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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats your dry herbs or concentrates below the point of combustion. By not burning the material, but heating it gently, no smoke is produced. This reduces the harmful effects and toxins while boosting the desired effects for a maximized experience.

How Do Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizers utilize a method of heating where your material doesn’t burn, but releases all of the active ingredients. In most designs, the heat source does not come into direct contact with the matter that is being vaporized. This ensures an even distribution of heat with becoming too hot and combusting the material.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

For those who enjoy “flower” or loose-leaf material, a dry herb vaporizer provides the therapeutic benefits without the harshness of smoking. They are often noted for producing the unmatched flavor from dry material. If taste is important, then you should consider this style of vaporizer.

Concentrate Vaporizers

If you prefer waxes or oils, a concentrate vaporizer is designed to instantly vaporize waxy oils. This vape style is ideal for those on the go. The discreet nature and ease of use have caused their popularity to grow rapidly in recent years.

Who Are Vaporizer For?

If you’re looking for a health-conscious way of enjoying for herbs or waxes, a vaporizer is a great option. But there is more to them, not only are they easier on the lungs, your wallet will thank you. Due to the increased efficiency of vaporizing, your material goes a lot further than if you were to smoke it.

Plus, the vapor produced is less of an odor and more of a fragrant scent. Which doesn’t linger around the same way smoke does.

Sound good? Then a vaporizer might just be for you!