Our porous ceramic is created with aligned porosity, making it more effective than ceramic foams and honeycomb formations. Microstructural features in the ceramic provide an exceptionally permeable surface that allows for highly efficient liquid & gas flow which produces larger volumes of vapor than less intuitive designs.

Compact Design with Variable Tank Capacity


When you need1ml, 2ml, or 3ml tank capacity, the RHINO is your answer. Designed to accommodate current market trends, the compact nature of this device makes it highly versatile and perfect for people on the go.

Draw Activated

Inhale for instant vapor

Variable Tank Capacity

Available in 1ml, 2ml, or 3ml

Compact Build

Easily portable with pure flavor delivery

Flat Mouthpiece Design

Ergonomic contour for smooth hits

Full Ceramic Core

Porous with aligned porosity

OEM Options

Customize color, engraving, and more

Pen Style with Oil View Window


The bottom airflow design of the RAM ensures consistent clouds of vapor and the customizable viewing window shows how much oil remains in the tank. Performance, portability and efficiency are paramount for this particular device.

Classic Pen Style

Highly sought after design

Customizable View Window

Cutout designs to match your brand

Bottom Airflow Path

Intake hole positioned on bottom

Medical-Grade Components

Lab tested with our customers in mind

Ceramic Core Atomizer

Highly efficient liquid & gas flow

OEM Options

Customize color, engraving, and more

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Rapid Heat Solution

Designed with flavor front of mind, our double mesh core supplies rapid heat to form smaller vapor particles that are softer and delicate in taste. The potential issue of coil scorch is greatly decreased with vapor being produced in under a second, and the experience remains consistent from the first to the last puff.

Innovative Microscale Capillary Flow

Oil Guide Tech

The unique airflow channel found in BND tanks was developed using an innovative molding process that integrates our Oil Guide Tech directly into the highly permeable ceramic core. This design creates a structure that helps prevent any clogging while achieving higher atomization efficiency and flavor preservation.