Color: Black

The Boundless CFV, a convection airflow aromatherapy device that allows the user to experience the delicate profiles of their herbs. The CFV features a stainless steel convection oven rather than the interchangeable heat retention rings found in the previous version. This upgraded oven allows for a faster heat up time and is designed to be much more efficient at evenly extracting your material due to heat being reflected throughout the stainless steel chamber.


The CFV is available in both black and red. Offering a soft, grippy
outer shell and an ideal size to hold it in the palm of your hand, the
compact CFV tops the charts when it comes to a comfortable and modern experience. This device is ideal for those looking for the benefits of convection and portability.


Convection heating allows the herb to be heated through hot air versus
direct contact. This process creates a smooth and flavorful hit that
isn’t always possible on conduction heating devices. Convection allows
for even heating, little to no combustion, and even the ability to
create edibles from the decarbed plant matter that’s leftover.


Using the CFV with water couldn’t be easier! Simply remove the
mouthpiece and attach the water pipe adapter in its place, then connect it to your favorite water pipe. It’s that simple!