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Boundless Technology has been manufacturing vaporizers since 2015 with a focus on providing high quality wax vape pens and dry herb vaporizers. We always strive to create innovative technology that keeps portability, subtlety, and effectiveness at the forefront.


Est. 2015

We are continually seeking ways to expand beyond what’s available on the market, for both retail and wholesale customers. We always strive to create innovative vaporizing technology that keeps portability, subtlety, and effectiveness at the forefront. Offering an affordable, efficient, and elevated experience is the name of the game when it comes to Boundless and our wholesale customers.


At Boundless, we believe that giving back to the community is an important part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world by supporting local organizations, volunteering our time and resources, and empowering our employees to give back in meaningful ways. The #KEEPABREAST campaign was just one of many charitable promotions we participated in.


With a pioneer mindset, BND has encapsulated all of this research and development into extraordinary customizations that go beyond basic design. Our OEM & ODM services are supported by a dedicated sourcing team that manages incoming material inspection, ensures supply chain stability, and provides reliable testing in CNAS accredited laboratories


At Boundless, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support. We understand that technology can be complex and overwhelming, which is why we take the time to work closely with each of our clients and provide world-class service.

We are constantly moving & expanding our network. Catch us at the next major industry show!



We continually support the LGBTQ Community by making products that celebrates their uniqueness & individuality!

It is important to note that diversity is not just about representation, but also about inclusion. We promote a culture where all employees feel valued, respected, and included, regardless of their background or identity.



Welcome to Boundless Technology

Throughout our years in business, our dry herb and concentrate aromatherapy devices have strived to help the community transition from combustion to alternative consumption methods. Our main goal has always been to deliver a reliable product that provides an enjoyable and efficient experience at a price point that the average consumer can afford. We have seen many changes in our industry over the years and continue to move forward with our ideals through changing times. Being in California, our team has been on the forefront of the cannabis space and adopted our strategy to focus on growing trends. This has led to many technological advancements in our hardware with hopes of staying on top of the scene and adapting to the changing lifestyles of our community. Here is a brief history and breakdown of our growing story. For those who have helped us get to where we are, we give you our sincere thanks and couldn’t have done it without you. For those who are new, welcome to Boundless Technology, we hope you enjoy our higher level products and we invite you to live life elevated with us and our units.



Boundless Technology registers as a company and establishes its first office in Ontario, California.



- The CF and CFX, which uses hybrid heating technology, debuted as the first Boundless products. Hybrid heating is a mix of conduction and convection heat. The CF and CFX use a ceramic conduction chamber mixed with a stainless steel convection element that sits underneath the chamber. These two products would set a precedent in the industry for budget friendly and efficient units.  

- The CF Hybrid is introduced. This unit combined a 510 box mod along with a dry herb chamber on opposite sides of the unit. The technology found inside this unit catered to all types of vaporists. Powered with a removable 18650 battery, a sub-ohm 60W box mod, and a full temperature control herb chamber, The CF Hybrid was a true all-in-one.

- Boundless attends its first Summer Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This set the stage for new wholesale/distribution
channels elevating Boundless to a wider audience.

- The CFV is introduced to the Boundless lineup. This is the first all convection unit for Boundless with advanced heating chamber technology. Users had the option to choose between a rosewood,
quartz, or bamboo chamber ring for heat retention in the removable chamber and functioned off of full-convection heating technology. A ceramic convection heater sits underneath the removable chamber to pull in heat as the user takes
a draw. 

- As dabbing grew in popularity, Boundless released the CF-710, a concentrate only unit. Concentrate can be heated with either the included ceramic or quartz heating tip. The user pulls in vapor while applying the heating tip to the concentrate for instantaneous dabs. This eliminates the need for butane torch set ups or bulky e-rigs.



- Boundless attends its first Winter Champs Show.

- Boundless releases the CFC, an ultra-portable and ultra-affordable conduction unit. This compact load and go unit was intended to be an introductory unit for those transitioning from combusting to vaporizing. The conduction style packs a harder punch than the hybrid style units but can sacrifice flavor at the higher temperatures. A perfect device for those looking for an affordable and quick extraction method.

- Interest in Boundless products increases in Europe and Australia, making Boundless an internationally recognized brand.



- Focusing on trades shows, Boundless expands its wholesale and distribution network through relationships made at B2B events.

- The Tera, a high end full convection unit is released and is based on the CFV convection heating technology. Evolving off of our previous convection technology, the Tera added 2 removable 18650 batteries for fast and strong results. In the Tera kit, all the essentials are included such as the water pipe adapter and glass mouthpiece.

- Canada legalizes adult cannabis use which opens opportunities for Boundless in the Canadian market.

- Boundless attends its first MJBizCon show in Las Vegas, Nevada

- The CFC 2.0 is released. Based off of the conduction technology found in the CFC, the CFC 2.0 was designed to be slimmer and handle more heat for bigger and faster cloud production. With full temperature cloud control and more cooling in the mouthpiece, the CFC 2.0 delivers a heavy hitting experience at the higher temperatures while also being able to provide flavor draws at the lower temperatures. Included in the CFC 2.0 is the water pipe adapter for cooler draws and milky water pipe hits.



- Coming in as the smallest and most affordable Boundless unit, the CFC Lite hits the market. This straightforward conduction unit is a no nonsense load and go device. Built off the technology found in the CFC and CFC 2.0, the CFC Lite was condensed to make it even more compact. Catering to those who like to take their units out and about, the CFC Lite has the ability to change its 18350 battery when needed and has 3 temperature levels to choose from, making the experience simple and reliable. Even though it is in the smallest dry herb unit in the lineup, the CFC Lite still packs a punch.

- Boundless exhibits at its first international trade show, Spannabis.

- Inspired by the CF-710, the Boundless Terp Pen is released on 4/20. This concentrate only unit simplifies the dabbing experience even further. The size of the CF-710 was significantly reduced and the button was dropped for an inhale activated heating system. It is set to become Boundless' most sold unit as the price point is set to a level where new users can try out the device while delivering effects that seasoned users are seeking. Perfect for traveling, music festivals, outdoors events, and hanging out at home, the Terp Pen is adaptable to the situation and delivers instantaneous dabs when needed.

- Boundless collaborates with High Times for promotion of the Terp Pen unit. This helps the Terp Pen get its name out to the community.




- Marketing focus changes from trade shows to social media in accommodation with a socially distanced world. New digital connections are established such as a successful partnership with High Rise agency.

- Boundless exhibits at the virtual Champs Trade Show, conducting business and interacting with partners online.

- Continuing to serve customers, Boundless’ focus shifted to increasing traffic on website retail sales through influencer and affiliate marketing pushes. Live streams on social media channels were also increased to provide a socially distanced friendly atmosphere for our community.



- Due to restrictions, Boundless focuses on refreshing the lineup and social media marketing.

- The all metal shell Vexil conduction unit is released. This powerful portable unit sets the stage for a new generation of Boundless dry herb units. Evolving from the conduction technology of the CFC and CFC 2.0, the Vexil’s ceramic chamber is larger and more airflow is introduced for more cloud production. An added zirconia spiral airpath is also introduced in the Vexil, allowing for cooler hits than the previous conduction units. Prior to the Vexil, the past dry herb units have been plastic shelled. This unit is meant to provide a premium long lasting device that is suitable for new and old vaporists.

- Boundless attends the Hall of Flowers trade show in Santa Rosa, California. This show focuses on our local California cannabis market.



- In person trade shows are back in full swing on, Boundless exhibits at the Winter Champs Show.

- Stemming from the technology of the CF and CFX, the hybrid heating CFX+ hits the market with loads of new features such as a zirconia airpath in the mouthpiece and customizable session time. This is the most advanced dry herb unit in the Boundless lineup to date. Stocked with an upgraded UI that enables users to customize their session time, change screen brightness, and choose one of our preset temperatures for an easy load and go experience. It also features a full temperature control mode for those who like to temp step throughout their session and includes a zirconia airpath inside the mouthpiece. Another first, a stir tool is included underneath the CFX+ mouthpiece. This takes the CFX heating technology and adds loads of features for the user.

- Continuing to grow, Boundless moves to a new office with in-house warehouse capabilities. Moving away from 3rd party services, we are able to serve our retail and wholesale customers more directly.

MAR 2023


Boundless is back to Spannabis Barcelona for the second time and exhibits at its first trade show in Africa, the Cannabis Expo Cape Town in South Africa.

APR 2023


The Boundless website is updated and refreshed. Complete with a new look and feel, we are striving to be more focused and interactive with our community.

JUN 2023


First time exhibiting in Germany, for the ICBC Berlin Trade Show. This is an exciting time for the German cannabis community and we hope to help lead the way and offer affordable products for consumption.

NOV 2023


Boundless will attend the Vape Expo Oceania in New Zealand to connect with resellers in the region and expand our presence around the world.