Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Within this blog, we’ll be teaching you how properly to clean your CF. Before we get into too many details, be sure to grab some isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, paper towels, and any cleaning utensils you might want. Also, if you’re interested in using your clean CF once we’re finished be sure to keep your favorite herb nearby too!

Boundless CF dry herb portable vaporizer on a windowsill.

Disassemble the CF to Clean the Heating Chamber

The first thing we’ll need to do is start disassembling our CF vaporizer before we get into the cleaning. We do so by simply removing the mouthpiece and setting it to the side while we begin to clean the inside of the unit. 

Next, you’ll want to grab your bristle tool, any pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, etc. and begin to scrub the inside of the bowl. This shouldn’t be too difficult to work through, but if you happen to have any built-up resin you might need to apply a bit of isopropyl as well.

If you have any extra herb left behind a gentle tap upside down, also always does the trick. After we have thoroughly cleaned the inside of the bowl, we’re also going to do the same to the inside of the mouthpiece. 

Cleaning with Isopropyl

Now that we’ve thoroughly brushed off the inside of the bowl and mouthpiece we’re going to go back in with some isopropyl soaked alcohol cotton swabs and just begin cleaning the bowl very gently again just scrubbing the inside the outside and then we’ll go ahead and move on to the mouthpiece.

Take those isopropyl-soaked alcohol cotton swabs, we’re going to do the same thing to the inside and the outside of the mouthpiece. This is often an area that individuals will forget about. Over time fibers or crumbs lodge themselves in the mouthpiece from being in bags or pockets.

This will build up over time, causing a lack of airflow but also isn’t the most sanitary. So please be sure to get in there and clean that mouthpiece from time to time. Now to finish it off you’re going to want to take an alcohol wipe and gently clean the outside of the body and buttons to sanitize your CF unit. 

Taking a Hit from the Freshly Cleaned CF Vaporizer

Now that’s how you clean your CF! Be sure to grab your favorite herb and give it a go once the alcohol has evaporated from your recently cleaned unit. If you all have any further questions please be sure to let us know in the comments down below. And be sure to check out our full Youtube video on how to clean the CF.

Taking a hit from a clean CF vaporizer.

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