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The Mommy Jane Terp Pen XL Review

The Mommy Jane Terp Pen XL Review

Are You Curious About Concentrates?

One of our Favorite Creators, The Mommy Jane, Jess, was kind enough to review our Terp Pen XL and we wanted to share it with you all! If you’ve been hesitant to give us a go we hope this blog gives you a reason to do so! Also, be sure to check out The Mommy Jane’s blog for an array of amazing educational resources and content. Also, if you all have any questions about our XL feel free to let us know if the comments down below! 

The Mommy Jane taking a hit during her Boundless Terp Pen XL review.

The concentrate world, in the palm of your hand. Literally. 

Are you curious about concentrates but the idea of lugging around a dab rig and torch keeping you from tapping into those tasty terpenes? 

You are not alone. 

A Community of Dabbers

For years I watched the concentrate conscious men and women of our industry carry separate bags and purses to events just so they could get their dabs on-the-go. And as much as I admired their ingenuity, that was a commitment that I didn’t see myself ever getting into. 

A dab tool being dipped into a pile of waxy concentrate.

Luckily for us, Boundless Technology saw the need for a sleek, discreet, and easy to clean dabbing the device that you can essentially take anywhere. This baby fits in the palm of your hand, your pocket, a long wallet, a purse. Dare I say, diaper bag? 🙂

You get the picture.

I should also mention right away that you can get this device for less than you spend on a Grub Hub order for two.

The All-in-One Nectar Collector

This affordable, on demand, on-the-go concentrate device retails at the very budget friendly price point of $29 no strings attached. 

No need for a torch. 

No need for a timer. 

No need for a special carrier.

In fact, due to its modern and ultra luxe design, you can keep your “pen” out on your desk and no one would be the wiser.

A hand holding the pink Terp Pen XL while wearing a matching watch.

Simply remove the magnetic cap, take a ghost hit or two on the mouthpiece (to warm her up) and then dip right into your favorite concentrate. Exhale smooth clouds every time. It is that simple. 

While using Boundless Tech’s Terp Pen, you will use less product, make less of a mess and finally have the ability to taste those delicious terpenes even more.

Plus, this tech just looks cool. Its modern design mimics a fancy office pen. 

Oil carts leak, they break easily and half the time contain ingredients other than cannabis oil. 

It’s high time we took our health into our own hands, and started concentrating on concentrates.

The Terp Pen XL being held vertically.

Dabbing offers a quicker and more potent method of consuming your cannabinoids. With Boundless including the ability to dial up to Red (779*F/415*) and down to Blue (698* F/370* C) or stay Green in between at (734*F/390*C)  so you can control your experience with every puff your pull. 

But user be warned, you are consuming a highly potent form of cannabis medicine. 

Terp Pen XL Review: Great for Beginners

This makes the Terp Pen is an excellent starter for those of us that are new to concentrates. It’s an excellent product for patients like myself that aren’t taking massive dabs, but still want to experience the benefits of concentrated cannabinoids for optimal flavor and effects. 

It also has the ability to charge in LESS THAN AN HOUR. 

What more could a cannabinoid consuming mom ask for?

Taking a hit from the Terp Pen XL with a desert background.

I recommend starting low (Blue), starting slow (Just a couple seconds with your first draw) and waiting to see how you feel before you take a second draw. 

Coils are inexpensive as well and will need to be replaced every couple of months, depending on frequency of use. 

Other than that, the only decision you have to make is which color to get first?

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I love the colour of Mommy Jane’s Terp Pen XL! Will you be manufacturing that colour again, or other colours? I love my teal Terp Pen and I would love to buy the XL as well in a different colour.

I am glad you are enjoying the Terp Pen! The Pink Terp Pen XL was a limited edition we created in conjunction with the Keep-A-Breast Foundation fundraiser last year. We will be making more limited edition colors available in 2021 – make sure to check back here on our website, and sign-up for our Newsletter. That will keep you informed of all things Boundless. Thanks!



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