1. Boundless appreciates their loyal supporters, and wants to give back to those who have stood by us through it all. The street team is the best way for Boundless fans to get compensated for their loyalty. The members of our street team will support Boundless through marketing, by promoting in places Boundless is unable to reach. Each month, street team members will receive specific missions to be completed in their respective cities, and will be given points for each completed task.

    As each street team member completes their missions, incentives will be offered, along with rewards for the support. The missions are simple and are fun, creative ways to interact with the Boundless brand. Street team members have the opportunity to receive free tickets to concerts/events, discounted Boundless merchandise and product, invitations to exclusive events, product release parties, and trade shows, and lastly, internship credit. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, visit to get the process started. Click ‘Join the team’ and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Come join our street team.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  2. As many of you loyal Boundless supporters know, we go live every week on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm PST. When we go live, we bring your questions and concerns to the forefront, and answer them right then and there. We want to hang out and sesh with all of you.We want  to get to know the people who support the Boundless Technology brand. During our streams, we share product updates, discussions, and releases, while also listening to any concerns from our Boundless customers. That’s the main reason for our giveaways every stream: to give product back to those who have stood by us.

    We give away a free Boundless unit every time we stream, and that has always been a constant for us. The ultimate goal of our Boundless live streams is to spread aromatherapy awareness. We sesh with our Boundless units every stream, and explain the benefits and features of each unit. If you ever have a question to ask the owner, sales team, and VP of Boundless, tuning into our streams is the perfect opportunity to voice those concerns. Come sesh with Boundless.

  3. The Boundless media team took a trip to LA on May 11th to shoot creative content, and it was an adventure to say the least. Leaving the office at 10:30 am, the team took to packing all the Boundless vapes for a lifestyle photoshoot. Once we arrived in LA, we took out the cameras and began shooting. We started at the Lower Grand, and shot edgy, urban photographs of the Boundless vapes in action.

    After the Lower Grand, we made our way to The Broad Museum, located in Downtown Los Angeles. We then brought out the vapes in the pristine, avant-garde museum setting. The photos came out looking creative, and inspired with all the original art pieces looming in the backdrop. We posed with the red CFV, the silver CF 710, and the CFX. The paintings and art sculptures added much needed depth to our pictures, and that’s what we were shooting for. We were happy with the overall outcome of the trip, and look forward to the next one. 

  4. Welcome To Boundless

    Boundless Technology started in November 2015 with one highlighted goal: to spread aromatherapy awareness. We set out to educate the consumer on the benefits of aromatherapy over traditional combustion methods. From there, we placed a huge amount of emphasis on two things: power and technology. We aimed to create quality, high-tech products, that were affordable and ahead of the curve. We began to make advances in the aromatherapy industry; creating original products with portability and stealth in mind.

    Boundless Technology started in November 2015, and has since created 6 unique, aromatherapy units, each with their own individual appeal. We’ve created a line of products that represent “power” and “technology” fully. Each product has been hand-tested and processed by our quality control team to ensure that they stand up to the Boundless name. We truly enjoy what we do here, and we want to make sure each person who purchases our product feels that. We want our customers to be proud of their purchase, and love their Boundless unit as much as we do. Come see what we see, and join in on the Boundless experience.