Located in Los Angeles, California, BND was founded in 2014 by vapor enthusiasts seeking a reliable oil cartridge that didn't leak or burn the material. Knowing exactly how they wanted it to perform, the team set out to design and manufacture the ideal oil cartridges With a pioneer mindset, BND has encapsulated all of this research and development into extraordinary customizations that go beyond basic design. Our OEM & ODM services are supported by a dedicated sourcing team that manages incoming material inspection, ensures supply chain stability, and provides reliable testing in CNAS accredited laboratories.

We don’t just want to make vaporizer components – we want to make the BEST. All of our products are designed for maximum performance, efficiency, and safety.


We consistently strive to progress atomization technology through scientific research and development.

We strive for Quality and Performance.


All BND products are constructed from high-quality components with a focus on user experience, long-lasting performance, and a convenient alternative to combustion.

Quite simply, our goal has always been to create the highest-quality tanks and batteries that produce the largest clouds of vapor with the most efficiency.

  • Dedicated Sourcing Team

Strict supplier introduction program for component sourcing with periodic systematic reviews to develop long-term cooperation with top-tier suppliers.

  • Incoming Material Inspection

A highly detailed focus on quality is our standard operating procedure with a thorough checklist that helps assures the components exceed requirements.

  • Stable Component Supply

An in-depth supplier rating system to ensure consistent sourcing of components from the highest rated providers with a backup procedure to prevent disruption.


We strongly believe in the social goals of our company and strive to achieve them across every sector of our business.

By offering a greater choice of enjoyable, less risky products.

Over 50 markets where our non-combustible products are available

World-class science to substantiate the reduced-risk potential of our New Category products

Transparent, clear and accurate information around our products

100% adherence to Youth Access Prevent Guideliness