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4.8260869565217 out of 5
42 reviews

Terp Pen

Meet our latest on-demand concentrate-only device.  We have redesigned the Boundless CF 710 to be 1/3 the weight and size, removed the button to increase usability, increased battery life, and made it more affordable for the consumer! With the Terp Pen, simply remove the magnetic cap, inhale through the mouthpiece, and then apply the coil into your desired amount of concentrate.


Clear Selection

Meet our latest on-demand concentrate-only device.  We have redesigned the Boundless CF 710 to be 1/3 the weight and size, removed the button to increase usability, increased battery life, and made it more affordable for the consumer! With the Terp Pen, simply remove the magnetic cap, inhale through the mouthpiece, and then apply the coil into your desired amount of concentrate.

4.8260869565217 out of 5
42 reviews

Terp Pen

Terp Pen



Dabbing Evolved

Are you new to the world of concentrate vapes? Perhaps you enjoy dabbing and would like to bring that experience on-the-go without needing a ton of equipment and space. You’re in luck! We have created a powerful, portable, and affordable vape device. No longer do you have to chase down a unicorn pen that meets all of your demands because the Terp Pen offers versatility, ease of use, and even affordability. It can’t be beaten! With a button-free design, the Terp Pen allows you to enjoy fluffy, thick vapor with a simple inhale-activated heating experience.


Engineered to Meet Your Needs

  • description
    Instant Heat-Up
  • description
    No buttons, just inhale to activate
  • description
    Made out of 100% medical-grade stainless steel
  • description
    No Butane Needed. The Boundless Terp Pen is powered solely by electricity
  • description
    Terp Pen Unit
  • description
    Ceramic Coil (x1)
  • description
    USB Charging Cable
  • description
    Multi Tool
  • description
    Cleaning Brush
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    User Manual


Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

To use this concentrate vape, remove the magnetic cap, load it up, and inhale – or inhale and load it up depending on your preferences for a hot or cold load. Like the traditional dab, a hot load will give you a more potent hit, while the cold load (loading the concentrate and then inhaling) will create a flavor explosion in your mouth.


Designed for Discretion

Weight: 0.4 oz (0.25 lb)
Dimensions: 13mm x 134mm x 13mm
[0.51in x 5.28in x 0.51in]
Battery Capacity: (1) Internal 300 mAh 3.7v
Sessions Per Charge: Up to 50 10-second pulls
Coil Material: Ceramic Coil Wrapped with Stainless Steel Coil
Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty
90-day warranty on the coil & battery


Big Flavor in a Palm-sized Package

The Terp Pen is an affordable and powerful-for-its-size vaporizer. All you need to do is remove the cap, inhale, and apply to your favorite concentrate to enjoy! You’ll find a lightweight, ultra-portable experience with this device that makes consuming concentrates easy and discrete without sacrificing a quality hit—a powerful, yet compact vaporizer that doesn’t break the bank.

Who is the Terp Pen for?

The Terp Pen is ideal for those looking to micro-dose concentrates throughout the day, as well as people who value the portability and discreteness of a vape pen. With a long battery life, you can take sips throughout the day. When you’re done, simply attach the magnetic cap and tuck it away. The Terp Pen is an ideal solution for those on the go and still want access to their favorite concentrate.

Unique Exposed Ceramic Coil

The heating mechanism for the Terp Pen is different from many concentrate pens on the market today. While the majority use some type of heating chamber or bowl, the Terp Pen, like its bigger sibling, the Terp Pen XL, has an exposed ceramic coil that can be applied directly to the concentrate. There are no buttons needed to use this electricity-powered device (no butane around here, folks), just your breath and a bit of the good stuff.

Size & Colors

The Terp Pen is slightly larger than your average pen. It fits nicely in the pockets or tucked away in your bag when you’re on the go. You can find the Terp Pen in three gorgeous colors: black, silver, and teal, giving you the option to personalize such a personal experience. This device is perfect for those looking for a more affordable option that gets the job done in style.


All Boundless Technology, LLC products are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. For the Terp Pen series there is a separate 90-day warranty on the coil & battery.

For more information or to file a claim, please visit our warranty section: Bndlstech.com/warranty


A Dab Rig That Fits In Your Pocket

No adapters or extra hardware required. The Terp Pen’s mouthpiece is pre-tapered to fit on most 10mm water pipes. Using the Terp Pen with glass allows for a cleaner, smoother hit, as it adds another level of filtration to the experience.

How does it work?

Simply insert the Terp Pen with the mouthpiece end first into your 10mm water pipe. From there you can cold or hot start it depending on your preference. It’s that simple!

4.8260869565217 out of 5
  1. s Killer Vape!!

    It's easy to use, great for micro dosing & absolutely perfect for use with a water pipe or hydratube!

    Todd S

  2. s Best Dab Hit I've Ever Had...

    From the first time I put it to use post-purchase, until this very day, my Dab Pen distributes hit after hit' consistently the smoothest, fullest, tastiest, & most satisfying of any dab smoking apparatus I have yet tried. I Love ...

    Allen Peck

  3. s Terp Pen

    Hands down the best concentrate vape around. It's the perfect mix of concentrate pen and nectar collector. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and long battery life. Best purchase I have made in years. Game changer.

    J Town

  4. s

    Where do I begin. This vape was well priced but build quality is horrendous. My usb charge port ripped out on its own, destroying the device. The matte black coating rubs off the vape with use. Most importantly, battery life ...


  5. s

    Do not last longer than a day or two.. sad

    Dylan Brooks

  6. s

    I love my Boundless Tera vape. I use it about five times/week. After about 16 months though the top came off...not the mouthpiece, but the whole top, control panel and all. I'm the only user, I didn't handle it rough, ...


  7. s

    I don't use concentrates very often but wanted something portable and easy for when I do use them. This has done the job perfectly for a year now. Recommend it to all my friends. Can't believe it is only $30.

    Liz Krupa

  8. s

    First off...I love this unit! In fact so much I bought a second one. However, the display never shuts off. I press the power button 5 times, it vibrates, the Boundless Icon shows, the screen goes black, and then seconds ...


  9. s

    Good post. I'm dealing with some of these issues as well..


  10. s

    I purchased a stainless steel Terp Pen; feels solid and looks decent. On the box it says it offers adjustable voltage, but I have yet to find a way to adjust it. The pen performed well for 2 uses after ...

    Nathan H

  11. s

    Travel vlog: Turska, Antalija, avgust 2020.


  12. s

    I purchased this and a Plus at the same time. 1 month in. The Plus was great for the first week but has faded since. Works now about as well as the $15 one I bought at a gas station. ...


  13. s

    I own three terp pens and love them! Thought I would upgrade to the terp xl! Didn’t even work once right out of the package!!! Come on Boundless your better than this!

    Natasha Bird

  14. s

    Bought the Tera, and after less than a month the power button stopped working making the device useless. Contacted boundless and after filling out rma form after rma form with no results it became obvious that they wont stant by ...


  15. s

    Bought the Tera had it for less than a month before the power buttonstopped working. Contacted boundless about a refund or replacement, all they did was have me fill out rma form after rma form,but with no resolution. Bottom line ...


  16. s

    This thing does not hit at all, batter lifespan of seconds. Owned a lot of pens before and this is the worst I've ever used.

    william wagner

  17. s

    Let me start by saying I love my Terra's. I've had 3 (one still in the box) - heavily abused the first one enough until it finally came apart. It's a beast and I'm shocked it lasted that long. That ...


  18. s

    garbage dont waste your money


  19. s

    Absolutely love the pen, gf even bought me a leather pocket protector that even makes more . But the coils need to be worked on.. if your a heavy smoker your going to find yourself changing coils often.

    CON Uno

  20. s

    As to why there are negative reviews upon this product is beyond me. This thing works wondrous. Get Terped bud.

    Brandeaux Binns

  21. s

    another big piece of dookie


  22. s

    Bought the tera it worked for less then a month. Rma form after rma form I filed out Boundless would not replace it. Horrible product and a horrible company dont waste your money!


  23. s

    I wish I could give it less than a one star, I got it and all it does is blink. It doesn’t work. Customer service is a joke. The design is horrible i swear it would blink if the wind ...


  24. s

    I bought this product to use while I wait for another. We had these at the dispo I work at, so I figured I’d give it a chance (: This handy, dandy, device has the convenience of a pre loaded ...


  25. s

    Horrible design the place where you change the temperature is a horrible place you can't even see the light really when you're hitting it. On top of that terp pen xl does not stay on the heat temperature i select. ...

    Kevin Truscott

  26. s

    It works but the fact that it wants to clog up all the time on any concentrates that aren't super thick is driving me crazy. If you don't want to have a clogged vape every sesh, avoid any nectar collector ...


  27. s

    It was great when it worked! It stopped hitting/blue ligt wouldnt stay on even though it was completely charged?? Kinda sad


  28. s

    terp pen works great for the 9 minutes it works until the battery is dead than have to wait an hour then recharge which could be alot worse wait time tho. Hits good not a hot hitter so if not ...


  29. s

    The Terp Pen XL is a handy little device for nectar/wax and using up reclaim mostly. The Good: It charges fairly fast, a charge lasts plenty long, 3 voltage settings for temperature, and worked right out of the box. The ...


  30. s

    The battery is trash. It takes way longer than an hour to charge. I've been trying to get this thing to work for a few days and it just does not work.

    Anomynous Andy

  31. s Died after 1 week

    I was really excited to try this out after the woman at my local smoke shop raved about it. It worked ok for very small dabs but clogged easily. I'm a light smoker, 4-5 small dabs a night 4-5× a ...

    Todd Royal

  32. s DO NOT BUY

    This vape stopped heating up on me after one week of moderate usage.


  33. s stopped working

    Used it twice and it clogged and stopped working. Am I gonna have to spend an hour cleaning this thing after every hit or am I doing something wrong.


  34. s

    thing is a piece of shit very upset with the product the little one blows this one out of the water

    Jordan Dahl

  35. s

    I went to the local “head shop” to get a glass nectar sucker. Never in my mind did I man on buying an electric dabbing pen. I wound up buying the regular Terp pen, whet home and did a few ...

    Joseph Long

  36. s

    This pen works if you keep the coil clean. Daily alcohol soak.

    [email protected]

  37. s

    These pens are the worst. Never get a decent sized draw out of it. Will not work with most concetrates or waxes, only with super saucy ones. Lastly battery life is garbage. So if you enjoy smoking the worst concentrates ...

    David Blevins

  38. s

    Heats up super fast, holds a good charge, and is very very easy to clean. I can't recommend this vape enough, especially for the price!


  39. s Worst vape ever

    The package took over a week to get here... i got my package super excited to open it, it took over 45 mins to read the instructions and all over 5 different times to try to get my vape to ...


  40. s

    It was ok at first but I started devloping headaches a few months later, I think its because its made out of plastic mostly and im vaping the plastic.. I swear I thought that at the start too..

    ilyas khan

  41. s

    Good for the first few weeks, in fact my favorite way of using the tera, after a while the rubber o ring gets worn out and as you pass it to someone who doesn't know this defect, they will by ...

    André João

  42. s

    This device is NOT at all like the CFX which I previously owned. I should have paid the extra money to get the CFX but felt like trying something new with the convection. Mistake! Charging port broke within a month ...

    Carolyn Burke

  43. s

    This is hands down the worst product I've ever used. It's beyond pointless and works the first two times you use it great. But after that, it clogs up super easy. So you have to take it apart and clean ...

    Ryan Fletcher

  44. s

    I will change this review and my other ones on twitter and FB once I get my money back. They overcharged me $50 on my $125 order. No response as of yet. Once I get it back, I will leave ...


  45. s

    Im going to to keep trashing your shitty product on this site and others. STOP DELETING MY REVIEW! Boundless didn't like that i gave them a one star and deleted my past review. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

    Ryan Fletcher

  46. s

    I can’t get a hit off this thing. I tried to email customer service but never got a response back. It’s been collecting dust in my den for months.

    John S

  47. s

    Hands down, best portable concentrate rig I’ve ever owned/used. Wow! Extremely happy, so easy and worth it. It’s perfect to keep you lifted when not able to have a dab rig and torch on hand! Definitely recommend.

    Chris D.

  48. s

    I've purchased two so far and both have don't the same thing battery cap pops off and wires come undone first one thought maybe because was in my pocket so maybe my fault so bought another one this time I ...

    Larry Devore

  49. s

    I've bought two already and the battery cap keeps popping off and the wires come loose from battery second one I've bought now and neither has lasted a month very frustrating

    Larry Devore

  50. s I don't know about this one.

    no comparison.! Bring back the cf-710 .

    Robert Gnau

  51. s Maybe I got a dud

    Doesn't really work too well for me. Big fan of the original Terp Pen. Seems like the gap between the chamber and coil is a little too big. It doesn't allow proper suction from coil.

    alexander watson

  52. s Great

    Good vape for the price

    Nicholas Beaulieu

  53. s It’s great, JK

    Products aside, their customer service is horrible. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


  54. s Waist of money

    The second cfc2.0 vape Just broke. The first one I had to RMA as it stopped heating up. I was cleaning the second one went to put it through a dry cycle and nothing will not heat up. the last ...

    Jacob Paul Berlyn

  55. s Awesome

    Love the XL!!! Love even more Boundless threw in the the Clapton coil. This thing rocks.


  56. s GREAT!

    very good vaporizer!!!! isnot better than CFC 2.0 but... is VERY, VERY good... i would be very glad if you could send me 2 silicon part wich is on the top of de thamber around it. sign: Arturo Ojeda (a ...



    Terrible product, terrible customer service, insanely long shipping times. Not a good company to support.


  58. s Amazing service and devices.

    My device decided it would break after I had it for a year so I contacted them and after about a week they reviewed my email and decided it was still under warranty they are fully replacing my unit. I ...


  59. s tera

    First impressions was a great unit and worked great, the toke was pretty tight and long (15/20secs) great with replacement batteries but this unit didn't last long 6 weeks. 1 evening whilst asleep 3am it started auto firing, when I ...

    Tony Rowsell

  60. s CFC Lite

    I absolutely love is product! However, I am having a difficult time trying to find replacement silicone pieces. I have reached out to customer service but I have not received a response.

    Mary Carter

  61. s

    I was really excited to get this but I should have bucked up and paid the xtra $30 for the CFX. Had another unit but this sounded more interesting... but now it won't charge because the micro USB doesn't charge ...

    Carolyn Burke

  62. s AmazIng flavor.

    When I found the Terp Pen, I thought I found heaven. With the XL, I have found Nirvana. It gives the most flavorful hit of rosin ever!!! My only issue is the slightly clumsy tapping controls of intensity. And can ...


  63. s It's alright

    ...for the price. The USB socket also broke on mine, but it wasn't a big deal as I'm an experienced SMD repairman. Other than that, it still delivers 2+ full bowls on single charge, which is enough on a bicycle ...

    Sergey Zolotoff

  64. s Disappointed

    Doesn't work out of the box after a full charge!!! Blinks red and green when drawn on, and no explanation as to what that means anywhere!

    Benjamin R Mccoy

  65. s Really smart investment.

    I wasn't sure before I purchased the pen if it was worth it. I am super happy I did buy it. Seriously this pen is awesome. Granted I've only had it for 2 days but still. This is a must ...


  66. s

    When are the caps going to be in stock???


  67. s CFC Lite

    I love my vaporizer, unfortunately I lost the rubber silicone piece that goes inside the mouth piece. I have emailed customer service but yet to hear back from them. I would like to purchase two silicone pieces.


  68. s not even 2 hits

    this pen didnt even supply a second hit. it clogged instantly and has never worked since.

    Gregory Blake McElvy

  69. s Coils burn out too fast

    Its perfect on the go. I cam dab right out of the live resin jar. The only problem is the coils don't last. Coil last 2-3 months? BS Yeah right more like 1 per week. I clean mine often but ...

    Jesse Mills

  70. s Dissapointing

    Received my device, within a week the main power button was unresponsive preventing me from choosing when the device should turn on/off and heat up (Device was very well looked after), the device does heatup however when the batteries are ...


  71. s Disappointed

    I've been waiting for a tracking number for my replacement that never came. I wanted to buy the tera but I can't do that when I know you will not uphold your warranty that you put out.

    Aqua Thomas

  72. s Excellent

    I had the cfc 2.0. I had an issue and contacted Boundless. Isaiah Campbell, "You have AWESOME customer service! Thank you for taking Excellent care of me!❤


  73. s Underrated

    I own a few cheap vapes some good others not so but I enjoy them. Bought the cfx to make things more serious and this vape just showed me why many people end up having VAS. Vapor from cfx is ...

    Jayson Garcia

  74. s Amazing ????

    This device can still be used, while it's plugged in to charge from an external power supply

    Kevin Schulz

  75. s Do not buy! Charging port issues.

    On my second vaporizer from a warranty claim. Having the same issues I had with the first one. Problems with the charging port. It comes loose inside the unit. Does not let me charge because I can’t make the connection. ...

    Jason Selkirk

  76. s Best Pen Hands Down

    Now I've been around this block soo many times and have always been let down until I got the Boundless Terp pen!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it in every way, if ur in the market for a discreet and top shelf ...

    Mr Bone

  77. s stoped working after one day

    Worked great for the first day then just quit heating....went and got new coils, nothing....cleaned it, nothing....tried messing with it in every way i could think of to get it to work and it just doesnt....not sure if anyone else ...


  78. s Such an amazing device????

    Worth the the money and more. So convenient and good sized clouds. Im actually buying the new XL right now! I cant wait!


  79. s Not sure

    Great design nice look and feel. But after fully charging it out the box I get one good hit and then it starts blinking red on the light indicator and wont hit again until I charge it again. Not very ...


  80. s Awesome Pen

    Terp Pen XL arrived today. Thanks for fast shipping and even more for the Clapton Quartz Coil. The Clapton coil should be the standard!!! This thing is awesome. Please let me know when you release these coils!!! They will be ...


  81. s Extremely Poor Customer Service

    Any good qualities about this product are superseded by the poor customer service you will receive with Boundless Tech. They have no telephone agents (just a pre recorded message) and their email response is a joke (unless you like automated ...


  82. s The perfect tool does exist!!!

    This thing is so amazing i got it today and im already ordering my second one! Major upgrade from the original.


  83. s Must have!

    I am new to smoking concentrates, so having something portable and discrete is important to me. The terp pen is a fantastic setup if you don't come to it expecting to take massive gobs. It will become clogged if you ...

    Garrett Swenson

  84. s great vape, bad battery life

    Got my second pen first XL and was looking forward to a great pen.... didn't last 5 pulls... an hour charge for 5 pulls? Nope. I'll stick with the regular size until the other coil breaks... and the backorder times ...


  85. s Good idea but poorly executed

    The Terp Pen XL is a good idea, but poorly executed. It feels like they rushed this thing to the market before testing it. - Shoddy indicator of when the pen is fully charged, the light will turn off, but ...


  86. s Hmmmmm

    Umm this tool is rather disappointing. The smaller one smokes way better!


  87. s CFX - The Best Vape Value

    Having owned several vaporizers, I have to say that hands down the CFX is the best vaporizer for the value. It's simply one of the best designed vaporizers I've used. The easy to grip and hold design, sits comfortably in ...

    Bentley Corbitt

  88. s Masterfully elevated

    Air flow is dialed in. Getting more flavor. Loving it. 1000/10. Ordering a backup in silver.


  89. s Game Changer

    I got this about a year ago when I was in Colorado. This thing is a game changer, let me tell you that. It is a quality product for a great price. It is very discreet and very effective; which ...


  90. s All-Star Dab Tool

    WOAH! The Terp Pen is my favorite new dabber. My friend has one and after a sesh with her, I had to order my own. I buy replacement coils online here too ahead of time just because she warned me ...


  91. s Wow

    I started vaping weed maybe 5 years ago. I've owned a MFLB (magic flight launch box, as good as the Tera but less handy imo), Utilian 721 and in conduction -> APX, Airis Herborn I been using the Tera for ...


  92. s Love this pen!

    I just got my second one in the mail (first one is still going strong, just like having a back up) I love this pen! It is great for quick and easy dabs on your own. You will love it.

    Allison Romagnoli

  93. s Great Vape

    I have the Vuber and Puri5 flower vapes but the Boundless CF is a large step ahead. Good size bowl and good cloudy pulls at 385. Very nice. Shipped fast as well. Excellent value.


  94. s Amazing

    Hands down best budge device there is. Fits in my pocket and I can leave it on my pen cup at work it's so low-key. Extremely portable and fast charging. The ONLY thing I wish was different was a little ...

    Tanner D

  95. s Superb little device

    I order the terp pen and two spair coils and they arrived in three days. Wow. The device works very well and I'm happy with my purchase. Currently using it for c02 distillate. I don't think distillate will gunk up ...

    Joseph Fitzjerald

  96. s Amazing company, even better products

    After the GS Elite, pax 3, even the Crafty, this is amazing. Tasty, cool, vapor delivered smoothly as per my individual requirements, at affordable prices. Boundless has progressed from a new company to an industry leader, with excellent products that ...


  97. s Display could be better

    My only complaint is the display. Very hard to see if not in the proper lighting conditions. In the sun, forget it!

    Curvy sweet pea

  98. s

    omg where do I start. 1. what a garbage product. straight up stopped working right out of the box after first session. 2. now the best part, the company itself. never I have been played in my life by such ...


  99. s Worth it!!

    Worth every penny! Great lasts cleans good if you know how and lasts for a long time. I would recommend to anyone. I use mine for cbd dabs because I cant smk thc but this is awesome

    Chase S

  100. s Great Vape, Great Support

    I can't say enough about my respect for both Boundless as a company and the vapes they produce. I have owned my CF for 2 1/2 years now and it has been a trooper. Lots of fat, good tasting clouds, ...

    John Jones

  101. s Just stick with dry

    Great concept but falls short in execution. The biggest being the screw on cap welds it’s self shut when doing concentrates so it was a one and done with the concentrate pod. . Even pliers won’t get the lid removed. ...


  102. s F*ckin killer

    Best portable dabbing unit iv had so far, its now my go to. throw in my pocket with a gram of dank wax and im good for the day. Only thing is finding coils in stores you really have to ...

    Jordan @jarr_o_nugg

  103. s Loads of vapor

    I researched different brands and the reviews were correct. It heats as quickly as advertised, the loads of vapor, and exellent design. I highly recommend it.


  104. s

    My coil went burned out in the first week and the terp pen wasn't working as well as my brothers or my buddy's to begin with

    Anthony Menyhard

  105. s Wish I could try it out

    Bought one. First one was stolen by the Post Office. Second one came without batteries, charger, mouthpieces, basically everything except the main unit. Am extremely pissed off.

    Daniel Chang

  106. s My favorite

    Best portable device i have used to date and there have been many over the years. Only improvement I would make would be to battery life but it is sufficient as it is today. I had an O-ring break on ...

    Bob Par

  107. s Amazing device

    This is an awesome piece to have for on the go dabbing,I have the CF710 also,I use both everyday,I’ll never buy another brand,Boundless is my go to brand for all my on the go smoking needs


  108. s Ugh!!!!

    Out of that box brand new and never worked.

    Michael Dougher

  109. s Great Proof of Concept

    The CFX is a phenomenal vaporizer and certainly raises the bar for many other companies. Though, I was hoping by now an upgraded model would be released. Perhaps with removable batteries, usb-C charging, and the opportunity to control between convection ...

    Eli Goswick

  110. s Good Stuff

    Great stuff, big nice bowl, good temp control and a pretty large bowl mage this an excellent first choice. Have one for a year now and it is top notch. 2 changes I would have welcomed at close to no ...


  111. s A true game changer

    The Terp Pen has replaced my PuffCo Peak as my favorite device. I originally bought it just for use at Lunch breaks, but I cant stop using it at home. Hits amazingly, and I love that I have full control ...


  112. s Perfection

    This terp pen is the best thing ever! I'm sick of dab pens leaking and wasting product. They're also usually pretty bulky. This pen does exactly what I want it to do and is the perfect size! And the price ...


  113. s Powerful Beast

    The Tera is AMAZING!!!! Tasty cool vapor.I love the plastic mouthpiece and water please adapter. This has replaced all of my high end portable vapes and most of my desktops! Im a Boundless fan now and will have my eyes ...


  114. s

    No reviews or have they been dropped as we all have seen the post regarding burnt out coil wire inside devise. We have still not gotten an answer from Eric. Wonder why we can’t buy new coils anymore ?

    Matthew Griffith

  115. s Best Deal Out There

    This has got to be the best deal out there, especially for a dual convection/conduction unit. This is a no frills unit with four temp settings and great vapor production and clean taste. Heat up time is fast and near ...


  116. s Coil Insulator Burning?

    Recent concern has been brought to the attention of the vaping community regarding the coil insulators used in your terp pen coils. https://www.reddit.com/r/Waxpen/comments/c3d0rv/terp_pen_burnt_insulator Where does boundless stand with these claims of possible harmful materials being vaporized within the coil?

    Concerned Customer

  117. s Awesome CF

    It just wow, I want to say that Boundless CF is an amazing product. I am a really satisfied customer. They also provide a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is a separate 90-day warranty on the battery. I already Recommend my ...


  118. s Spectacular product

    Exelent clouds, long battery life, it feels like a 200 dollar device but it's only 30 dollars, it comes with 2 tools, the customer service was exelent, the cleaning process is very simple and as long as you clean it ...

    Johny Israel

  119. s



  120. s Coils

    My terp pen is the best thing I've bought myself in a long time... except for the fact that coils are always out of stock online. I can't ever get new coils ordered.


  121. s Terp Pen - Get One (or Two)

    This was my first go at dabs and the Terp Pen made it easy and enjoyable. The battery lasts for a few sessions and recharges quickly. Great device for around the house for micro dosing and on the go. I ...

    Scott Kraatz

  122. s True Progress

    Everything I medical user could ever need. No need for old methods, or recoiling. This to me is progressive thinking in product design. It works amazing, wastes nothing, near instant but is as easy to replace the coils as unscrewing. ...


  123. s Incredible piece of tech for the price

    Great hits with no waste. Practically idiot proof. Easily one of the best value concentrate rigs. I highly recommend it.


  124. s The best pen for concentrates on the market

    i love mine to death but cant get any coils locally other than that the hands down the best


  125. s Savin' money and savin' time! ;)

    It saves big time on the concentrates. Love this pen. Very convenient compared to the nectar collector.

    Amie Gunnell

  126. s Awesome little device

    Was looking for a simple and easy way to dab on the go and this fits the bill perfectly. Not to mention it’s very discreet. It works well and is easy to clean. I couldn’t be happier with the product ...


  127. s The best I've tried

    This vaporizer finally gave me the taste I've been hearing so much about for years. I find many strains that give up great flavor on the Tera at only 300 deg. F. Then I go up 20-30 degrees in succession ...


  128. s Coil

    Love love love this pen !!!! Just asking anyone about how long the coil lasts

    Marla Mittelman

  129. s Awesome vape, but the construction...

    Tera is great, a beast! However if you use it with the WPA, so sooner or later you will have cracking in the plastic bowl... very frustrating


  130. s Great session vape

    A fantastic vape if you have 2 or more people interested in the session. The screen is great for monitoring your temperature which you can change by 1 degree increments. The heating chamber is a good size and very easy ...

    Mike R

  131. s Top

    La conception de ce produit est vraiment splendide, très bien réalisé sur plusieurs points, comme le tout aimanté ou le capot de batteries très robuste pour les protéger etc.... Vraiment <3 Tera BD !

    Phil b

  132. s Awesome Vaporizer

    I can say with absolute certainty, that this is the best dry herb vaporizer I have ever owned. Great product. The large bowl size, wonderful display, and tremendous battery life makes it ideal for group sessions, but it also functions ...

    Gandank The Green

  133. s Tera Vape

    Great vape & cloud generator. Upgrading from the original to 3’500 mAh batteries, makes this vape last a lot longer. ;-> gjw

    G. Winter

  134. s The Beast of a vaporizers

    Excellent add the wpa for blast off from pain or nausea or insomnia


  135. s Super Tera

    Received my Tera in Switzerland, just one week after ordering. Thanks Boundless for the great international shipping service, which was free of charge. (Black Friday Sale) I am realy impressed with my new Tera, which by far surpasses my CFV, ...


  136. s

    Hi Luc, thank you for the message and support in the Boundless CFV. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the unit and water pipe adapter. Unfortunately, the screens are designed this way for easy cleaning. In my ...

    Eric Chavez

  137. s Good investment

    Produces the best flavor for any what you are looking to enjoy!!


  138. s Simply the best

    Having owned a variety of high end vapes.. The mighty and the minivap.. The tera just surpasses them all.. Only thing I dislike is the fact if you use it outdoors your liable to lose the screen when refilling, but ...

    Chris Farmer

  139. s Love it

    Even smooth vaping with no need to stir. Precise temp control. Extremely quick ready time. Long life battery...what's not to love?


  140. s Mind blowing CF

    At first, I want to say that Boundless CF is an amazing product. I am a really satisfied customer. They also provide a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is a separate 90-day warranty on the battery. I already Recommend my friends ...


  141. s Amazing Boundless CF

    At first, I want to say that Boundless CF is an amazing product. I am a really satisfied customer. They also provide a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is a separate 90-day warranty on the battery. I already Recommend my friends ...

    Josephine C.Stewart


    Arrived in Perfect Condition!! The Boundless Terp pen is a well executed and thought out device! Extremely Versatile!! Very solid and easy to clean.. Good battery life and 3 Year Warranty!! Hits are really nice smooth and tasty w/ good ...

    Denziel Cofer

  143. s Amazing

    Picked up from a local smoke shop. Works Amazing!! Battery life is great, and its easy to use straight out the box. I have two complaints one of which cant be changed. Small = Small Hits Obviously and I cant ...


  144. s Near perfection

    Love this little thing, perfect on the go dabs, quick and easy.


  145. s Better than CF710

    Wow... this thing is *really* good. What a brilliant idea by Boundless. Take the ceramic coil of the CF710 that makes good clouds but was too harsh, make it 1/4 the size w/ dual coils ... PERFECTION. Large clouds without ...

    Terp Heaven

  146. s

    Terp pen is clean looking, puts massive clouds out, sleek, and crisp. Highly recommend this pen, best I’ve seen.


  147. s Love My Terp Pen

    WOW.... I've had my New Terp Pen for 3 days now and all I can say is.... What took you so long ??? This little pen does all and more than it's big brother the CF-710 , which I also ...

    Rhonda Blanken

  148. s

    I juste received the new version of the CFV and it's awesome. The water pipe adapter that is now included is perfect. The only thing that bothers me is that the screen inside the chamber keep getting out with I ...


  149. s

    I’m interested in learning more about all types of products

    David Capellan

  150. s

    Can you use the Terp Pen with shatter? Works great with wax.


  151. s

    Hello. I just bought the TERP PEN at Spirit Leaf in Banff. Are there any plans to have other models in this market?

    paul gallant

  152. s

    Just bought my "wonderful" BoundlessCF. I will need an jerb grinder to grind my herb to the proper consistency. Do you still offer those CNC aluminum grinders as part of your package? Thank you. I tell all my friends how ...

    Robert Catto

  153. s

    Hi I absolutely love your terp pen and have had it for a couple months. I ordered the replacement coils last month and received them, but now I need to reorder them and your sold out and have been for ...

    Nathan Shrum

  154. s

    Hi there, since this is device that you dip, loading concentrate into the cap won't be enough. The concentrate needs to make contact with thee coil in order to work. You can use all forms of concentrate with the Terp ...

    Boundless Technology

  155. s

    Please just keep the product box or security code number on the back of the box and a form of receipt for future warranty claims.

    Boundless Technology

  156. s

    Totally after, a ne glass piece for the tera for cooling and a bubbler would be great


  157. s

    Do I have to register the Terp Pen in order to qualify for the 3 year warranty? It was a gift.


  158. s

    I’m new at this vape pen business so please excuse what’s probably a dumb question. If I want to prepare the Terp for later, one handed use, can I put some wax in the cap, put the cap on the ...


  159. s

    We recommend using 91% or less isopropyl alcohol on the mouthpiece tip and in the ceramic chamber with a q tip. Make sure to rinse the tip thoroughly and dry prior to use and with the chamber, make sure to ...

    Boundless Technology

  160. s

    Hey, can i use farmacy alcohol to clean my CFX?

    Dimitris Katsivas

  161. s

    Good morning to you. I own the bondless CFX. He's really good. I have two questions for you. 1- What is the point of the pod concentrate that is in the box? Is it to smoke oil? 2- If you ...

    Christian Tourigny

  162. s

    This write up says the CFV has cooler vape at higher temps... I can only assume this is down to the cooling ability of the mouthpiece..... Given all the people out there modding their Tera Mouthpieces with Arizer Solo stems ...


  163. s

    Hi there, how much dry herb does it hold. ? I just bought the terp pen. Im really excited to use it.

    Frieda Varela

  164. s

    I own six (6) vapes all, not the pre-filled crap, but choices for various uses. The Tera is an exceptional, convection-based unit, the only way to go when considering how and what you draw when loading your selection of cannabis ...

    Ben J Denommé

  165. s

    Thank you for this info! JC (a customer)

    J Cote

  166. s

    Thank You for sharing this much-needed information. Having suffered thru now my 5th lower-back surgery, I can unequivocally state (and have volunteered to testify before the FDA and Congress, if it would be of any value) to speak to the ...

    Brad Holliday

  167. s

    I think this is the best portable device to dab my concentrates and is superior to all the other brands I've tried! I am so happy! I wish Boundless Technology allowed us consumers to post reviews but this will do.


  168. s

    We are expecting our shipment to arrive at the end of the week. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

    Eric Chavez

  169. s

    No replacement coils available?


  170. s

    I've had my Terp pen for 2 weeks and I absolutely Love It!!! I've been telling everyone I know. A few thought I worked for the company. Lol

    Ramona Liddell

  171. s

    Promo code!!!! Please... I'm holding off on ordering a dozen or more... please contact me


  172. s

    Our apologies for the inconvenience. Our customer service can try to help with this, please email [email protected] or call 866-355-7061 so we can attempt to help.

    Eric Chavez

  173. s

    Our apologies for the inconvenience. Replacement coils can be found here: https://bndlstech.com/product/replacement-coils-for-terp-pen/

    Eric Chavez

  174. s

    I wonder why Boundless doesn't bother writing any instructions on how to use the oven screen?


  175. s

    Where can i buy additional coils for terp pen.


  176. s

    I love my Terp Pen! THANK YOU Boundless Technology for creating affordable yet sophisticated concentrate smoking devices. Can't imagine my life without after my first use! What a time to be alive (:


  177. s

    Somebody dropp the promo ASAP... Are you even looked for a number to call in can't find one and ready to make my purchase as soon as I have a promo code????????


  178. s

    Got my Terp Pen today and just want to say I love it. You guys are awesome. Can’t wait to get the Tera next. Thank you for a great product and it got here super fast.

    Marnie Schoeler

  179. s

    Hey there! And we apologize for the inconvenience, replacement coils should be available via our retail store within the next wait. Join our mailing list to recieve an update when those do become available.

    Eric Chavez

  180. s

    Where can I get new coils ?

    Daniel Ramos

  181. s

    Will we get a rain check??


  182. s

    Went out of stock on 420, what about a promocode for people who wanted to get it but couldn't?


  183. s

    I came to buy the new Boundless Terp Pen and you are sold out. Any chance of getting a rain check for the 420 sales price please?


  184. s

    I spent a great deal of time to find something such as this


  185. s

    This is really helpful, thanks.


  186. s

    Hi there! The CFC does not detect how vaporized the herb is, though it does automatically shut off after the 5-minute session timer ends. Also, it being a convection unit means that the herb is heated entirely by your pull ...

    Tyler B

  187. s

    Does the CFC have an auto shutdown after the herb has been mostly consumed? The last time I used at 185-190 deg the unit temp dipped down to 85 after 5 o 5 tokes.


  188. s

    Hey! No, it isn't, this device is for dry herb. The device your thinking of is called the TERP PEN which is set to come out later this year. Check it out, https://www.instagram.com/p/Btw4WpOg9Qs/

    Eric Chavez

  189. s

    Hey there! The CFC 2.0 water pipe adapter fits, though we are working on an attachment specifically for the CFC LITE.

    Eric Chavez

  190. s

    Is there a compatible waterpipe attachment available?


  191. s

    Great, I really like it! Youre awesome


  192. s

    I love your product, the CF 710 has given me a great and immediate way of getting my medication in accurate doses. This is a life saver anytime of the day at work or on the go. If you ever ...

    Denton Dale Griffin

  193. s

    Hello is the concentrate device that would follow an Enail like the CFV-710 or the more traditional form ?

    Uday sharma

  194. s

    Hi and thanks for the interest. Please email [email protected] and we can get this arranged.

    Eric Chavez

  195. s

    Is there any way that I can get this product for a review on a YouTube channel

    Angelo L Correa

  196. s

    just got a cf 710 today. its on a charger right now cant wait to try it but i have suggestions already =) my number 1 request would be a REBUILDABLE HEAD ceramic and quarts core (or users can use ...


  197. s

    Hi Mike, the CFV, unfortunately, does not have a removable battery, and does not feature pass-through charging. For the battery life, you can expect about 6-10 sessions per charge.

    Tyler B.

  198. s

    I'm interested in this new upgraded CFV, just one quick question, what is the battery life, does it have pass through charging? Removable batteries or no? Thanks!

    mike stoicevski





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