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Deal of the Day

Enjoy water filtration with your units by connecting the Water Pipe Adapter to the CF, CFX, or CFV.

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Likes2Vape  -  F*** [CFV]

“For dry use and passing between buddies I am really liking the CFV!!! The flavor is amazing the whole bowl and if you have that one buddy who likes to sit a talk into the mic this is perfect!! No more baking your herb away!!"

Marc [CF]

Love this. Perfect. Good battery life, good flavor. Easy to clean. Buy this one.

Mike  -Planet of the Vapes [CFC]

Best Quality Session Portable. The 100% Convection and excellent smoothness, effiency and taste makes it my favorite portable. I recommend the water adapter, it's even more free flowing, heavy hitting and condensed. Its the best quality vapor from a session portable , best overall with the water adapter. [CFX]

The vapor quality on the CFX is good overall, especially for the price. The vapor density is really good, this thing can kick out clouds. The vapor is fairly cool and smooth, and the flavor is above average. [CF][CFX]

I think these vapes have a strong potential to become the next standard of mid-tier portable vaporizers that aren’t out of the financial reach of a beginner or seasoned vaporist. The quick heat up times, efficiency, ease of use, and flavor have many people agreeing that these are strong vapes that stack up nicely to the competition.

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