5 Reasons Why You Need a Tera Vaporizer

One of our Favorite Creators, The Mommy Jane, Jess, was kind enough to review our Tera dry her vaporizer and we wanted to share it with you all! If you’ve been hesitant to give us a go we hope this blog gives you a reason to do so! Also, be sure to check out The Mommy Jane’s blog for an array of amazing educational resources and content. Also, if you all have any questions about our Tera, feel free to let us know if the comments down below! 

If cannabis is medicine, let’s treat it that way.

There’s nothing like burning a mini j on a stroll through the neighborhood or exhaling clouds with a bong in lap, surrounded by friends.

In fact, those were my preferred smoking methods until I hit my mid 30’s.

Making a Change to Vaping

Maybe it was my ramped consumption after joining the cannabis industry, or maybe it was the fact that my family has a history of chronic asthma, but after nearly 20+ years of consistent cannabis combustion, my lungs were taking a dive.

I was wheezing while talking and coughing even when I wasn’t consuming. Not a good look when you’re trying to promote the wellness side of cannabis.

My daughters complained about how much I smelled when I came into the house, and what I didn’t know at the time, and what you might not know now, is that we carry those carcinogens back to the kids when we still wreak of cannabis smoke and walk back into the house. And I don’t need to tell you because we all know how harmful second hand smoke is for our children.

Not that I want to scare any of you, but when I discovered that information, I was shook.

I knew something had to give before my lungs and health gave up.

Luckily, our friends over at Boundless Tech know how harmful combusting cannabis consistently can be on our lungs (and the ones we love), which is why they have created products to help save our health, and our cannabis!

The Tera Review

And 5 Reasons Why You Need Tera In Your Life:

  1. Not only does this design have the capabilities to consume both flower and concentrate, it also doubles as a hiking/walking/camping accessory so you’re not accidentally burning down hills while you’re burning one down.
  2. GENIUS! @cannachrissy and I discovered over an Instagram Live last month that Tera can double as a walking self defense device if you keep it in your hand while you’re out and about. Plus, easy access to on the go puffs.

No one wants a Tera to the face. Trust me.

  1. I like the versatility Boundless gave us with charging this unit. I don’t always have time to remove and charge batteries while I am out and about, but I can get behind devices that offer USB options as well, not to mention the fact that the Tera battery will last a full day.

Most of our phones can’t even do that.

  1. You can get more out of your experience when you use a dry herb vape device.

Because Boundless uses premium full-confection technology, you will be able to save the flavor (and the herb) every time you consume.

YES, take the ABV (Already Been Vaped) and make edibles, tinctures or topicals with your now activated cannabis. No need to decarb that cannabis, because Tera did for you!

I told you she would be your new favorite companion. 😉

Using a water pipe with the Tera during a review video shoot.

I don’t know many other devices that can protect you on a hike (opinion, not fact), make your cannabis taste better, help you save money on product and give you and excuse to flex your kitchen muscles with the ABV.

Not only is she improving your cannabis experience, but Tera could improve your life.

  1. And the best part of all: Tera will heat up (within 20-30 seconds) faster than the time it would take for you to be able to find your hemp wick, your lighter, a clean piece to smoke from, grind it, pack it and spark it up! All you have to worry about with Tera is puffing it up.

Trust me when I say: double your fun (and funds) and dive into the world of dry herb vaping.

Since I want you all saving money (and your lungs) let me offer you 15% off with my code mommyjane to use at checkout.

Still not convinced? Check out this article from lung.org on the influence of cannabis and our lung health.

Let’s consume better, together!

Watch How to Use the Tera Vaporizer

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