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Which Favorite Monsters Prefer Marijuana?

Happy Friday the 13th! We wanted to celebrate Friday the 13th with going over some of our favorite monsters who definitely could be stoners. We all have our favorites but we picked our top five monsters who are most likely to get a little stoney on a day like Friday the 13th. 

Yeti from Monsters Inc.

First up we have the Yeti from Monsters Inc! We all know him as the yellow ‘snow cone’ character which is why we could totally see him making some ABV treats for all of his friends on Friday the 13th. We envision the Yeti being more of an herbal vape kinda guy who prefers the CF vaporizer. That way he can make all the tasty treats with the ABV he collects from his seshes. Also, he’s definitely a sativa, Lemon Haze type of guy! What do you think? 

Luci from Disenchantment

Disenchantment is a bit of a newer show to Netflix but a character that is seen getting a little stoney from time to time is Luci. In the show he prefers joints, but it’s also placed in a mystical medieval kingdom. So, if he was around today we think he would definitely prefer the Terp Pen XL. He’s always on the go and looking for the fastest way to have some fun which is why the Terp Pen XL would be his best friend. As for his strain we’d see him smoking on some Devil’s Fruit of course! This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid but comes with a spicy flavor making it perfect for Luci. 

Stich from Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch is a classic monster that always stuck out to us as a little stoner is Stitch! He’s always full of energy and ready to adventure which is why the Teal Terp Pen is the perfect fit for this little stoner. Tiny but mighty just like Stitch the Terp Pen packs a punch! For Stitch’s strain we definitely think he is more of a sativa guy and would sesh on something along the lines of green crack or red headed stranger.

Elizabeth (the Dragon) from Shrek

Shrek is a classic and definitely has a few characters we considered for a stoney Monster. But at the top of that list was the beautiful pink Lady Dragon, Elizabeth. By far one of the most magical creatures in the Shrek movies she’s always making sure everyone is taken care of which is why she is definitely invited to the sesh. This stoner Mom would definitely prefer our most discrete and portable herbal unit the CFC LITE. This unit would make it perfect for her to sesh on for Friday the 13th and we’re gonna say her favorite strain would definitely be GMO! 

Chewbacca from Star Wars

Star Wars is packed with plenty of characters we see being stoners! Just take a look at our blog from May the 4th. But, the monster who would be most likely to get lit on Friday the 13th would most definitely be Chewbacca. This furry friend’s strain for his sesh on Friday the 13th would no doubt be Han Solo Burger. This sativa dominant strain is best seshed through a Tera vaporizer so Chewy can savor the flavor. 

Which Marijuana Monster is Your Favorite?

Let us know in the comments down below which monsters you think would toke it up for Friday the 13th! 

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