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Wax Vape Pen Questions

Boundless has been redefining the wax pen genre since the release of the CF-710 concentrate vaporizer back in 2016. Through the years, with all the advancements in vape technology, along with everything we’ve learned through trial and tribulation, we’ve released two more impressive variations of the dab pen. These smaller iterations, the Terp Pen and Terp Pen XL are prime examples of the sheer quality and craftsmanship that go into every Boundless Tech product.

And we absolutely love all the customer feedback we get, no matter if it’s positive or negative. We take every bit of feedback seriously and use it to help us create the most versatile concentrate vapes around. If you’d like to contact us and tell us how we’re doing, whether good or bad, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.

What is a Dab Pen?

Wax vapes have exploded in popularity because of their fantastic efficiency and portability. Concentrate vaporizers, commonly known as wax pens, dab pens, or wax pen vaporizers, are battery-powered devices that are specifically designed to be used with concentrates such as wax, budder, or shatter. They often comprise a battery, heating chamber or coil, sensors, and a mouthpiece to inhale through. They function similar to their dab rig counterparts, except for the fact that they’re much more portable and easily accessible.

When you use a dab rig, you need an assortment of tools in order to get the job done. You also have to be much more careful because of the open flame that is necessary to operate a dab rig. Whereas dab pens only rely on a battery and energy to heat your concentrates. And it’s probably no surprise that they get their name from their pen-like shape and size, which allows you to travel, and subtlety use them while out and about. With one of these bad boys, you can discreetly dab just about anywhere with ease.

How Much Do Dab Pens Cost?

Just in case you were wondering how much is a dab pen, our quality dab pens for sale start at $29.99, with our most feature-packed wax pen coming in at only $49.99. Here, at Boundless, our primary goal is to provide high-end concentrate vapes at the most affordable prices around. This is so anyone with the slightest interest in dabbing has a much cheaper alternative to dab rigs and with virtually no learning curve. It’s this low price point, along with portability, and their ease-of-use that even has dabbing veterans adding our units to their collection. This is all thanks to our unrivaled proprietary dab pen technology. Whether you’re just getting into dabbing or a seasoned pro, we’ve got a Terp Pen to meet your needs!

How Do You Use a Terp Pen?

Our line of multi-functional concentrate Terp Pens are so easy to use, that even a baby could manage. Although we highly recommend against this as they end up wasting way too much product and crying up a storm. All jokes aside (please, never ever give a Terp Pen to anyone under the legal age), they really are super easy to use. First off, no torch is necessary, like with dab rigs that require a flame along with safety precautions to make sure you don’t harm yourself.

And unlike other wax pens currently available, there are no buttons that you have to fiddle with to turn on or change the temperature. All you have to do is remove the magnetic cover from the tip and inhale from the opposite side. The heating element is breath-activated, so it will instantaneously heat to the perfect dabbing temperature as soon as you start to inhale. While still inhaling, put the other end with the hot coil into your concentrates and continue to inhale to complete your dab. If you opt for the Terp Pen XL with all its extra features, you have the luxury of switching between three different temperature settings:

Low (Blue) – 698° F/370° C [3.3V]
Medium (Green) – 734° F/390° C [3.7V]
High (Red) – 779° F/415° C [4.0V]

Both units do have the option to be preloaded with concentrates in the coil cap for anyone who is always on the go and doesn’t have time to stop at home to use their dab rig. That’s why the portable factor is key here.

How to Load a Dab Pen with Wax

When the time comes to load your dab pen with wax, it’s pretty straightforward. The easiest way to use your dab pen is to place the tip of the device directly into your concentrates while inhaling from the mouthpiece on the opposite end. Then simply exhale the vapor and enjoy the ride. Alternatively, if you’d like more control over the volume of concentrates you dab, you’ll need to bust out that trusty dabbing tool. Pick up a small piece (.1g is recommended) of your concentrates with your tool and apply it directly to the coil.

Depending on the type of concentrates you’re using, they may stick to the dabbing tool more than you’d like. Just make sure you don’t jam your tool into the coils, as they are fragile and you can easily damage them if you’re too rough. The icing on the top of this already delectable cake is that after you’ve placed your concentrates on the coil, you can throw the cap on this sucker, toss it in your purse or bookbag, and you are all set for dabs on the go.

Electric Nectar Collector

The primary advantage of the electric nectar collector or wax pen is its portability, plain and simple. This is the opposite of dab rigs that require multiple components to operate, including a torch (which can be quite dangerous). Operating a wax pen really couldn’t be any easier. The Terp Pen, for example, is breath-activated, so no button-pushing of any kind is required. With the time it takes to set up a dab rig and heat the banger to the preferred temperature, you could have taken multiple hits from that wax pen.

You just need to know that the tip with the heating element can get hot (still nowhere near as dangerous as having to use a torch), so using it with the utmost care is a must. But, with their ease of use and extreme portability, everyone from newbies to dabbing professionals are jumping on the electric nectar collector train. Choo, Choo, all aboard!!

Buying a Concentrate Vaporizer for Wax

When you’re in the market for a wax vape pen, it’s imperative that you first and foremost purchase from a trusted and reliable source. This is to ensure that if you encounter any basic problems with your unit, the company you purchased from should have no issues with resolving them. The last thing you need is for a company you purchased from to tell you, for whatever reason, they simply can’t help you out. You need a company that not only stands behind its product but a company that cares about its customers and is prepared to go above and beyond when the occasion arises. Some other things to consider as far as dab pens for sale are concerned: