How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer
How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer

How to Use the CFX+ Vaporizer

Welcome to Vaping Evolved with the CFX+ portable vaporizer. To sum it up quite concisely: our flagship CFX portable vaporizer has received an upgrade in the form of the CFX+. The new and improved unit features many upgrades from its predecessor. Some upgrades to take note of are USB-C charging, a sleek new body design, in addition to the newly upgraded UI. This may sound great, but all this is meaningless if you don’t know how to operate the unit. To learn how to use the CFX+ portable vaporizer, follow along as we take you step-by-step through the process

New CFX+ Features

Zirconia Cooling Air Path – The mouthpiece includes an extended air path that cools the vapor before reaching your lips.

Fully Adjustable Temperature – Precise temperature control allows you to select a specific degree ranging from 250°F – 430°F to ensure efficient vaporization for most herbal materials.

Preset Temp Options – Four preset options (378°F, 400°F, 414°F, 428°F) make it easy for beginners to determine what temp works best for them.

Session Time Control – Choose how long the CFX+ will heat depending on the length of the session you want before it automatically turns off.

Ceramic Heating Chamber – This inert material ensures that your vapor is always smooth and flavorful.

Built-in Stir Tool – Easily mix up the bowl during a session to achieve complete vaporization of the dry material.

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How it works


Before you even begin to start messing around with the CFX+, there are some things that you’ll need to take care of. Certain factors are significantly more crucial than others, such as ensuring the device has a charge before use. But the main objective of this prep work is to deliver the best possible vapor draws the device is capable of.

Charging the Device

Before using the CFX+ for the very first time, you want to plug it in with the included USB-C charging cable and wait for it to reach a full charge. If this isn’t the first time you’ve used the device, you still want to always make sure it has enough power to last through your session. Once the device is plugged in, an animated battery meter will appear on the screen with the percentage the unit is currently at.

Luckily, it only takes approximately 45 minutes to charge the unit, so the ‘waiting game’ won’t be nearly as bad as with similar units. This is crucial if you intend to take your device with you on the go since you won’t always have an easily accessible power source.


Once your unit has a full charge, you’re going to want to perform multiple burn-offs. For those uninformed, a ‘burn off’ is when you set the temperature of the unit to its highest setting and run the unit without any material, and without inhaling for a full cycle. This eliminates any oils or dust that may be leftover from the manufacturing process. If you merely skip this step and move on to the next, you’ll more than likely be in for a bad time. Well, more of a bad ‘taste’ as it were. Let’s just say that the first draws of vapor may not taste as delicious as you had expected them to be. And by ‘expected’, we mean all that residue leftover from the manufacturing process can alter the flavor of your vapor greatly.

Your Dry Herb

You may think that you can simply toss a few unbroken buds into the chamber of the device and all systems are go! While there may be a unit or two out there that allows you to do this, the CFX+ isn’t one of them. So, just as how we had to prep the unit itself, we now must prep our cannabis. Ideally, you want to do so with a weed grinder for optimal consistency.

If you’re in a pinch, you can break it up with your fingers or a pair of scissors, but we don’t recommend this as it creates uneven results. When you use nonuniform, broken-up herb, you’re wasting product as it will burn unevenly. On the other hand, when you use a decent grinder to grind your herb, you equalize the space between the particles of weed. This allows for a more even burn, resulting in less product waste.

Operating the Device

If you’re following along with us, all your prep work should be completed. Now that your device is fully charged, you’ve performed your burn-offs, and your cannabis is ‘vape ready’, we can move on to how to use the unit. This will allow you to take full advantage of everything the CFX+ portable vaporizer has to offer.

Turning It on and Changing the Temperature

To turn on/off the device, merely press and hold both buttons at the same time for three seconds. You’ll know the unit is powering on when it vibrates, and you see the ‘Boundless CFX+’ text fly by the screen.

To adjust the temperature, simply use the same two buttons to increase (top button) or decrease (bottom button) the temperature to your liking. Simultaneously pressing both these buttons will also take you to the menu screen, where all the CFX+ settings can be found (more on that in the next section). People who enjoy a more flavorful vapor experience will want to stick to lower temperatures around the 340°F/171°C – 380°F/193°C range. However, if you’re a cloud chaser, you’ll want to up the temperature to 400°F/204°C – 420°F/216°C. These are merely guidelines to help point you in the right direction with nothing set in stone. And just because these temp ranges work for some doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. Make sure you go through and test out multiple settings until you find what works best for you.

Understanding the User Interface

Once you’ve turned the device on, you’ll be met with a screen that features all your current session information. This information consists of the temperature you have your sessions set to, the temperature it’s currently at, a session countdown timer, what mode you’re in (precision or preset), not to mention a battery meter to show how much power the device has left.

The first time you power on the device, it will feature stock settings that come pre-programmed into the unit. Therefore, the session countdown timer is already in effect, even though you haven’t set anything up yet. Not to worry, we’ll get to how to change settings shortly. First, we need to discuss the menu that allows you to get things done more efficiently.

The Menu

You’ll notice at the top of the menu is a ‘Start’ button that will start your session once you’re happy with the current settings. To begin a session or make any adjustments, make sure the appropriate setting is highlighted and swiftly press both buttons at the same time to activate/deactivate it. Below the start button (the house icon), you have the option to switch between the type of temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Just below that is the duration setting for your sessions (the stopwatch icon). You have four options to choose from, with two minutes being the shortest, and eight being the longest, with four- and six-minute options thrown in for a decent range. 

Under ‘duration’ is the dimmer setting for more incognito sessions. It significantly reduces screen brightness for those occasions when you don’t want unwanted attention. Below the dimmer setting is where you’ll find the setting that changes what mode you’re in. Finally, at the bottom is the button to set the mode you want to vape in. There is a ‘Precision’ mode that allows you to choose whatever temperature you like (up to the 430° limit), as well as a ‘Preset’ mode that features four different predetermined temperatures for you to choose from:

  • Preset #1 – 378°
  • Preset #2 – 400°
  • Preset #3 – 414°
  • Preset #4 – 428°

As previously stated, with our temperature recommendations, these temp presets are merely what we’ve found to be the most beneficial when it comes to truly enjoyable CFX+ sessions. Once you’ve got a better feel for the device and the presets, you can switch over to precision mode and choose the exact temperature that works best for you and your personal preferences.

Loading the Chamber

Now, the time has come for the ‘fun part’ where you get to start using the CFX+. Start by grabbing that ground herb you prepared earlier as it’s time to load the chamber. Remove the mouthpiece and carefully fill the chamber with cannabis, being careful not to overfill it. 

You want to give it a tamp or two, but don’t pack it too tight as this will partially block the airflow, leaving you with unevenly heated herbs and a subpar vape session. Once you’ve got the chamber lightly packed with your preferred weed strain, you can effortlessly pop the mouthpiece back on thanks to its magnetic connection.

Using the Device

With our chamber loosely packed, you’ll want to turn on the device by holding both buttons for three seconds. Once the device is turned on, click both buttons simultaneously to bring up the menu screen. This is where you’ll make the appropriate adjustments to your session settings (refer to the previous ‘Understanding the Interface’ section on how to do this). Once you’ve made the proper adjustments to the temperature, session time, etc., you’re ready to start your session by navigating to the ‘Start’ button and simultaneously clicking both buttons.

This will start your session and bring you back to the session information screen, where you’ll notice the session countdown timer has started. This means it’s finally time to inhale some of that sweet and tasty vapor. Place your lips on the corner of the mouthpiece above the buttons where there’s a small hole. You’ll want to start with slow draws at first, getting a feel for the device and what’s the most comfortable for you. After some time and a bit of practice, you shouldn’t have any issues finding your ‘sweet spot’ as far as your ideal CFX+ settings and draw speed is concerned. Once your session is over and the countdown timer has reached zero, the session information screen will change to ‘Standby Mode’ for a few seconds before disappearing.

This will turn off the oven while keeping the device turned on. This is fantastic for when you want to throw the device in your bookbag or handbag since nothing else will get damaged. It also prevents any unnecessary burning of your flower while the unit’s not in use.

After Your Session

After you’re done with your session, switch the unit off to save power by pressing and holding both buttons for three seconds. You’ll feel the device vibrate and see the ‘Boundless CFX+’ text fly by once again. We advise you to promptly empty the chamber, so no extra residue accumulates in between sessions. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece and use the included cleaning brush or tamp tool to clear any bits that may be stuck on the mouthpiece screen. To empty the chamber, turn it upside down and tap the bottom of the device while holding over a trash can, or a sealed container if you plan to save your ABV (Already Been Vaped) for edibles later. If there’s anything that’s still stuck, you can again use the cleaning brush to remove any leftover pieces of flower. Once the CFX+ is cleaned to your satisfaction, place the magnetic mouthpiece back onto the device so it’s easily at the ready for your next CFX+ vape session.

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