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As an active part of the cannabis community, we team up with a lot of content creators and influencers to help end the stigma surrounding the plant.

Today we’re sitting down with Dutchesstoke, a cannabis influencer based in the Seattle, Washington area.

Let’s get right into it…

Interviewing Dutchesstokes

Q: Introduce yourself! We’d love for you to tell us a little about yourself!

A: Hey there, I’m Dutchesstokes on Instagram! I started out influencing people to help with the education on the plant, it’s benefits, and how to sesh! My page has expanded to so much more over the years. I’m an open book and just wanted to make my followers feel like they have a friend. I’m big on responding to my comments and making people feel welcome to my safe space page. I love expressing myself through beauty with artistic makeup looks! Keep an eye out for my lives where I often go live with CannaChrissy to sesh and get ready!

Q: How long have you lived in the greater Seattle area?

A: I’ve been in the Seattle area for the majority of my life! I’m moved away a few times and always end up back. I love it here. To me nothing beats being able to experience all four seasons, deep breaths of fresh crisp air, and being surrounded by open minded forward thinking people.

Dutchess Tokes sitting on a piece of driftwood alongside the water in Seattle.

Q: What are some of your favorite dispensaries in Seattle?

A: My go to places are Forbidden Cannabis Club in Lacey they always have an amazing stock of the best hash around and fweedom cannabis every Saturday they always have 30% off hash and were first in line haha 

Forbidden Cannabis Club in Lacey, Washington.

Q: Do you prefer herb or concentrate more?

A: It honestly depends on the mood! I spark up flower from time to time if the right terps are in stock. My go to is always something orange! I do mostly dab since I sesh inside it doesn’t leave a lingering Odor and they always hit just right!

Q: What are some of your favorite Seattle brands to use with your Boundless products?

A: I love using anything from Pacific NW Roots, American hash makers, or No mids! My favorite style of hash is a 90u because the flavor is always on point and consistency sticks just right to the coil on the terp pen.

Q: Which Boundless Technology products are your favorite?

A: I have to say my favorite is the standard Terp Pen. I feel like I always get amazing hits off that one and it fits perfectly into my MJ Arsenal Riggs 😀

Q: Are you more of a Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica gal?

A: These days I’m all about my indicas. They always relax me and uplift me and sometimes put me to bed haha. I do enjoy a good hybrid especially if it has the effects of euphoria and laughter!

Q: Any exciting Boundless content coming up soon?

A: I do actually have a video coming up where I’ll be slaying my makeup and doing some smoke tricks. Love playing around with my device.

Q: What’s your go-to munchie?

A: I always crave something fresh and juicy like watermelon, grapes, peaches, or nectarines! I love the way it takes care of my dry mouth and munchies simultaneously. If it’s not fresh fruit it’s sushi 🍣 sushi is always a yaaas breakfast, lunch, dinner doesn’t matter haha. 

Q: Favorite color Terp Pen?

A: I’m obsessed with three to be honest. I love my teal one, pink ones, and the holographic terp pen! Can’t wait to see what new colors you guys have coming!! 

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