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It can be difficult talking about the benefits of cannabis as it relates to cancer patients because of so many myths, stereotypes, and regulations surrounding the plant. While we aren’t medical doctors and can’t give out medical advice, we can discuss the potent and powerful possibilities that the cannabis Sativa plant can offer those dealing with cancer in their bodies.

The fight against cancer is something the Boundless team cares deeply about and considers the cannabis industry a growing platform to drive awareness. With many patients still learning about the potential benefits of cannabis, Boundless has partnered with the Keep A Breast Foundation to offer more mainstream information. The limited edition Keep A Breast Terp Pen will help raise money for research toward finding a cure. As this limited release grows in popularity each year, it has a wider reach to provide a greater impact. That is another way in which cannabis is helping cancer patients.

Cancer Side Effects that Cannabis May Aid

Exhaling vapor from a pink dab pen.

Cancer is a beast, and sometimes the side effects of all pharmaceutical drugs and chemo are more debilitating than the cancer itself.

Some of those side effects include:

  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain

That’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but those three symptoms can make life feel unbearable. Add on the anxiety that comes with the territory, and you have a concoction for a miserable cocktail.

Girl holding Terp Pen XL with Keep a Breast logo showing.

What if there was a way to alleviate some of these symptoms without having to pound manufactured drugs that are potentially doing even more harm to your body? What if you could supplement with cannabis?

Depending on where you live, you can. If you’re looking to explore cannabis as an option for helping support you through this cancer experience, more power to you!

It’s also prudent to say that you should find a healthcare provider that is supportive of this journey and is willing to help you manage your experience in a way that feels right for you or your loved one.

There’s no shame or judgment for those who choose the traditional medicine route, who use a combination of the two, or travel their own journey. This article is only meant to share and support the benefits that cannabis can bring to those who use it.

Cap being placed back on the Keep a Breast Terp Pen XL.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits of cannabis for cancer patients.

Cannabis may help alleviate nausea and vomiting.

Girl taking a hit from a pink wax vape pen.

Regardless of the circumstances of life, nausea and vomiting are awful. When it comes to nausea and vomiting, when a cancer patient starts chemotherapy, it can be severe and overwhelming. While studies are thin on the ground as far as cannabis goes (thanks to government drug classification and prejudice against this powerful medicinal plant for the past decades), there have been promising studies. THC and CBD, and likely other minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and the like, interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to possibly suppress nausea and vomiting signals in the body.

When traditional pharmaceuticals aren’t cutting it, doctors often prescribe synthetic cannabinoids. Natural, from-the-Earth cannabis is also a great option for those looking to keep things as “grounded” as possible. Adding more pharmaceuticals to the mix can leave a person feeling even more lethargic and “drugged.” Inhaling a plant grown with a specific medicinal purpose is a great alternative when you want to feel more connected with nature while still experiencing positive effects on your body and mind. 

Cannabis may help support pain relief.

Girl holding the pink Terp Pen XL with matching pink nails.

Pain can be a right pain in the behind. For cancer patients, a solid pain management plan is crucial. Cannabis has shown promising results that it helps to support and alleviate pain. The cannabinoids in cannabis interact with the CB1 receptor (located in the area of the brain) and the CB2 receptor (located in the immune cells) within the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabinoids can produce an analgesic effect by activating CB1 and interacting with CB2 to block pain and inflammation signals. While opioid treatment might work well to help manage pain in cancer patients, opioids come with a whole slew of adverse side effects on the body and mind. If you’re looking to step away from opioid use, talk to your healthcare team about this viable pain-management option. 

Cannabis may help boost appetite in cancer patients.

Many cancer patients experience appetite loss and weight loss. If you’ve ever consumed THC, you might understand the phrase “having the munchies.” While cannabis isn’t a cure-all by any means, it can help boost the appetite of someone who really needs the added calories.

A girl holding the pink Keep a Breast Terp Pen XL in focus.

Not all strains have this power, and some might come with their own unwanted side effects depending on the person. When under the guidance of a healthcare professional who is well-versed in cannabis, they can find a plant combination that enhances appetite while suppressing nausea and vomiting – a win-win all around. 

Cannabis may help reduce anxiety in patients. 

Woman taking a hit from a pink dab pen.

Anxiety is common for a lot of folks. But it comes with the territory when cancer is involved. Anxiety can lead to poor sleep, loss of appetite, irritability, and a whole slew of problems that impact a person’s quality of life. Certain strains of cannabis can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, while some might intensify it.

It’s essential to collaborate with people who “know their stuff” when it comes to which strains are best for specific issues. Instead of taking a handful of harmful pharmaceuticals to deal with side effect after side effect, one plant strain has the potential to manage each of the different issues without creating more. That’s the great thing about cannabis!

Pink Terp Pen XL with the coil exposed for dabbing.

There are many potential benefits of cannabis for cancer patients. As cannabis moves closer to full legalization, studies will continue to grow, which will benefit everyone in the long run. If you or someone you know is seeking an alternative or supplemental form of cancer symptom management, don’t be afraid to look into this potent plant. It has already shown promising results in helping manage pain, anxiety, appetite, nausea, and vomiting, among many other positive effects. 

How to Use Marijuana to Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

Interested in using cannabis to help alleviate cancer symptoms? Consider a method other than smoking. Inhaling smoke of any kind may cause negative side effects. We’ve got some smoking alternatives that we recommend.

Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

For those who enjoy the scent and flavor of marijuana, a dry herb vaporizer is a great option. They tend to be easier on the lungs. A vaporizer provides results at a far lower temperature than smoking.

Dabbing a Terp Pen XL coil into the cap filled with wax.

Methods for Consuming Concentrates

If you want quick results that don’t require much material, concentrates are the way to go. Using a wax vape pen can provide instant relief. Plus you can easily control how much you consume.

Keep A Breast Terp Pen for Wax

Are waxy concentrates your preferred method?

Check out our Terp Pen collaboration with the Keep A Breast Foundation. $5 is donated for every unit sold, helping KAB on their mission to eradicate breast cancer.


However you choose to enjoy cannabis to alleviate symptoms, Boundless Technology is here to help you get the most out of your experience.

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