1. VapoShop Unboxes the CF & CFX

    If you’re looking for more information regarding the CF & CFX, check out VapoShop’s video. This video gives a quick overlook of the CF & CFX and describes all of their key features.

    VapoShop does a great job of breaking down the CF & CFX’s features.

    Boundless CF

    • 5 Preset temperatures

    • Portable

    • Battery Power

    • USB Charging

    • Large capacity oven

    Boundless CFX

    • Portable

    • Dual Charging Options (USB & DC)

    • OLED

    • Large capacity oven

  2. VaporNation Unboxes the CFV

    The Boundless CFV is a full convection aromatherapy device, featuring fully functional temperature control, and innovative heat retention rings. The heat retention rings prevent your herbs from being in contact with the heating element and impart on your vapor unique flavors.

    The CFV features interchangeable heat retention rings made of bamboo, African Rosewood and Quartz. The wood ring was designed to reduce conduction and produces pure-tasting flavor. The Quartz rings adds an element of conduction for those who enjoy a more intense flavor. A full convection heating system is what separates the CFV from the rest. Full convection heating provides a pure tasting experience like no other.

    CFV Features:

    • Full Convection Airflow

    • Digital Display Screen

    • Heat Retention Rings

    • Swivel Mouthpiece

    • Full Temperature Range (140°F-446°F)

    • Isolated Air Path

    • Interchangeable Heat Retention Rings

    To order your CFV,

  3. CF- Best Budget Portable

    Big thanks to the team at Australian Vaporizers for giving the Boundless CF this acclamation. The Boundless CF comes in at $129.99 USD, boasts an average heat up time of 20 seconds and can last approximately 10 sessions(or 60 minutes) per charge. Also featured is stealth mode, the Boundless CF can be operated with the led lights off as to not disturb those around you. Enjoy the ultimate in affordability and portability with the Boundless CF.  

  4. The CF- Best portable device!

    The Vape Critic features the CF vaporizer in his best portable vaporizers for $100 video. If you're looking for an affordable vaporizer, the CF is definitely the vaporizer for you.The Vape Critic features the CF vaporizer in his best portable vaporizers for $100 video. The Vape Critic talks about the CF’s affordability and portability. He mentions the the removable mouthpiece, rapid heat up time, big herb chamber and how there’s no need to pack the chamber super tight. He also mentions how the vapor production and taste is great. The Vape Critic is pleased by the draws and how the draws are not harsh but smooth. The CF is a good first vape for those who are new to the dry herb vape scene. Thanks for the review, Vape Critic.

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    The Vaporizer Wizard does a terrific job reviewing the CFX vaporizer. The wizard talks about the CFX’s 20 second heat up time, a full temp spectrum via on vape display, on vape temp buttons and 60+ minutes of average battery life on a full charge.

  9. Double review- CF +CFX!

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