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Star Wars Themed Cannabis Strains
Star Wars Themed Cannabis Strains

Star Wars Themed Cannabis Strains

Top Six Strains from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Happy Star Wars release week! Empire Strikes Back opened on May 21, 1980; Star Wars (A New Hope) opened on May 25, 1977; Return of the Jedi opened on May 25, 1983. 

So we wanted to kick off this Star Wars original trilogy release week with some of our favorite Star Wars strains and units. So grab your lightsaber and prepare to toke up with some of our favorite characters. 

The Dank Side

Darth Vader OG

Source: https://leafly-public.imgix.net/

Darth Vader OG is a classic and one of our favorite strains to pair with our Red CFV. Darth Vader OG is an indica hybrid cross of San Fernando Valley OG and Larry OG. This strain is heavy in myrcene and usually is super purple in color. The flavors are very sweet and fruity which makes it a perfect pair for our CFV to get an out of this galaxy experience.

Skywalker OG

Source: https://media.allbud.com/

Skywalker OG is another classic and one of our favorite strains to pair with our Teal Terp Pen. This strain is a cross of Mazar, Blueberry, and OG Kush. This is a great hybrid for saber training when you’re looking to relax and find your inner peace. This strain is also high in myrcene to keep the vibes chill and euphoric. The strain is great if you can find it in a concentrate form to pair with our Teal Terp Pen.


Source: https://media.allbud.com/

Jawa is a super tasty strain to sip on with our CFX. Jawa is a cross of Jamaican Pine and Maui Wowie making it a super tasty hybrid. This strain is perfect for long days on the dunes and watching pod races. Jawa’s are unpredictable so be sure to use our CFX for an elevated sesh. 

Master Yoda

Source: https://leafly-public.imgix.net/

Master Yoda is a cross between Master Kush and OG Kush making it the perfect hybrid for our Tera. This is a high THC packed mix that gives you both the uplifted energy of a Sativa and the calm of and Indica. Size matters not but when it comes to Master Yoda plus our Tera you couldn’t get bigger hits!

Death Star

Source: https://leafly-public.imgix.net/

Death Star is a great strain for our CFC 2.0 making it discrete from the galaxy but sure packs a flavorful punch. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid made from Sour Diesel and Sensi Star to bring a great disturbance within the force. This strain is great for ruling the galaxy or force choking yourself into hyperspeed.


Source: https://images.hytiva.com/

Ewok is a fuzzy little strain that pairs wonderfully with our CFC LITE. Tiny but mighty this hybrid is a cross of Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien making it a great strain for any Jedi. So while you’re training on Endor be sure to give this strain a go with our CFC LITE. 

What are your favorite Star Wars strains?

We hope this helps you celebrate Star Wars all month long and be sure to use code JEDI20 for 20% all terp pens and code SITH20 for 20% off our red CFV! Also, the Tera will be 20% off for the entire month of May as well. May the Force be with you!

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