Three Signs It's Time for a New Terp Pen Coil Graphic
When Should I Replace My Terp Pen Coil?

When Should I Replace My Terp Pen Coil?

3 Signs It’s Time for a New Terp Coil

Is your Terp Pen not performing like it used to, even after giving it a nice cleaning? It’ll happen eventually. The time will come when you need to replace your Terp Pen coil.

We’ll take a look at three common signs it is time for you to purchase a replacement terp coil.

Too Clogged to Clean

After a lot of dabbing, your Terp Pen coil can get clogged up. The type of concentrate you’re using will determine how quickly this happens. A thicker wax hardens if any remains on the coil after your dab. We recommend little cleaning “touch-ups” after each use and a deeper clean after a handful of sessions.

A clogged Terp Pen coil to be replaced.

If you do clean frequently, this may never be an issue. But if you fall behind on maintenance, then your coil may clog beyond the point of cleaning.

Time to reach for a replacement coil and get back to dabbing!

Loss of Flavor

This one is really for the purists who care more about flavor than anything. The beauty of concentrates and the terpenes within is the wide flavor profile they offer. Even with consistent cleaning, the taste of prior concentrates can build up over time.

If you are someone who picks up a variety of concentrates at once, you could designate specific coils for each. This will ensure you’re not crossing flavors unless you choose to.

Shatter on wax paper to be used for a dab.

Just grab a couple packs of replacement coils, and separate them with labels for the wax you’ll use them with. That’s a true connoisseur move right there!

No Longer Heats

It’s never fun when it happens, but will at some point… the coil stops heating up entirely. You’re excited to dab and when you dip the tip into your wax, nothing happens. It’s even worse when you’re dabbing with company.

Terp Pen coil that gets red hot for dabbing and does not need to be replaced.

Even with frequent cleaning, the fact is, atomizer coils do not last forever. Along with regular clean-ups, be mindful of the coil and ceramic components. They’re strong, but not indestructible.

It’s Time to Replace My Terp Pen Coil

Now that you’re more familiar with the Terp Pen coils, pick up a replacement coil set and be ready for anything!

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