Wide View of Terp Pen CF-710 with Two Coils
How do Ceramic and Quartz Coils Work on the CF-710?

How do Ceramic and Quartz Coils Work on the CF-710?

The CF 710 is a revolutionary new way to consume concentrates. But do you know how the device actually works? Its functionality and one button operating system make the device extremely easy to use. The device features a stainless-steel encasing that houses a 16500 LG Li-ion 10A high drain battery with a 900 mAh capacity. On the opposite side of the mouthpiece, you have the two interchangeable tips comprising either ceramic or quartz coils. The battery generates power to warm the heating element (Nichrome), which is methodically wrapped around the ceramic or quartz material. Nichrome is very resistant to high temperatures and can remain safely intact, making it a safe and durable material to use.

Ceramic and Quartz Coils Properties

Ceramic and quartz coils have different properties, which give the two differing coil tips unique characteristics. We highly recommended the ceramic coil tip for those who are looking for bigger and denser clouds. As the Nichrome heats the ceramic, you can observe a vibrant orange glow, which lets the user know that the tip is heated and ready for use. Much like Nichrome, ceramic has a high resistance point, giving it a high-temperature tolerance which forms an outer protective layer, keeping the material from oxidation.

Quartz is also a great generator of heat and can reach high temperatures quickly, especially within a targeted area. With the quartz tip, you can taste the different terpene flavors from the concentrate consumed. It can enhance and accentuate the various profiles that identify various concentrates while still providing generously smooth and dense clouds.

Whether you are looking for heightened tastes of your concentrates or you’re simply aiming for those immensely thick and powerful clouds, the CF 710 has it all. Truly a hidden gem of the concentrates world, the CF 710 delivers.

The Successor to the CF-710

Since the release of our CF-710 vaporizer, vape technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Although we don’t manufacture the CF-710 anymore, another more advanced device has taken its place. Since the release a few years back, the Terp Pen has taken the vaporizer world by storm. A brilliant upgrade to an already brilliant vaporizer, just in a much more compact form. It’s perfect for anybody looking for a discreet, pocket-sized vape session on the go.

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I love your product, the CF 710 has given me a great and immediate way of getting my medication in accurate doses. This is a life saver anytime of the day at work or on the go. If you ever need someone to do a video for you guys I’d love to help promote this product and everything it is about! Keep on doing what you’re doing!