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How to Have Group Sessions Virtually

We understand staying home during COVID-19 has been a struggle for everyone. So, we decided to put together a list of a few activities you can do while staying safe at home and connecting with friends.

Whether you have a computer or phone you’ll be able to stay connected from afar, with a Boundless vape in hand of course!

But, before we get into our tips this is also a reminder to continue to social distance. While it may be frustrating to still be stuck at home it’s so important to set a positive example for our community by staying home and seshing from a distance.


Having an in-person sesh with the Boundless Terp Pen XL.

Video Applications

The first and most obvious way to stay connected is through video calls! Whether you prefer facetime, zoom, skype, or google hangout these applications are always a great way to sesh from home.

Social media apps also allow you to video call your friends and family. We recommend using one of the applications listed above to assure quality audio and video while seshing.

A great way to connect with others through social media is by going Live. Whichever platform you choose this is an awesome way to connect and sesh with others while staying safe at home.

Instagram now even allows you to go live with up to three other people. If you’re not interested in going Live yourself, you can always join in on our lives and sesh with us. We appreciate the continuous support from you all and we’d love to sesh anytime and every time! 

Getting everyone on a call for a virtual sesh.

Sesh Tools 

The worst thing in the world is your phone sliding around or just not staying upright while you’re trying to take a dab with your Terp Pen XL!

A great way to make sure your phone doesn’t slip while using our units and seshing over a video call is by getting a phone stand if you’re using that to chat. Whether that’s a homemade contraption, tripod, or ring light this definitely helps a ton especially after video chatting for some time. This way nothing stands between you and your virtual sesh with friends and family.

Delivery Services 

A great way to social distance is by using your local cannabis delivery services. If you happen to live in a state where this is legal. It’s a great way to grab herb for your CFX from the comfort of your own home.

Cannabis being delivered for a virtual sesh.

A few we love here in the LA area are Eaze, Emjay, Amuse, or Grassdoor! Also, a ton of amazing brands have now begun to offer direct delivery. So, be sure to check out your favorite companies and see if this is something they offer these types of services. 

At-Home Activities for a Virtual Sesh

If you’re in need of some creative activities to do while seshing from home virtually with your friends and family, we have a blog just for that! Here you’ll find a list of activities that you can do on your next virtual sesh or just on your own. We’d love to hear down below in the comments how you stay connected while socially distancing yourself at home.

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