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Get High and Watch These Bob’s Burgers Episodes

Without question, Bob’s Burgers is one of the funniest animated series on television, and for good reason. There is great adult humor grilled right into every episode while remaining a family-friendly experience.

It’s nice when you can toss a show on for the kids and get some laughs along the way!

But when you’ve got a night to yourself and looking to burn one down with Bob, check out these episodes that we think are seasoned just right.

Crawl Space (S1E2)

It’s a situation that many of us have been in before, the dreadful in-laws visit that we wish we could just avoid. Well, that’s exactly what Bob tries to do in this episode… until it goes from intentional to ACTUALLY getting stuck in the crawl space. In doing so, he befriends Louise’s nightlight, creating a voice for it so he has someone to chat with. If you struggle with claustrophobia, this might not be the best episode while high. At the very least, have your favorite vaporizer on hand if you find yourself needing a special friend.

Christmas in the Car (S4E8)

No matter the time of year, you can celebrate the high, high, highlidaze with the Belcher family thanks to this classic holiday episode. Centered around a crazed trucker in a candy cane decorated semi who is trying to run them off the road. If you’re looking for some excitement, there is zero downtime in this episode. With clear and present danger throughout, we get some funny admissions when they think the end is near. Like when Tina remarks, “I was the one who didn’t flush.” The episode concludes with the holiday spirit coming through, showing that people can do good. Even those who have reached their wit’s end.

Eat, Spray, Linda (S5E18)

This episode looks at the most important thing, family. (Just ask Dom Toretto) If you’ve ever had one of those days where it feels like everything is beating you down, this is the episode to turn on. It’ll make you realize that all the setbacks are just challenges to help you grow along the way. Pack your vape or grab your favorite wax pen and let Linda give you the confidence needed to CRUSH tomorrow!

Flu-ouise (S7E1)

This is one trippy episode that takes on a Wizard of Oz feel as Louise descends into a fever dream involving her recently disfigured Kuchi Kopi toy. There are fun musical numbers throughout this crazy adventure with the entire family involved. If you’re looking for a Bob’s Burgers episode that will make you feel like you’re on a light trip, even without taking a hit, turn this one on!

Large Brother, Where Fart Thou? (S7E5)

If you’re looking to spark up with a sibling and enjoy all the feels, this episode will tug on those heartstrings. We get an opportunity to see Gene acting as an older brother, which is often forgotten whenever Tina is around. And we haven’t even touched on the Bob/Linda aspect of the episode. They’re stoned out of their gourd on some marijuana cookies that they accidentally ate. All in all, this is a fun and stoney episode that you’ll enjoy smoking along to.


There are a lot of great Bob’s Burgers episodes that you can enjoy after taking a toke or two. We just found the episodes above to be some of our personal favorites.

Which Bob’s Burgers episode is your favorite?

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