How to Get Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector
How to Get Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector

How to Get Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector

Collecting Reclaim While Cleaning Your Honey Straw

If you’ve ever felt that you’re wasting concentrate, we’ll teach you how to easily get reclaim out of your electronic nectar collector!

Terp Pen with concentrate build up to be used for reclaim dabs.

Reclaim doesn’t have the most appealing name, but is a surprising treat. In fact, the leftover material still has active therapeutic properties. Take the “no waste” approach by collecting reclaim. This gets the most out of your concentrate.

What is Reclaim?

It’s the dark brown material left behind after taking a dab that can be gathered for “re-dabbing”. This gummy substance builds up in your honey straw or dab rig during regular use. Unlike the amber color of fresh concentrates, reclaim has a darker shade from being heated previously.

How to Collect Your Terp Pen Reclaim

The Terp Pen is not a high temp honey straw, so the wax that you reclaim tastes better than most.

To get started, disassemble your Terp Pen for cleaning and lay each component on a flat surface.

If the coil holes are clogged, you’ll find some viable wax to reclaim there. This is a rather small piece and if you’re struggling to collect anything, you can always soak it in isopropyl alcohol to remove any wax that won’t scrape off.

The bulk of the reclaim will be located around the threading, where it easily collects in the grooves. Give that a nice scraping with a metal dab tool. Expect to be pleasantly surprised with how much wax you’ll gather!

How to scrape reclaim from a Terp Pen nectar collector.

Taking Dabs with Reclaim from a Nectar Collector

Now for the reward!

If you have collected a large amount of reclaim, you can store it in the Terp Pen cap (or a silicone concentrate container) for future dabs.

Reclaim is great to have on hand if you ever find yourself out of fresh wax, but want to enjoy a dab.

Taking reclaim dabs from the Terp Pen XL.

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