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A Natural Source of Energy and Way to Recover

Summer is just around the corner and we’re getting motivated to get outside and stay active. Be sure to practice social distancing with our units while on the go for any outdoor or at-home activities. Throughout this blog, we’ll go over what our team considers to be the best cannabis strains for your workout.

Cannabis and Exercise

Jilly Bean is an upbeat flower, perfect for your mid-day workout! Providing social lights a clear euphoric high for a light jog and gym-sesh. With a sweet tangy smoke, this strain is sure to get you going. Jilly Bean comes from the cross of Orange Velvet & Space Queen. Making this cannabis an upbeat hybrid. A pre-workout flower, if I might say! This is also a great strain to pair with our CFC LITE for easy, discrete, and on-the-go access during your routine.

Jilly Bean, one of the best cannabis strains for your workout.

Up next, we have the all-so-gassy MotorBreath! Coming from Chemdog and SFV OG Kush, this strain has notes of fuel and citrus. It’s a potent strain so I like to remind beginners to be aware! A strong hybrid, this strain is sure to get you pumped up and ready for the gym. Do you need to curl some iron? Motorbreath has you covered. This is one of our favorites to hit through the Terp Pen XL to get that gassy flavor and boost for any workout you may be doing. 

MotorBreath cannabis strain, good for working out.

Sour Cheese is a Sativa leaning hybrid strain, which provides a perfect balance of energy and relaxation for a workout that will leave you energized and fulfilled after a workout instead of worn out. With a cheesy skunk stank, this bud will help you become a little more creative with your workout. This stinky strain is perfect for our CFV whether you’re at home or on the go. The great thing about the CFV is that it holds half of a gram of herb, so it will most definitely last you through your entire workout. 

Sour Cheese, a Sativa cannabis strain that provides energy and relaxation.

Best Cannabis Strains for Post-Workout

Now, we have talked about some strains that help prepare and prolong your workout, let us talk about a strain perfect for post-workout. Northern Lights is a heavy Indica flower that provides a relaxing body euphoria. Holding earthy, sweet piney tones, this strain is a perfect way to end your workout day. This is a go-to with our Tera and a water pipe attachment. Nothing hits better than a nice icy bong rip through our Tera and this strain is the perfect way to recover. So whether you’re chilling on the couch after your workout or in the ice bath, the Tera and some Northern Lights are a great combo recovery routine.

With all these motivating and relaxing cannabis strains, you’ll have your best workout ever! All these strains can have a slightly different effect from person to person, but we thought we’d share our experience with these particular strains and units. Always remember to consume responsibly and safely while getting active. Enjoy! 

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