1. The Dab Spot - CF Hybrid

    We’d like to give a special thanks to the The Dab Spot for their review on the CF Hybrid.

    Introducing the CF Hybrid. Our first and only “3-in-1 unit” that boasts the capability of having a ceramic chamber for herb on one end, option to use a pod for concentrates, and the ability to screw on a 510 thread, perfect for e-juice, at the opposite end of device. From twisting the swivel mouthpiece to powering the device on, we’ve made it simple and easy to use.

    What’s special about the device? As highlighted in the Dab Spot review essentially three different functions can be used with the same unit. The CF Hybrid is truly, “an all in one” device. One side of the unit can be used for on-demand hits using oils and e-juice which truly sets it apart from the rest of the Boundless line. Within seconds you’re able to switch sides, press the given power button 3 times to swap from the ceramic chamber to a 510 thread; it’s almost too easy. When using the tank and cartridge side the user is able to inhale for 10 seconds before it hits the automatic cut off. The CF Hybrid packs a punch as you’re able to power up to 60 watts when using the tank and cartridge side. Bump up the volts for thicker and more satisfying clouds.

    The CF Hybrid provides strong and extremely flavorful hits with perfect clouds every time. As noted by Danielle even as the session progresses the clouds get denser but the flavor remains.

    When using the herb side there is a ceramic bowl that can easy fit up to half a gram of ground up herb. Like most of our Boundless line our device features full-range temperature control from 104-430°F or 40-220°C which allows the user to specifically handpick your perfect temperature. Once powered on simply rotate the mouthpiece and start inhaling, no extra button to press as it will remain heated for a full five minutes before going into sleep mode. You’re able to experience maximum and even extraction, just check out the AVB once your sessions ends.

    Don’t forget, there is also a stainless steel concentrate pod included so you’re able to use your favorite concentrates as well. Drop the concentrate on top of the organic cotton in the pod and place into the ceramic chamber and power on; no mess, no hassle.

    Finding a balance between style and efficiency the CF Hybrid has contoured ridges and grooves which provide a comfortable grip while also cooling down the unit so it never gets too hot while in use. With the look and style of the Hybrid you’re able to comfortably use your unit on the go. We’ve also given you full control of your battery life as you’re able to remove the 18650 rechargeable battery. Whether you’re popping out the battery or breaking down the mouthpiece, we’ve made it easy to dissemble. Grab a CF Hybrid and put it to the test.

    We’d like to thank our customers for their continued support and wish everyone happy holidays from the Boundless team.

  2. Boundless CF Review- Vapesterdam

    A special thanks to Mike from Vapesterdam for their review of the CF!

    Quick and straight to the point, Vapesterdam’s review of the CF gives you all of the main specs of this unit. This full conduction device is moderately sized and small enough to take on the go but still powerful enough to produce thick clouds. Putting our customers first, our swivel mouthpiece is easy to use and can be disassembled for an easy clean. Also, the CF has a generously sized bowl and can hold up to gram of ground up herb. Compared to the CFX the CF stands to the test when looking at the vapor production, the allotted temperatures, and overall functionality of the unit. Just like its bigger counterpart the CFX, the CF can be used with our WPA to increase the size of your cloud production while easing any irritation.

    Some key features as mentioned by Mike from Vapesterdam:

    • Conduction heating

    • 5 preset temperature settings for easy use

    • Rubberized grip provides a comfortable and sturdy hold

    • All black color scheme with a great minimalist sleek design

    • Stealth mode allows you to “hide” the LED lights to allow for a more discreet sesh

    • Easy one button use for all functions

    “If you’re looking for discreteness, portability, and value in a unit the Boundless CF is great option”-Mike

    The CF is currently listed for $129.99 on our online retail site.  

    Click here to see the full review of the CF by Vapesterdam.

  3. 420 VapeZone Review on CFC

    We’d like to thank Troy from 420 VapeZone Review for his review on the CFC.

    The CFC is our smallest and most discreet unit from the Boundless lineup. With the unit measuring up to just five inches in length, it’s easy to see why the CFC has earned a reputation for being an ultra compact device. As noted in the review, the CFC has a teardrop shape with a removable mouthpiece. It’s interface is simple which makes it easy to use. The user is able to control the temperature which ranges from 140°F-446°F; temperature can be changed to Celsius if desired. Packing herb is fairly simple, it’s as easy as removing the mouthpiece and inserting the desired amount of herb to be used. On average the bowl can hold up to .4 of a gram. Charge time is about an hour via USB with average use about 6 ten minute sessions with 5 minute cool downs in between. Troy’s tip, as well as our own, clean the unit regularly to ensure a clean and functioning device.


    • Can’t beat the price

    • Very easy to conceal

    • Easy to use

    • AVB cam: material vaporizes evenly


    • Short vapor path

    • Mouthpiece gets hots

    Overall verdict:

    If you’re looking for a device that is affordable and easy to use the ultra sleek CFC is recommended. It produces a fair amount vapor, heats up fairly quickly, and efficiently vaporizes the material while still remaining a portable and discreet device. For the size and and price point, “It does it’s job very well.”-Troy

    To see the full length review click here

  4. Namaste compares and Contrasts the CFC

    A special thanks to Kory from Namaste for this informational Pax 3 comparison!

    The CFC is an ultra-portable device, packed with a full conduction oven.

    It also features a full-range temperature control and LED screen.

    It performs just as well as the PAX 3 for the fraction of the price. The CFC is $89.99 compared to a PAX 3 at $274.99. 

    To watch the full review, click here! 

  5. CF 710 hits like Conor McGregor. HighRise TV review.

    Thank you,  MacDizzle and the people at HighRise TV for this excellent CF 710 review!  

    The Boundless CF 710 is definitely one of our hottest units on the market currently. Created with stealth and portability in mind, the CF 710 is your travel-buddy. The CF 710  is essentially an electric nector collector, massive dabs powered solely by electricity. The CF 710 has an internal battery and heating element at the bottom. The heating element can be replaced with either ceramic or quartz coils. In addition, the CF 710 fully disassembles, you can remove the battery, mouthpiece, and coils for easy cleaning. It is easy to operate and ultraportable, so you can take your dabs on-the-go.

    MacDizzle does an awesome job explaining the CF 710’s features and functions. MacDizzle is blown away by the first hit, coughing out of control! She is definitely impressed by the massive cloud production and flavorful hits, stating  how smooth it hits. She says, “I did not anticipate for it to work this well. WTF was that. This is legit af!” MacDizzle  gave the CF 710 a 5 Sweaty Mac’s rating. Needless to say, MacDizzle was dazed by the CF 710!

    What’s in the box?

    -CF 710

    -Micro USB charging cable

    -Glass Dish

    -Dab Tool

    -Quartz and Ceramic replacement coils

    For more entertaining videos go over to the HighRise TV Youtube Channel!

  6. Best Convection Vaporizers of 2017!

    Thank you VaporNation for featuring the CFV in their 5 Best Conduction and Convection Vaporizers of 2017! 

    The Boundless CFV is a compact convection vaporizer that features temperature control and interchangeable heat retention rings. The heat retention rings play a role in the heat, creating new flavors and scents. The CFV produces silky smooth vapor, combustion free. 

    To see VaporNation's 5 Best Conduction and Convection Vaporizers of 2017 click here! 

  7. High Hipsters review the CF 710!

    At SoCal Cannabis Cup 2017, Boundless held a golden egg scavenger hunt. Boundless hid golden eggs throughout the venue for people to find. Inside the egg, there was a note claiming they won a prize, a CF 710! The High Hipsters were one of our lucky winners that weekend. Fortunately, the High Hipsters have their own YouTube Channel, where they review products and strains. 

    Alice and Clark were first impressed by the CF 710's slick design, performance, and easy-functionality. The CF 710 includes a glass dish, so you can dab on the go, micro usb charger, and two coils (1 quartz and 1 ceramic). Alice loved the CF 710's smooth hits and easy opertaion functionality. Needless to say, the High Hipsters loved the CF 710!  

    To see the High Hipsters full review click play below! 

  8. Strain Central reviews the CF 710

    Special thanks to Josh from Strain Central for taking the time to review and demo the CF 710. The CF 710 is a powerful and portable electronic nectar collector for oils and concentrates. Josh begins the review by explaining how some concentrate pens can be hard to load and easy to break the coils. With the CF 710, you do not have to load the device itself. Simply place your concentrate in the provided jar or use the provided dab tool to applicate the oil or concentrate.

    For the cloud chasers, the ceramic coil is the way to go. Josh begins his session with the ceramic coil.  Those familiar with the traditional dab rig hit are used to massive clouds followed by a cough, the CF 710, “Very closely emulates something like a rig hit”, as stated by Josh, but does not leave that irritation associated with butane dab hits. It is also perfect for on the go and as Josh comments, “On the go [the CF710] is surprisingly portable”.  

    This lightweight, compact, and discreet unit is perfect for dabbing. With its one button operating system, dabbing with the CF 710 is easy to use. It eliminates the use of torches or clunky dab rigs while still providing strong and powerful rips. When fully charged its long-lasting battery allows you to have various dab sessions on the go.  

  9. CFV- Pure Convection unit!

    Kory back again with solid review of the Boundless CFV! Click on the review to view the full video. 

  10. VapoShop Unboxes the CF & CFX

    If you’re looking for more information regarding the CF & CFX, check out VapoShop’s video. This video gives a quick overlook of the CF & CFX and describes all of their key features.

    VapoShop does a great job of breaking down the CF & CFX’s features.

    Boundless CF

    • 5 Preset temperatures

    • Portable

    • Battery Power

    • USB Charging

    • Large capacity oven

    Boundless CFX

    • Portable

    • Dual Charging Options (USB & DC)

    • OLED

    • Large capacity oven

  11. VaporNation Unboxes the CFV

    The Boundless CFV is a full convection aromatherapy device, featuring fully functional temperature control, and innovative heat retention rings. The heat retention rings prevent your herbs from being in contact with the heating element and impart on your vapor unique flavors.

    The CFV features interchangeable heat retention rings made of bamboo, African Rosewood and Quartz. The wood ring was designed to reduce conduction and produces pure-tasting flavor. The Quartz rings adds an element of conduction for those who enjoy a more intense flavor. A full convection heating system is what separates the CFV from the rest. Full convection heating provides a pure tasting experience like no other.

    CFV Features:

    • Full Convection Airflow

    • Digital Display Screen

    • Heat Retention Rings

    • Swivel Mouthpiece

    • Full Temperature Range (140°F-446°F)

    • Isolated Air Path

    • Interchangeable Heat Retention Rings

    To order your CFV,

  12. The Vape Guide Reviews the CFV

    Shout out to The Vape Guide for reviewing the Boundless CFV. We are shown an unboxing of the unit and a full demonstration of the unit’s functionality. As displayed, there are plenty of accessories that come with the Boundless CFV, such as the new loading cap as well as a variety of heat retention rings.It is recommended to use a medium to fine grind and to pack the chamber to a medium to full load. What sets the CFV apart from other aromatherapy devices is the unique heat retention rings that are included. Subtle overtones from the wood rings provides an added dimension of flavor while the quartz brings out the purity of the herbs. Users are given a chance to experiment with the different flavors the heat retention rings provide and can enjoy a full convection session that is efficient and effective. Special thanks to TheVape.Guide for taking the time to review the Boundless CFV. Thanks again, Vape Guide for the awesome review!

  13. CF- Best Budget Portable of 2016

    Big thanks to the team at Australian Vaporizers for giving the Boundless CF this acclamation. The Boundless CF comes in at $129.99 USD, boasts an average heat up time of 20 seconds and can last approximately 10 sessions(or 60 minutes) per charge. Also featured is stealth mode, the Boundless CF can be operated with the led lights off as to not disturb those around you. Enjoy the ultimate in affordability and portability with the Boundless CF.  

  14. The CF- Best portable device!

    The Vape Critic features the CF vaporizer in his best portable vaporizers for $100 video. If you're looking for an affordable vaporizer, the CF is definitely the vaporizer for you.The Vape Critic features the CF vaporizer in his best portable vaporizers for $100 video. The Vape Critic talks about the CF’s affordability and portability. He mentions the the removable mouthpiece, rapid heat up time, big herb chamber and how there’s no need to pack the chamber super tight. He also mentions how the vapor production and taste is great. The Vape Critic is pleased by the draws and how the draws are not harsh but smooth. The CF is a good first vape for those who are new to the dry herb vape scene. Thanks for the review, Vape Critic.

  15. A detailed analysis of the CFX

    Check out this extended review of the CFX by Sneaky Pete! This review covers the design and functionality of the CFX and is one of the most helpful videos out there for CFX owners and those who want to get more familar with the CFX.

  16. Australian Vaporizers analyzes the CFX

    Big thanks to Australian Vaporizers for taking the time to review the CFX!

  17. The Vape Critic detailed CFX +CF Review

    Check out this great review of the Boundless CF and CFX by the Vape Critic!

  18. Namaste inspects the Boundless CFX

    Special thanks to Cory from Namaste Vapes for taking the time to review the CFX! Cory highlights a few of the CFX’s prominent features, which include its sleek design, deep chamber, and beautiful LED display.

  19. Vaporizer Wizard reviews the CFX

    The Vaporizer Wizard does a terrific job reviewing the CFX vaporizer. The wizard talks about the CFX’s 20 second heat up time, a full temp spectrum via on vape display, on vape temp buttons and 60+ minutes of average battery life on a full charge.

  20. Double review- CF +CFX!

    Thank you to Danielle from the Dab Spot for reviewing the CF & CFX vaporizers. Danielle does a terrific job of going over the CF’s and CFX’s differences and similarities.