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How to Use the CFC Lite

How to Use the CFC Lite

The CFC LITE features the power and efficiency reminiscent of our bigger units like the CF and the CFX, but in a smaller, more portable package. Powered by a removable 18350 battery, the CFC LITE fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can easily be concealed.

Hand holding the CFC Lite.

So, whether you’re having to keep your sesh to yourself or you’re on the go, this blog is going to go over how to use your CFC LITE. 

Setting Up the CFC LITE

First, you will want to remove the battery plate by twisting it counterclockwise. You will then insert the removable 18350 battery with the positive side facing up, followed by reinstalling the battery plate.

To turn the CFC LITE on and off, you can do so by pressing the power button five times. The unit will turn on and vibrate, as long as the battery is installed properly.

A hand holding the CFC Lite to show the front of it.

You can also check the battery level by pressing the power button four times. The battery level is indicated by the four LED lights located on the power button. Each LED light represents 25% of the battery life. 

Packing & Taking a Hit

Now that we’ve learned how to turn our unit on, we’ll want to dive into how to sesh with your unit.

Girl with red lipstick takes a draw from a Boundless vaporizer.

First, we will want to insert a screen into the oven to prevent the herb from shifting during your sesh.

Next, we will want to turn the unit off to load the bowl. Time to grab your herb of choice.! The CFC LITE holds up to .4 grams of herb so you won’t need too much here. It’s very important to be sure you do not overpack your oven as well.

Girl taking a hit from the CFC Lite portable vaporizer.

Once you’ve removed the mouthpiece and inserted your herb, you’re going to want to place the mouthpiece back on. Then heat your unit by turning it on.  

Adjusting the CFC LITE Temperature

To adjust the temperature settings, you will need to press the power button three times.

A guy smiles while holding his CFC Lite to adjust the temperature.

The CFC LITE has three preset temperatures of Blue at 385ºF (196ºC), Green at 403ºF  (206ºC), and Red at 421ºF (216ºC).

When the unit has heated to your preferred setting, the power button LED light will blink to indicate it has reached the selected temperature. Once that has occurred, you simply inhale to enjoy.

Enjoying a hit from a Boundless vaporizer.

After you’ve completed your sesh, you can turn your unit off by pressing the power button five times.  

It’s that easy to use the CFC LITE!

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