their Tera Mouthpieces with Arizer Solo stems it would be really great if you would release a new Tera mouthpiece with enhanced cooling! I’d much rather have an official product than mod a solo or other stem!

I’m interested in this new upgraded CFV, just one quick question, what is the battery life, does it have pass through charging? Removable batteries or no?

Does the CFC have an auto shutdown after the herb has been mostly consumed? The last time I used at 185-190 deg the unit temp dipped down to 85 after 5 o 5 tokes.

Hi there! The CFC does not detect how vaporized the herb is, though it does automatically shut off after the 5-minute session timer ends. Also, it being a convection unit means that the herb is heated entirely by your pull of air. I would suggest maybe changing up your temp and using heavier draws. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out!