1. How do Ceramic and Quartz coils work in the CF 710?

    The CF 710 is the revolutionary new way to consume concentrates but do you know how it  works? It’s functionality and one button operating system make the device extremely easy to use. The device features a stainless steel encasing which houses a 16500 LG Li-ion 10A high drain battery with 900 mAh capacity. On the opposite side of the mouthpiece you have the option to adhere the two interchangeable tips consisting of either ceramic or quartz. The battery generates power in order to warm the heating element, nichrome, which is methodically wrapped around the ceramic and quartz material. Nichrome is very resistant to high temperatures and has the ability to remain safely intact making it a safe and durable material to use.

    Ceramic and quartz have different properties which give the two differing coil tips unique characteristics. The ceramic coil tip is highly recommended for those who are looking for bigger and denser clouds. As the ceramic is heated by the nichrome a vibrant and orange glow can be observed which lets the user know that the tip is heated and ready for use. Much like Nichrome, ceramic has a high resistance point, tolerant at high temperatures, and has the ability to form an outer protective layer which keeps the material from oxidation.

    Quartz is also a great generator of heat and is able to reach high temperatures quickly especially within a targeted area. With the quartz tip you are able to taste the different terpene flavors from the concentrate consumed. It has the capability to enhance and accentuate the various profiles that identify to various concentrates while still providing generously smooth and dense clouds.

    Whether you are looking for heightened tastes of your concentrate or you’re simply aiming for those immensely thick and powerful clouds, the CF 710 has it all. Truly a hidden gem of the concentrates world, the CF 710 delivers.

  2. Because who said great things didn’t come in small packages? Introducing the CF 710; an entirely new way of consuming concentrates. Our stainless steel device has a one button operating system making it the easiest unit to use from the Boundless lineup. You can either directly apply it to the tip or simply dab the coil end straight into your glass concentrate jar that comes included.

    One of the biggest challenges with this unit was trying to replicate the thick and dense clouds that are traditionally seen with a standard butane torch and dab rig. With our device, the coil end heats up extremely fast and has been proven to provide just as powerful clouds full of the different terpene profiles found in your herb. There’s no need to adjust any temperatures as it has one preset setting; simply hold down the power button to heat or click 3 times consecutively to heat tip for 30 seconds. Battery running low? The CF 710 uses a USB cable with a maximum charge time of about 2 hours. When you’re done twist the cap to make it the perfect travel-friendly and portable device.

    Truly a Boundless staff favorite, the CF 710 has proven to be our go-to device when using concentrates. Achieve the same effectiveness but in a much smaller and convenient fashion. Alternatively, the CF 710 is also a great choice for larger at home sessions, especially when using the Boundless water pipe adapter (WPA). The WPA provides added filtration and flavor boost. Don’t forget, we will be at the Victorville Chalice California festival July 13-15, check us out along with the CF 710 that we will be demoing. Once you try you’re going to need it. Wait are you waiting for? Right now for the entire month of May you’re now able to save 15% when you purchase a 710. Pick yours up today and stay lifted with Boundless Tech.

  3. New For 2018

    We are making some changes for the 2018 year. Boundless Technology will no longer have weekly livestreams. We’d like to thank all of our loyal viewers that would routinely join us for the streams and livechat; you have made it a great experience. We’re taking this as a stepping stone and applying what we have learned for future projects. The Boundless team will still produce videos and other recorded media to share with our followers that will be posted and available on social medias.

    Ever curious what goes on in the office or what the Boundless team is working on? We will be “going live” on our Instagram and Facebook; catch us working at the Boundless Oregon office and other daily activities. We will announce these beforehand so make sure you’re checking up on updates by subscribing to the Boundless newsletter. We will continue to try our best to reach out to the community by regularly providing updates and feedback about our ongoing projects and progress.

    We hope to push forward with our new changes as we believe they are essential for the growth of our company and would like to once again thank everyone for their continued support.

  4. Tera Pre-Order Update

    We’d like to thank all of our customers for their continued patience and support as we await the arrival of our newest unit, the Tera. We had originally anticipated a ship date of January 10th however, after hearing mixed reviews and feedback from our customers we decided to change the much debated chamber material from aluminum to stainless steel. We made the necessary steps to ensure there would be no contact of aluminum with your product by completely  switching the chamber material. We also added a safety feature which does not allow the heater to automatically heat up. A simple three second hold down of the power button is needed to heat the Tera chamber. The concentrate mode function has one preset temperature of 500 and can be switched to concentrate mode by clicking the power button three times consecutively.

    Due to the upgrades and changes that have been made, production was subsequently pushed back. We apologize for the short notice and for any inconvenience this may have caused; we hope to ship out your unit ASAP. Once we have more concrete information on the new expected ship date we will promptly send you an email with updated information. We hope to rectify this situation and aim to demonstrate the Boundless quality care and service that we are known for. If you have any further issues or comments please reach out to us at [email protected].


    Boundless Technology, LLC.  

  5. Arend Richard reviews the CF 710!

    “This is one of the things that I’ve used most this year in 2017.” -Arend Richard

    The Boundless CF 710 is the newest way to dab. Different from any other type of pen for wax, this unit allows you to effortlessly use any type of concentrate all from the palm of your hand. Complete with accessories the CF 710 is easy as 1-2-3. Like Arend said, “It’s more of a wax straw.” There is nothing to load up, nothing to screw on, and there is no need to adjust any type of temperature settings. Press the power button to instantly heat the coil tip, inhale through the mouthpiece, and apply the concentrate to start blowing tasty thick clouds. Eliminate the need for torches and expensive dab rigs and get the most from your favorite concentrate as you’re able to dab directly into the glass dish that is provided. As mentioned in the video other pens for wax tend to have a metallic-like taste whereas with the CF 710 the hits taste clean; you’re able to extract the pure flavor of your concentrate. We’ve made dabbing easier, faster, and cleaner. With the CF 710, “It comes in handy every time.” When you’re finished dabbing just cap the lid for a more pocket friendly unit.

    What’s in the box?

    • 1 CF 710

    • 1 Glass jar

    • 1 Dab tool

    • 1 Quartz tip

    • 1 Ceramic tip

    • 1 CF 710 charger

    • 1 User manual

    The unit comes with two interchangeable coil tips; one ceramic and one quartz tip. Use the quartz tip to be able to taste the pure flavor of your concentrate. For massive cloud production switch over to the ceramic tip. Once you try it, you’re going to need it. Pick up a CF 710 today, available in a sleek silver or dramatic black.  

    *A special thanks to Arend Richard for his review on the CF 710. Make sure to tune into his channel to catch his next review later this month on another Boundless product.

  6. Did you hear? We went live with Randy from Puffitup!

    Always a pleasure to have guests on the livestream, we had Randy from sit in and sesh. First topic of discussion? The Tera. With the first round of orders expected to ship January 10th, everyone is anxiously awaiting to get ahold of our revolutionary convection unit. The Boundless Tera is the ONLY unit to feature two 18650 removable batteries. It also has full-range temperature control so you're directly in command of your unit’s temperature. We’ve made loading easy and literally mess free, check out our generous bowl size and put the Boundless Tera to the test. Pre-orders for the Tera end December 15th, there’s not much time left so make sure to put in your order today!

    The CFC 2.0 is an amplified version of the original CFC. With a noticeably better airflow and improved mouthpiece, this is a definite must. Pre-orders for the CFC 2.0 begin December 15th; pre-order is available for a limited time only.

    Want to catch the Boundless team in person? Come to Winter Champs Las Vegas February 19th-21st. Randy from Puffitup is going too! Make sure you’re there to check out the Boundless HotBox, our line of units, and get more information about the CFX 2.0.

    Due to the popularity with the CFX we decided to upgrade the original model to make even better than before. With an independent conduction heater and convection heater you’re able to control these levels;   not to mention there is an app that will be available so you can customize and use your unit at a moments notice. The CFX 2.0 is the future of aromatherapy devices.

    Thinking about quitting combustion? Looking for a healthier alternative? Make the switch and feel the difference. In the words of Randy, “Just do it!” Puffitup is a reputable retailer of various types of dry herb vaporizers. Browse their site to see the entire Boundless line-up. Right now on their site when you purchase ANY Boundless product receive an additional 30% off by using the coupon code: CFXMAS. Shop now for major holiday savings!

    Again, we like to thank Randy for his time and commentary and we’re already looking forward to having him back as a featured guest. Thanks Randy! Don’t forget; we have a livestreams every week. Make sure you’re tuning in for a chance to receive a free Boundless unit of your choice!

  7. Boundless to donate 15% of retail sales to

    Make a difference with Boundless!

    For the month of December we’re proud to feature Harboring Hearts as this month’s chosen charity. We will be donating 15% of our online retail site proceeds to help aid this wonderful non-profit. The more you spend the more we give. Be a part of something truly amazing.

    Harboring Hearts is a relatively new but extremely passionate non-profit organization that aims to provide help and comfort for heart patients and their families who have traveled to New York in order to receive life-saving medical treatment.

    The foundation was created by Michelle Javian and Yuki Kotani. The pair came into contact with one another after experiencing hardships and tribulations as both of their fathers were heart patients.

    After having a lack of resources and community outreach Javian and Kotani decided to take matters into their hands; the Harboring Hearts non-profit organization became official in April of 2009.

    Harboring Hearts provides short-term housing at a reduced rate for those awaiting heart patients and their families. Wanting to build a sense of security and comfort, families and patients are able to stay together as they get the crucial medical treatment that they need. They provide valuable resources and assistance needed to better aid and assist heart patients.

    Join the cause and help boost this month’s contribution to the Harboring Hearts non-profit organization.

    *For more information or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer please visit their site or email them at: [email protected].

  8. Taking a closer look at the CFC 2.0.

    Get ready. The CFC 2.0 is coming and it’s coming out soon. Release date expected 1/1/18.

    Our CFC 2.0 has been redesigned, literally, to provide a better overall experience for the user. We’ve improved the airflow meaning you’re able to draw smooth thick clouds all from the palm of your hand. The mouthpiece in our original CFC is shorter than our new CFC 2.0; this gives a longer pathway for the air to be pulled in and cooled down. The CFC 2.0 is efficient in both producing clouds fast, while having the ability to stay cool. Our better airflow results in a rapid efficient cooling of the unit. Still think they’re the same? Our stylish ridges and unique shape provide a sturdy and comfortable grip while our reinforced mouthpiece utilizes a wider opening that produces bigger and better clouds than the CFC.

    Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) 

    The CFC 2.0 has the option to be attached to the water pipe adapter (WPA); an option not available for the CFC. The WPA allows you to use the water filtration system of your favorite piece while still using the ultra portable and powerful CFC 2.0.

    Still not convinced? The overall battery life has been generously extended allowing for up to 15 back to back sessions. We’ve upgraded the screen that displays the full-range temperature controls to an OLED screen, yup, we’ve got you covered. The bowl found in the CFC 2.0 is bigger meaning you have the ability to pack more herb. Power up the device with an easy five clicks to start and perfect your experience. The CFC 2.0 has been crafted to provide a unique and exceptional experience every time and due to the portability and simplicity of our unit it makes this device perfect for new and experienced users.

    CFC 2.0 will also be available in different colors! 
  9. Get the holiday season started with the Boundless Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale. Hurry to shop and save! We’re having a 25% off sale on all our units on our online retail site from November 23rd through November 26th. From units like the Boundless CF or the CF 710, we’re slashing prices making this the best Thanksgiving yet. Spread the holiday cheer with the Boundless lineup but hurry to catch this limited time offer! Whether you’re buying for yourself or friends and family you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Boundless unit fit for any occasion.

    From our ultra discreet and compact CFC to portable sleek dabs with the CF 710, our prices are sure to impress. Looking to blow massive clouds? Get your hands on the popular dual convection/conduction CFX with its luminous TFT screen and haptic feedback. Our full convection CFV is perfect for those looking to have the ultimate customizable pure tasting experience; it’s all about the terps! With the CFV you are able to change the different chamber rings and have add on accessories like the CFV glass mouthpiece or aluminum chamber. Like most of the Boundless line up, the CFV comes equipped with temperature controls displayed on a bright and luminous screen and sleek ridges and stylish grooves so you’re always vaping in style. Don’t forget, the CFV comes in red and black because two is always better than one.

    Wishing everyone an amazing holiday from the Boundless team!

  10. Tera coming soon to a distributor near you...

    Here at Boundless we’re all scrambling to finish up the final touches and racing to get the final product finished and packaged. This unit is a direct response to our customers comments of our products from the Boundless line.The team has been waiting to get this product out and into the hands of our awaiting customers. We’ve tried it, we’ve tested it, and we love it. We swear it’s worth the wait.


    Introducing the Tera, Boundless’ newest convection device. This portable unit houses a heating aluminum chamber completely structured and separated from the ceramic heating element. Radiative heat is enacted as the heating element warms up to the specified heat, transferring that heat to evenly vaporize and effectively extract terpenes and cannabinoids. Get combustion free, pure tasting, and satisfying thick clouds all at the drop of a hat.

    When removing the mouthpiece the bowl is clearly visible. Our re-designed rim at the top of the chamber means that packing is easier, cleaner, and faster than ever before. No need for a loading cap. Fit up to .5 of a gram easily. There is also an option for concentrates when using higher temperatures. We recommend single dose amounts when packing concentrates for best results.

    Heat up time for the Tera is one we like to brag about with the unit heating up in about thirty seconds and producing enviable thick clouds in less than sixty seconds. Get up to on average five to six back to back sessions on the highest temperature setting.

    Oh yeah, did we mention it comes with a water pipe attachment?


    This device features revolutionary dual 18650 removable batteries meaning you’re in full control of your unit’s longevity. Plus, you still have the option to charge the device via USB. Average charge time is about three hours. Swap out your batteries whenever you’re running low on charge.


    The Tera fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Although, yes, the Tera is wider than most of our other units it is still small enough to fit into your pocket. The Tera feels sturdy and durable and is embellished with unique grooves and ridges specifically designed to fit snugly in the user's hand. The Tera delivers powerful thick clouds while still remaining a portable and discreet device. For the size and price point the Tera truly delivers on the all the hype and expectations for this model.

    *Dimensions- Height: 110mm   Width: 40mm      Depth: 55mm       Weight: .7 lbs


    The team at Boundless likes to put the user in control of their sessions. Per usual we have included a full range temperature control ranging from 140°F-446°F or 60°C-230°C displayed on a digital LED screen for the user to easily view. To switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius at a moment’s notice click the two side temperature controls once. The device comes equipped with haptic feedback which alerts you when the unit is turning on and when reaching the specified temperature. You’re able to customize your session temperature, one degree at a time, with the Tera. Find out what’s your perfect temp.


    We heard your comments and we listened. Introducing the Tera with a vamped up air flow; our mouthpiece is designed to give you maximum draw while still providing a clean taste and less irritation while consuming. Also included is the glass mouthpiece. Building off the glass mouthpiece found in the CFV, we decided to give you these two interchangeable mouthpieces. The glass mouthpiece provides a smooth wide draw while enhancing the taste of your product. Put our air flow to the test and see what it does for you.


    Currently, the Tera is being priced at $219.99 MSRP. For the portability, durability, stealthiness of the unit, and the accessories that come included we definitely feel you’re getting what you paid for, plus more.