Be part of the medicinal and recreational movement!

Be part of the medicinal and recreational movement!

Boundless Technology LLC.
Get rewarded for your hard work and dedication!

Get rewarded for your hard work and dedication!

Boundless Technology LLC.
Be a valuable member of the BNDLS Street Team!

Be a valuable member of the BNDLS Street Team!

Boundless Technology LLC.

About the Street Team

The BNDLS Street Team is the perfect opportunity for loyal Boundless fans to get compensated. Street Team members will support Boundless with their marketing efforts, by marketing in places Boundless is unable to reach. BNDLS Street Team members will be asked to complete specific missions and in around their cities and will be given points for each successfully completed task. Certain missions will require proof of completion in order to receive credit for the mission. Our main goal is to spread positivity and knowledge of the benefits of vaporizing and our members must share our ideals of promoting progress within the community. Boundless will offer rewards and incentives, along with other opportunities to its Street Team members. Our passion for development and innovation in the vaporizer community is reflected in this venture and we feel that this will allow us to connect with our respected customers at a personal level.

Street Team Incentives

Does the Street Team sound interesting to you? You must be asking yourself, What’s in it for me? The Street Team will be an interactive platform for members. Members who actively participate and complete missions will be compensated with awesome incentives. The Boundless team would like to reward dedicated members for their hard work and dedication to the Street Team.

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Free tickets to concerts/Events

Street Team members will have the chance to receive free tickets to concerts or events if they complete 100% of the missions.

Boundless Merchandise/Product

Boundless merchandise and products will be available for Street Team members.

Invitation to exclusive events, product release parties, Trade Shows

Dedicated members will be invited to exclusive Boundless events, product release parties, and at times meet and greets at Trade Shows.

Internship Credit

Boundless Technology will be offering Internship credit to Street Team members who are interested in gaining experience in the industry. The position will be a marketing intern and will assist with the Street Team and other Boundless projects and campaigns.

Privacy Policy

Boundless Technology is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please review the information below to read what we collect and how we use it. Please contact us if you have any questions!

What does Boundless collect from you?

  • As a member of the Street Team we will collect personally identifiable information about you. Which includes: Your first and last name, street address, city, state, zip, country, phone number, email address, birthdate.
  • A member’s e-mail address is used to invite them to sign up for the Street Team mailing list and email members about events.Your birthdate is used to verify your age for contests and promotions, in addition to Street Team eligibility.Your name, e-mail, phone number and mailing address are used for contests.

Boundless Street Team Rules

  • The purpose of this street team is to create a reliable group of loyal individuals that want to help the company. We have certain guidelines that we expect any team member representing Boundless Technology to follow.
  • When you are volunteering for us, you are a representative of Boundless Technology and we expect you to conduct yourselves with the same standards that any of our staff members are held to. This can include creating a friendly and pleasant interaction with shop, brand, or possible customer. Any violation of these standards will result in the immediate removal from all volunteer opportunities.
  • Boundless Technology is not responsible for any injuries or accidents sustained while volunteering.

Do’s & Dont’s

While representing our company, we expect the following:

  • Please keep all posts, conversations, etc. related to Boundless Technology professional.
  • Please do not post about our product in a thread, post, or conversation where our product is not the primary and central topic of discussion.
  • Please do not “sell” our product on any other company’s pages, comments, messages, or website. We do not want to unprofessionally cross any boundaries with any other companies.
  • Please do not “Double-Dip”, post the same photo on multiple social media channels to complete objectives.
  • Please do not down-talk another company or their products. We would never want anyone to belittle our company, nor do we want to belittle anyone else’s.
  • Please do not mention another company’s products unless it is informational in response to a question or incorrect statement.
  • Please do not handle complaints from a customer. If a customer contacts you with an issue about their product, please forward them to a Boundless Employee, or to [email protected]
  • Please do not post any content that harasses, insults, or belittles any other company, team member, or brand. We are here for positive vibes, and fun.

All members must be treated in a respectful and adult manner. All members should respect and adhere to the promotion of harmony within the community. Team members are representing the brand name. Under any circumstances shall anyone act unprofessional while representing Boundless Technology. Any member that violates any rules will be issued a warning point, depending on the severity of the violation.

  • 1st violation point = warning
  • 2nd violation point = suspension for one week
  • 3rd violation = termination from BNDLS Street Team

The BNDLS Street Team is a fun, exciting way to get involved with Boundless Technology. We look forward to all missions, events, and meetings with each and every one of you.

Street Team Requirements

  • Street Team Members must be 18 and over. Also, Street Team Members must know and obey the law, we don’t want anyone to go to jail or break the law.
  • Each Street Team Member must follow Bndls social networks, if applicable: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.


If any Street Team Members are interested in gaining experience in the industry, Boundless Technology will be offering Internship credit to Street Team Members who are interested. The position will be a marketing intern and will assist with the Street Team and other Boundless projects and campaigns.

Publications & Distributors



List of missions

Online missions:

  • Follow all of our social accounts.
  • Comment on a forum(s) (Grasscity, MassRoots, Fuck Combustion or Reddit).
  • Post a video or photo of a Boundless unit in action.
  • Share product/promo videos to all of your social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Like product/promo videos on the YouTube channel.
  • Leave a comment on product/promo videos.
  • Promote all Boundless social networks, invite your friends to follow Bndls social pages.
  • Promote and advertise Boundless products and the Boundless brand in general via all of your social networks.
  • Take a test regarding Boundless products to test how well they know the product.
  • Buy Boundless gear.

Offline Missions:

  • Geocaching Mission – Boundless team members will send the Street Team members coordinates to a location where a Boundless product, merchandise or special prizes will be hidden.
  • Collect business cards from local smoke shops and refer Boundless units.
  • Handout Bndls stickers, infographics, posters, etc. to Street team members local areas.
  • Attend events Boundless will be attending, promote our brand at the event and direct people to our booth.

About Boundless Technology

Boundless Technology was formed in December of 2015 in Southern California with the intentions of providing a vaping experience compared to no other. The introduction of the CF and CFX vaporizers came with a wave of praise for their quick heat up times and superior functionality with an affordable price point.

Boundless Technology’s first event was at VCI in Riverside, CA. This event showcased our products and previewed the now released CF Hybrid. Great exposure came out of this event and opened doors for distributors and consumers to have a hands on experience with our product. The next step was to venture out of California and test the market in other states, leading to our appearance at CannaCon in Seattle, Washington. Many of those involved in the CannaBusiness showed positive reactions to our products which gave us the motivation to continue attending trade shows across the United States. Huge success came with these trade shows including landing some major distributors around America and expanding our reach to Europe.

This direct approach to distributors and consumers gave us the idea that interaction with our community should be our main focus. We have reached out to the community through forums, social media, and events in our native Southern California and have expressed our belief in maintaining a positive relationship with the community in the process. All of the positive feedback from those who have purchased from us or have had the opportunity to attend our events has allowed us to start a friendly and interactive program that can enable all of us working at Boundless to be connected with our consumers.

Our next step in this venture of growth is the BNDLS Street Team. Not only will we be directly involved with this project, we have opened the doors for supporters and members of our community to grow with us. All of us are very excited here for the future of the BNDLS Street Team and for Boundless Technology. We are currently working on new devices and products that aim at staying technologically up to date, with the concerns of the user are the heat of these projects.

Thank you for your support!

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