warranty policy

UPDATED 2-28-24


*Please note that for all warranty-related claims, customers are kindly requested to bear the responsibility for shipping. A flat rate of $7.99 applies for shipping within the United States, while a flat rate of $24.99 is applicable for shipments to Canada. We strive to ensure that our customers receive efficient and reliable service throughout the warranty process.

Warranty replacement is usually one-time only. We honor the warranty period for the original purchase unit, but not for the warranty replacement unit. We don’t provide extended warranty for the warranty unit after 30 days of delivery for Terp pens, and 60 days for other devices.

Boundless Technology guarantees a limited manufacturer warranty for authentic Boundless products. The warranty is valid for a period of 1-year from the original purchase date. Please note we will only directly handle all warranty claims if purchased from our online retail site: https://bndlstech.com/. For items purchased from an official Boundless reseller/distributor, warranties will still be honored, however, you will need to contact your original seller. If you have any questions we’d be happy to help out and clear up any confusion.

The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and covers electronics, ceramic heating chamber, and structural integrity.


● Batteries have a 30 day warranty
● All Coils have no warranty
● Any Device packaging that states it has a 3-year warranty on it, Boundless will honor the 3-year warranty starting from the time of purchase. THIS IS ONLY IF IT IS STATED ON THE PACKAGING


● Physical damage. Example: Drops to the product.
● Any liquid damage on or in the unit.
● Dropped, dipped or submerged in water. Water damage is not covered.
● Any type of modifications made to the product.
● Any attempts to repair the product on their own.
● A clog issue related to the maintenance or lack thereof of the device.
● Storing the device incorrectly.
● If the customer misuses the unit. Example: loading wax or oils without using the concentrate pods.
● Charging the unit on a nonstatic-free surface.
● Does not cover any type of cosmetic damage/issues.
● The defect falls out of the 1-year purchase date
● If items asked for the warranty are not provided


Boundless Technology strives to provide all customers with a satisfactory experience. Boundless Technology honors a 30-day unused return/exchange policy. Proof of purchase or order number is required to exchange or return an item. Only items that have been purchased from our online retail site may be returned. If the item you request to exchange is of greater value than the original item you purchased, you must pay the difference. Conversely, if the unit you exchange for is of lesser value than the original unit you purchased, you will be refunded the difference. Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to return or exchange used products. If the customer purchased the unit from one of our trusted resellers they must process the exchange or return via the reseller. Unfortunately, we cannot provide exchanges or returns from other resellers and will ONLY provide a refund/exchange with the above terms if purchased directly from our online store: https://bndlstech.com/


Boundless will honor all warranties however to initiate the warranty we now ask all our customers to purchase postage for the shipment. This will help us facilitate your replacement to ship out promptly.

(*Due to rising costs in this ever-changing world we have had to regroup and reconfigure some of our policies including shipment costs. By purchasing the postage this will facilitate the warranty process and cover your
shipment for the replacement. Once the postage is purchased we will provide an invoice and arrange your shipment. We appreciate your patience and support.)

To begin the warranty process we will absolutely need the following, no exceptions:
● Photo or video clearly showing the issue/defect with the unit
● Proof of purchase
● Be able to provide the BL Security code and BO # located on the original box.
● A brief description of the issue incurred

*Please note you may be prompted to return the defective unit for further inspection.

If you still need Warranty assistance, you can contact us via email. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth resolution to any warranty-related matters. We will reply to you asap. Thank You!

Please contact us at: customer@bndlstech.com