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Terp Pen XL


Evolved from the Terp Pen, we’re proud to introduce the Terp Pen XL! The Terp Pen XL features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and larger hits. Simply tap the body three times to cycle the temperature settings and easily check the battery life by tapping twice. For your convenience, in the cap there’s a discreet quartz bucket to store your concentrates.


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Evolved from the Terp Pen, we’re proud to introduce the Terp Pen XL! The Terp Pen XL features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and larger hits. Simply tap the body three times to cycle the temperature settings and easily check the battery life by tapping twice. For your convenience, in the cap there’s a discreet quartz bucket to store your concentrates.

4.9090909090909 out of 5
19 reviews

Terp Pen XL

Terp Pen XL



The New Kind of Dab

Do you love concentrates but want an easier way to experience its potent effects? The Terp Pen XL is the solution you’ve been seeking! An evolution of our beloved Terp Pen, the Terp Pen XL is a dab pen that should be on the radar of dabbers with active lifestyles. This unique dab pen features adjustable temperature settings that put the power of the hit in the hands of the user. Whether you’re looking for potent, billowing clouds or a more robust flavor profile, the three temperature settings can meet your desires with ease.

To make matters even easier, all you need to do to change the temp is tap the body of the concentrate pen three times, and voila! No more digging through user’s manuals trying to figure out how to get your pen to work. Ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to on-the-go vaping.


Engineered to Meet Your Needs

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    Instant Heat-Up
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    No buttons, just inhale to activate
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    Tap to change temperature
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    Made out of 100% medical-grade stainless steel
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    No Butane Needed. The Boundless Terp Pen is powered solely by electricity
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    Terp Pen XL Unit
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    Ceramic Coil (x1)
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    USB Charging Cable
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    Multi Tool
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    Cleaning Brush
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    User Manual

A Unique Dab Pen

Load It Your Way

To add to the Terp Pen XL’s magic, similar to a traditional dab you can load it directly onto the coil as you inhale or cold start it by preloading. Both will produce some fantastic vapor. What’s the difference between a traditional or cold start dab? A traditional dab is where you inhale first to heat the coils and then apply concentrate during the hit. The cold start is just as it sounds: Pre-load your concentrate if you’d like, pop the cap on and get to where you are going. When you’re ready for a hit, just inhale. The flavorful terpene-filled vapors will hit you immediately as the Terp Pen XL heats up in an instant.

The temperature settings and your delivery method (cold vs. hot) will determine whether you get a more powerful hit versus a richer flavor profile. For those hybrid folks, you can always find a happy middle ground between the two with this customizable experience. You can also preload the quartz bucket that’s tucked nicely into the cap when you need to be extra discreet or take it on the go. To make matters even easier, all you need to do to change the temperature is tap the body of the concentrate pen three times, and voila!


Designed for Discretion

Weight: 0.8 oz (0.5 lb)
Dimensions Length: 16mm x 149mm x 16mm
[0.63in x 5.87in 0.63in]
Temperature Levels: Blue (Low), Green (Medium),
& Red (High)
Battery Capacity: (1) Internal 320 mAh 3.7V
Sessions Per Charge: About 10 Sessions
Chamber Material: Ceramic
Heating System: Conduction
Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty
90-day warranty on the coil & battery
User Manual: Boundless Terp Pen XL User Manual


Big Flavor in a Palm-sized Package

The Terp Pen XL is a portable electronic vape pen that is used for concentrates only. This is an elegant piece of tech with an upgraded ceramic coil design that allows for better airflow and bigger hits. With the tap of a finger, you can adjust the temperature settings to find that sweet spot. Hit low and slow throughout the day with the Terp Pen XL to fully enjoy the fruits (or flavors) of your labor.

From the nectar collector method through the classic wax vape pen approach, check out the unique ways you can enjoy concentrates with our How to Use the Terp Pen XL step by step guide to get the most out of your dab pen.

Who is the Terp Pen XL for?

The Terp Pen XL is an all-in-one solution for those who enjoy vaping concentrates on the go and without the fuss of more complicated systems like a dab rig. This vaporizer is just a bit bigger than your average writing pen. It fits in a pocket with relative ease, offering a discrete and portable experience for those who like to micro-dose while moving throughout their day. The icing on the cake is the quartz storage compartment attached to the device. This allows you to keep your concentrate in the pen and take a hit straight from the cap. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Innovative Exposed Ceramic Coil

Unlike many vape pens on the market that utilize a heating chamber of sorts, the Terp Pen XL features an exposed ceramic coil that can be applied directly to the concentrate. This allows you to place the coil directly onto the concentrate, or place the concentrate on the coil, and then sip it up similar to a honey straw. This concentrate pen offers three different temperature options so that you have the flexibility to find your sweet spot.

Size & Colors

The Terp Pen XL is an elegant and compact device that feels solid in the palm of your hand. Just a little plumper than a regular writing utensil, the vape pen should fit comfortably in your pocket, and no one will be the wiser (if subtlety is your thing). This quick-charging device – only 45 minutes! – is made of stainless steel and features a black or silver exterior.

The Terp Pen XL is as simple as removing the cap, inhaling to activate, and applying the coil to the concentrate. Fast, simple, and effective.


All Boundless Technology, LLC products are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. For the Terp Pen series there is a separate 90-day warranty on the coil & battery.

For more information or to file a claim, please visit our warranty section: Bndlstech.com/warranty


A Dab Rig That Fits In Your Pocket

No adapters or extra hardware required. The Terp Pen XL’s mouthpiece is pre-tapered to fit on most 14mm water pipes. Using the Terp Pen XL with glass allows for a cleaner, smoother hit, as it adds another level of filtration to the experience.

How does it work?

Simply insert the Terp Pen XL with the mouthpiece end first into your water pipe. From there you can cold or hot start it depending on your preference. It’s that simple!

4.9090909090909 out of 5
  1. Nice

    This is one nice little unit. No messing with flames burning holes in the couch,lol. For freedom of dabbers everywhere just load and pocket and then hit anytime you want.


  2. Best toy ever.

    I've never used oils before but came into some. Had nothing to use and didn't just want to waste it on flower. Then found the terp pen xl. Best piece I ever bought. I was an oil noob but with ...

    Anthony Gallinari

  3. Heating n Coils

    The heating element is much too slow for a massive cloud . Other than that the portability and sleek design is exactly what I was looking for. Great work


  4. Terp Pen > Terp Pen XL

    I really enjoyed my first Terp Pen so I thought it was time to graduate to the XL. I gave my first Terp Pen to a friend who didn't have one, and after a week of using the XL, I ...

    Callie Harper

  5. room for improvement

    i absolutely love this thing, but the battery doesn’t last very long. at least it is also quick to charge. the quartz coil is a game-changer for sure. the tapping feature is also way too sensitive. i would still recommend ...

    Fedor Arkhipov

  6. A Game Changer

    This is my new favorite thing. Hits like a champ on cold and hot starts, I always use the lowest setting for delicious flavors. Perfect for on the go! Love not having to deal with a butane torch.

    Miranda Hogue

  7. I'm liking it

    Its been a few days and it's working great. Good flavor and massive cloud production. Big shout out to Eric! I wasn't receiving any notifications, but he reassured me and took care of it. I used to be loyal to ...


  8. Don’t Think Twice!

    I looked at every available option and, for me, the Terp Pen XL was the clear winner. It is a question of personal taste. I prefer taste and economy in a concise package, check,. Inexpensive, check. Effective, double check! I’ve ...


  9. Totally Tricked. So good.

    When I first purchased this dab pen (local head shop) I was highly upset because it was broken. It acted like it didn't want to hold a charge, and the coil in the Box was destroyed so I didn't even ...

    Kelly Tumbleson

  10. Couldn't ask for better!

    10/10!! Really nice quality, works like a dream, decent battery and coil life. It's honestly a steal! Not to mention the excellent customer service. Cant stop raving about this company and this product!


  11. Cannabis Emporium has Terp pen XL

    The Cannabis Emporium has come through again. Picked up the Terp pen XL last week and just like the OG it took a couple of sessions to break in but man this thing is sweet. Adjustable temp for smooth and ...

    Eddy Ellis

  12. Love this brand

    I own all 3 Boundless pens,CF710,Terp Pen,Terp Pen XL love all 3 use them all regularly,I won’t buy any other brand,Boundless is the best


  13. Great tool

    Dabbing without a torch. What an amazing concept!!!


  14. Terpin in Arizona!

    I have two regular size Terp Pens and I just tried the new XL and ITS AMAZING! Big props to the creators of this device! Must have for on the go!


  15. Fantastic device

    I’ve watched many people be confused with the inhale to draw concept, or complain about the battery, etc... Y’all are idiots This is THE BEST DEVICE thank you boundless! I love my terp pen xl Buying 2 more for friends

    Mory Benperlas

  16. Love the XL!!! Love even more Boundless threw in the the Clapton coil. This thing rocks.


  17. Terp Pen XL arrived today. Thanks for fast shipping and even more for the Clapton Quartz Coil. The Clapton coil should be the standard!!! This thing is awesome. Please let me know when you release these coils!!! They will be ...


  18. This thing is so amazing i got it today and im already ordering my second one! Major upgrade from the original.


  19. Air flow is dialed in. Getting more flavor. Loving it. 1000/10. Ordering a backup in silver.