The Boundless CFX takes aromatherapy innovation to the next level. The CFX features a 20-second or less heat-up time, a full 1.7-inch TFT screen, and a rugged exterior casing, making it one of the most efficient portable devices in the industry. Today, we’re going to teach you three ways to use your CFX! Before we get into the nitty-gritty be sure to grab your fully charged CFX unit, some herb and concentrate of choice, WPA, and your preferred 14 or 18mm water pipe. 

The Boundless CFX vaporizer turned on with temperature display screen illuminated.

Three Ways to Use the CFX

Before we discuss the first way to use the CFX there are a few things you should know! The CFX turns on and off by pressing the home button five times. The oven automatically heats up when turned on to the previously set temperature. To change the temperature, press up and down for it to either raise or lower in temperature. To change from Fahrenheit and Celsius, hold both the up and down buttons to cycle. Once the timed session has been completed, the oven will automatically turn off, but the unit will remain on. 

The CFX mouthpiece being removed from the unit.

The CFX Dry Herb Vaporizer

The first way to use your CFX is as a dry herb vaporizer with your choice of flower by removing the cap, grinding the material loosely, and then placing it into the bowl. Don’t feel the need to overpack or jam your material in. Once you’ve done so, place the mouthpiece back on the unit. Then turn the unit on, select your desired temperature, and wait for your herb to heat up. As mentioned before, the CFX features a 20-second or less heat-up time but will continue to build as time goes on for up to five minutes (300 seconds). From there, simply inhale and enjoy. Once you’ve finished your session, turn the power off, allow your unit to cool, and then remove the vaporized herbal content from the oven. 

CFX vaporizer with the mouthpiece extended out, ready for use.

Vaping Concentrates

The second way to use the CFX is with your desired concentrate of choice. The unit comes with a concentrate pod that can be inserted into the oven for consumption. In order to use this pod, unscrew the pod cap, insert your concentrate of choice, and then close the pod. Then remove the mouthpiece, insert the pod, place the mouthpiece back on the unit, and turn on the unit. Once the CFX has heated to your desired temperature; which should only take 20 to 30 seconds, simply inhale and enjoy. Once you’ve finished your session, turn the power off and allow the pod to cool. Since it is metal, we recommend letting your CFX completely cool before trying to remove the pod and complete your session. 

The CFX vaporizer heating chamber exposed with the mouthpiece removed.

Using the CFX with a Water Pipe

The third and final way to use your CFX is with our Boundless water pipe adapter. This can be done with either flower or concentrate, and a 14mm or 18mm water pipe. Once you’ve gathered and loaded your materials, remove the original mouthpiece and swap it out for the water pipe attachment. Turn your unit on to begin the heating process and then place the adapter in your desired water pipe. Once you have the CFX placed in your rig, simply inhale and enjoy. The water pipe allows for much smoother and cooler hits. This is a great way to spice up your vaporizing seshes at home. Once you’ve finished your session, turn the power off and allow the unit to cool before removing your material. 

The water pipe adapter being connected to the CFX vaporizer.

We hope this helped you learn a few tips and tricks about the various ways to use the CFX. Be sure to follow our blog for an upcoming post on how to clean the CFX. Also, if there’s something that we missed or you’d like further clarification on, feel free to comment, or reach out to us directly via email or social media for further clarification. 

The water pipe adapter connected to a CFX that is turned on.


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