The CF-710 Dab Pen; Click, Dip, and Stash Away
The CF-710 Dab Pen; Click, Dip, and Stash Away

The CF-710 Dab Pen; Click, Dip, and Stash Away

Who said great things don’t come in small packages? Introducing the CF 710 dab pen; an entirely new way of consuming concentrates. Our stainless steel device has a one-button operating system, making it the easiest unit to use from the Boundless lineup. You can either directly apply it to the tip or simply dab the coil straight into your glass concentrate jar that’s included.

One of the biggest challenges with this unit was trying to replicate the dense clouds that are traditionally seen with a standard butane torch and dab rig. With our device, the coil tip heats extremely fast and has been proven to provide just as powerful clouds full of the different terpene profiles found in your herb.

There’s no need to adjust any temperatures as it has one preset setting; simply hold down the power button to heat, or click 3 times consecutively to heat the tip for 30 seconds. Battery running low? The CF 710 uses a USB cable with a maximum charge time of about 2 hours. When you’re done, twist the cap on to make it the perfect travel-friendly and portable device.

The CF-710 Dab Pen is a Boundless Staff Favorite

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Truly a Boundless staff favorite, the CF 710 has proven to be our go-to device when using concentrates. Achieve the same effect but in a much smaller and more convenient fashion. Alternatively, the CF 710 is also a brilliant choice for larger at-home sessions. This is especially true when using the Boundless water pipe adapter (WPA). The WPA provides added filtration in addition to a flavor boost. Don’t forget, we will be at the Victorville Chalice California festival on July 13-15. Check us out along with the CF 710 that we will be demoing. Once you try out the device, you’ll have to own one. What are you waiting for? Right now, for the entire month of May, you’re able to save 15% when you purchase a 710 dab pen. Pick yours up today and stay lifted with Boundless Tech.

Some Bad News and Some Good News

The bad news is that we have stopped manufacturing the CF-710 dab pen. The good news is we have a newer, improved successor that has garnered its fair share of attention. The Terp Pen has all the significant features of the CF-710, just in a much smaller device. So, if dabbing portability still has your interest, we highly recommend you check out the Terp Pen and Terp Pen XL.

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1 Comment

just got a cf 710 today.
its on a charger right now
cant wait to try it

but i have suggestions already =)

my number 1 request would be a

ceramic and quarts core (or users can use what ever they want. ex. stainless steel mesh? ss cable? silika wick?)

second suggestion…

18650 compatible unit
more airflow