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The Boundless CFX takes aromatherapy innovation to the next level. Featuring 20 seconds or less heat-up time, a full 1.7 inch TFT screen, and rugged exterior casing, the CFX is one of the fastest and efficient portable devices in the industry.


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The Boundless CFX takes aromatherapy innovation to the next level. Featuring 20 seconds or less heat-up time, a full 1.7 inch TFT screen, and rugged exterior casing, the CFX is one of the fastest and efficient portable devices in the industry.

4.9 out of 5
11 reviews





Effortless Clouds

This hybrid heating system gives us the best of both worlds. The premium ceramic chamber and fully isolated air-path are heated by two independent heaters.

Let’s break it down: The air drawn into the device is heated by a convection heater and a secondary conduction heater built into the premium ceramic chamber work together to evenly vaporize materials at the chosen temperature. This hybrid heating system offers an impressive vapor quality and rock-solid flavor.

CFX Vaporizer with It's Mouthpiece Removed and no Background


Perfect for Beginners

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    Rugged design with textured grooves for comfortable hand placement
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    Full Temperature Control up to 430ºF (221.1°C)
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    Built with medical and food grade material
  • description
    Non-combustion aromatherapy device
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    Device vibrates when powered on, when it reaches the desired temperature, and when the device is powered off
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    Dual Charging Options, DC charges unit fully in 30 minutes
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    Textured grooves help to keep the device cool in hand
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    Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
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    Sleep Protection automatically powers the device off when not in use
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    CFX Unit
  • description
    Cleaning Brush
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    Stir Tool
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    AC/DC Wall Charger
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    USB Charging Cable
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    Instruction Manual


Each Session Customized to You

An even more exciting feature of this system is its capacity to dial into the exact temperature that is most beneficial for the type of session and strain you are after. If you want less vapor and more flavor, the full-range temperature control can handle it. If you want to see how many vape rings you can create, the CFX will take care of you. With haptic feedback (a vibration when it’s reached the desired temperature), you’ll always know when it’s go time!


Enough Power to Last All Day

Weight: 12 oz (0.75 lb)
Dimensions Length: 120mm x 70mm x 30mm
[4.7in x 2.8in x 1.2in]
Temperature levels: 100°F–430°F (37.8°C–221.1°C)
Battery Capacity: (2) Internal 2500 mAh Battery
Sessions Per Charge: 10-15 sessions
Chamber Material: Ceramic chamber
Heating System: Hybrid Conduction & Convection
Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty
90-day warranty on the battery
User Manual: Boundless CFX User Manual
CFX Vaporizer Angled to the Right without a Background


Made With You In Mind

Get the best of both worlds with the hybrid convection/conduction CFX vaporizer that works well with dry herb and extracts. If you want great results every single time you use a portable vape, the CFX is your new go-to. You can take care of yourself knowing that this powerful piece of tech’s got your back. Whether you are an avid hiker or want that all-purpose device that you can take anywhere, the CFX can withstand the pressures of life with textured grooves for comfort and protection, and a body that is lightweight, yet substantial.

From dry herb to concentrates through use of a water pipe adapter, check out the unique ways you can vaporize with our How to Use the CFX guide to get the most out of your vaporizer.

Who is the CFX for?

This well-loved device is one of the most powerful on the market at 80W. With that being said, it’s ideal for the novice user to the advanced aficionado. It doesn’t matter if you pack it light or pack it tight, grind it down, or pop in a whole piece of herb, the CFX is prized for its consistency and ease of use.

Convection for Herbs?

The CFX utilizes both conduction and convection heating to power you through your day. With a rapid heat up (only 20 seconds!), you’ll have the option between billowing clouds or a full-on flavor fest in your mouth, or somewhere in the middle. The dual-heating system provides a smooth and impressive vapor quality that is great for group sessions or micro-dosing throughout the day.

Size & Colors

This device isn’t exactly discrete with its bright OLED screen and size. This is a best-in-class portable vaporizer that you will most likely want to store in a bag versus in your pocket. You can find the CFX in black, with a clean and modern look.


All Boundless Technology, LLC products are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is a separate 90-day warranty on the battery.

For more information or to file a claim, please visit our warranty section: Bndlstech.com/warranty

Close-up of the CFX Vaporizer with a Water Pipe and no Background


Experience the Power of Water

Using a WPA allows for a cleaner, smoother hit, as it adds another level of filtration to the experience. While the CFX kit doesn’t come with a water pipe adapter, this powerful oven is compatible with the WPA that’s available on our website (see link below).

How does it work?

To attach the water pipe adapter to the CFX, simply remove the mouthpiece from the device and replace it with the adapter. Then use it with your favorite compatible water filtration glass!

Shop Water Pipe Adapter

You can find our water pipe adapter for the CFX by clicking on the button below.

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4.9 out of 5
  1. Best Dry Herb Vape

    I've had a few of these, mainly from dropping them. If not for dropping them they would last 2+ years. Good price and works great! Just bought the CFX+ to replace the current falling apart CFX - again from dropping ...


  2. best i ever used

    tends to just quit working after around 30 to 60 days. But that was years ago I never tried to get a new one easier just buy another think they cost like 150 then. I just got a yocan thinking ...


  3. Amazing

    I have owned many Vaporizers in the past but my CFX is by far the best. Heats super fast, crisp clean taste & no issues with airflow. I do wish that the Loading Cap came with it.


  4. The last vape I bought and will continue to buy. I regret nothing.

    I had the Mighty and it now sits in my closet. The CFX has been my daily for 4 years. Due to vaping multiple times a day, I've purposely bought an extra so I can always have one charged. The ...

    chris nickol

  5. Having owned several vaporizers, I have to say that hands down the CFX is the best vaporizer for the value. It's simply one of the best designed vaporizers I've used. The easy to grip and hold design, sits comfortably in ...

    Bentley Corbitt

  6. The CFX is a phenomenal vaporizer and certainly raises the bar for many other companies. Though, I was hoping by now an upgraded model would be released. Perhaps with removable batteries, usb-C charging, and the opportunity to control between convection ...

    Eli Goswick

  7. Great stuff, big nice bowl, good temp control and a pretty large bowl mage this an excellent first choice. Have one for a year now and it is top notch. 2 changes I would have welcomed at close to no ...


  8. Even smooth vaping with no need to stir. Precise temp control. Extremely quick ready time. Long life battery...what's not to love?


  9. A fantastic vape if you have 2 or more people interested in the session. The screen is great for monitoring your temperature which you can change by 1 degree increments. The heating chamber is a good size and very easy ...

    Mike R

  10. I can say with absolute certainty, that this is the best dry herb vaporizer I have ever owned. Great product. The large bowl size, wonderful display, and tremendous battery life makes it ideal for group sessions, but it also functions ...

    Gandank The Green

  11. Excellent add the wpa for blast off from pain or nausea or insomnia