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Throughout this blog today we’ll be teaching you how to clean your Terp Pen XL. Before we start, be sure to grab some isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, and some paper towels. 

Taking apart the Terp Pen XL for cleaning.

The first thing we’re going to want to do before we clean our XL is to disassemble it. We recommend starting by taking the cap off, removing the coil, unscrewing the mouthpiece, and then taking off the sheath. This process can take a little elbow grease to get off. Especially if it’s been a while since the last time you’ve cleaned your Terp Pen XL.

Disassembling the Terp Pen XL

Next, we will begin with isopropyl alcohol on either a paper towel, cotton swab, or a cotton pad and begin wiping each part down; starting with the main body of the Terp Pen XL. This could feel like a slow process of removing the leftover concentrate as it can be very sticky at first, but keep at it! 

We also want to be sure that, as we are cleaning, we aren’t leaving any cotton fibers behind. Would you like to save your reclaim for later use? Start by gently removing the reclaim with a dab tool, then get to scrubbing with alcohol. 

How to Get the Sheath Clean

Taking apart the Terp Pen XL when learning how to clean it.

Once the main body is shiny as new, we’ll move on to cleaning the sheath. When we’re cleaning the sheath and the cap especially, make sure to grab an alcohol-dipped cotton swab. This helps get down into any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Again, with your dab tool, scrape any residue out of the inside of the sheath. Then finish by rubbing the inside with your cotton swabs until they come out nice and clean. 

Cleaning the Terp Pen XL Cap

The cap unscrews to two pieces, one with a silicone floor to capture reclaim and a quartz-lined compartment in the tip for concentrate storage. After we unscrew the cap pieces, we then take the silicone floor out of the middle and also use some isopropyl alcohol to wipe it down.

Next, we clean the two pieces of the cap out with some cotton swabs until there is nothing left. Also, at this point, be sure to clean the mouthpiece in the same manner. It may not have any extra concentrate in it, but it’s always a good idea to be extra sanitary. After we get all the pieces clean, go back over them again on the outside to be sure we haven’t transferred any of the stickiness.

Unclog the Terp Pen XL Coil

Last, and most importantly, we’ll need to clean the coils. Generally, we’ll clean our coils once a week for optimal use, but that can vary depending on how much you use your Terp Pen XL!

For the coils, you’ll first want to start with a toothpick or a very thin dab tool. Use this to gently slide it through the air holes in the back. Plugged air holes are the most common reason for a clogged Terp Pen XL. So, if having trouble, check the holes first.

After unclogging the air holes, take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and remove any of the other concentrate left on the metal parts; being careful not to dislodge the o-ring near the tip. When it comes to the actual coils, they are made from ceramic, so we don’t want to rub too much alcohol on them as this will decrease your coils’ lifespan. After we ensure we didn’t leave any residue behind, we have a clean Terp Pen XL!

Enjoying hits from a recently cleaned Terp Pen XL.

Enjoy Your Clean Terp Pen XL

Reassembling our XL should be a breeze now: body, sheath, mouthpiece, coils, then cap and you’re ready to dab! Regular cleaning helps to increase the duration of your coils, gives you more precise hits, and will ensure a tastier dabbing experience. 

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