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What is the Best Temperature to Vape Weed?
What is the Best Temperature to Vape Weed?

What is the Best Temperature to Vape Weed?

Let’s Talk about Dry Herb and Temp

Determining the best temperature to vape your weed is a debate in the dry herb vaping scene.

You may here a lot of claims from different people about the temp they select.

So who is right?

All of them!

Yeah, there really isn’t one perfect temperature for the best results.

In fact, there are quite a spectrum of effects that can be achieved over a range of temps.

Let’s take a look at what temperature is best to get the experience you desire.

Popular Temps for Vaping Flower

For a quick reference about ideal vape temperatures, check out these popular temp ranges:

320°F(160°C) – 355°F(179°C): Very light effects with outstanding flavor, great if you want to enjoy cannabis and continue with your busy day.

356°F(180°C) – 391°F(199°C): A toastier flavor develops as your herb turns a walnut brown color and you experience an increase in bodily effects.

392°F(200°C) – 446°F(230°C): The herb takes on more of a cooked flavor at this point and the bodily effects are strong to quite strong.

Adjusting the Tera to find the best temperature to vaporize weed.

Vaping Temperature and Different Weed Effects

So, how are there so many different effects that you can get from cannabis?

It’s the wide range of compounds that exist within the plant.

These active ingredients are known as cannabinoids, and understanding them will help you achieve a consistent experience.

Cannabinoids and Their Effects

Alright, what ae cannabinoids actually capable of? How much can they actually differ?

Quite a bit, as you can see:

THCA – 105°C: Potentially an anti-inflammatory that could help treat arthritis and lupus
THC – 157°C: This is the one most people are familiar with. The psychoactive properties contained provide users with a felling of euphoria, as well as relaxation of the mind and body.
CBD 160°C – 180°C: The popular choice for medicinal purposes for its pain fighting properties.
CBN – 185° C: Early research shows it may be a powerful antibacterial agent that may one day be used to fight bacterial infections.
CBC – 220° C: Delivers antidepressant properties along with CBD and THC.

Choosing the Right Temp for Vaping Weed

There are two trains of thought on what you can fully control about your vaping experience:

  • Flavor
  • Effect

Flavor is more of a personal preference. If you want a smokier experience, a higher temp can achieve that. Whereas a lower temperature will provide a brighter more floral taste. Enjoy a range of flavors by starting low and increasing the temp of your vaporizer over time.

Effects are achieved through scientifically proven temperatures. As noted earlier, the various cannabinoids activate at different levels of heat. Determine what effect you want from the vape session and use our cannabinoid reference guide above. Set your temp and begin vaping once the vaporizer is at temp.

There Isn’t One Specific Temperature

Every herb you get is going to be different. Even the same strain can vary slightly from batch to batch. From the curing process to when it actually gets in your vaporizer, even a little change in moisture content makes a difference.

Since there isn’t one best temperature, it’s going to be a matter of finding YOUR favorite temp or range.

The best method is to start at the low end of the dry herb vaping temp spectrum. Slowly increase the temperature during your session. By experiencing all of the flavors and effects, you’ll know exactly what you like.

Choosing a Vaporizer for Optimal Flavor and Effects

The invention of vaporizers created a whole new level of control over cannabis.

Does using a vape make you a cannaisseur

Probably, because you’re getting a spectrum of flavors and effects that can’t be achieved with smoking.

Think about it, when you put flame to your herb, it burns up and turns to ash. Gone.

That’s not the case with a vaporizer. As the cannabis is heated, the active ingredients are released and it begins to brown. The final result is a dark colored, very crispy material. You can even bake with it if you want!

But not all vaporizers are the same. You’ll want a unit with either preset (if accurate) and precise (preferred style) temperature control.

Preset temp vapes generally have 3 to 6 options already programmed. Be sure to confirm what those settings are, you don’t want to buy something that falls outside the range of your desired effects.

Vaporizers with precise temperatures can be set to a specific degree. This makes them the best option for controlling the flavor and effects of your cannabis. You can easily dial things in to achieve your preferred results.

Boundless Vaporizers with Precise Temperature Control

All of the Boundless dry herb vaporizers offer some form of temperature control.



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