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How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer
How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer

How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer

Welcome to Vaping Evolved with the CFX+ portable vaporizer. This advanced digital vape features state-of-the-art heating technology and an intuitive user interface. We’ll cover how it works, ways to achieve the biggest vapor clouds, and useful tips to get you started!

CFX+ Features

Zirconia Cooling Air Path – The mouthpiece includes an extended air path that cools the vapor before reaching your lips.

Fully Adjustable Temperature – Precise temperature control allows you to select a specific degree ranging from 250°F – 430°F to ensure efficient vaporization for most herbal materials.

Preset Temp Options – Four preset options (378°F, 400°F, 414°F, 428°F) make it easy for beginners to determine what temp works best for them.

Session Time Control – Choose how long the CFX+ will heat depending on the length of the session you want before it automatically turns off.

Ceramic Heating Chamber – This inert material ensures that your vapor is always smooth and flavorful.

Built-in Stir Tool – Easily mix up the bowl during a session to achieve complete vaporization of the dry material.

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