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Questions About Vaporizer Coils

What are vaporizer coils?

Wax pen vapes utilize a slightly different heating element than e-juice atomizers. The coil is generally exposed so it can make direct contact with your wax. As the coil rapidly heats the concentrate, vapor is created.

The instant effects of wax pens have made them very popular among daily concentrate enthusiasts.

Do You Put Wax Directly on a Coil?

With either Terp Pen model you can place wax directly on the coil then cap the unit or dip the coil directly into your concentrate container.

If you’re just getting into using wax, check out our in-depth guide on how to use the Terp Pen.

How Often Should I Replace My Coil?

How frequently you need to buy replacement coils will depend on how much concentrate you consume. Daily dabbers will need to replace the coil more often than the infrequent user.

A general rule of thumb is to swap in a replacement coil every 2-12 weeks. If you clean the dab coil consistently, even with heavy use, you should get a couple of weeks from a coil.