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Last year for Juneteenth we made it clear that we vehemently condemn racism in all forms. The Cannabis Industry wouldn’t exist without the influence and support from the Black and Brown community. This industry was built from the sacrifice of those unfairly targeted and discriminated against in the fight for legalization. 

Our teams believes in protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. We stand in solidarity with our friends and neighbors against the prejudice, violence, and bigotry that has gone on all around the world for far too long. We owe it to our staff, customers, and to our future to demand change and accountability at all levels. 

Through the power of our voices, votes, and actions we will do our part to create a better future. In doing so we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of our creative partners that have helped us towards our successes with connection and creation throughout our community. 

Tyler Therapy

Tyler is a musician, comedian, and creative model that slays the skit game. Tyler is a creative we have continued to collaborate with over the past year or so as she’s blossomed in the cannabis community. Be sure to give her a follow to see more content here!

Jungle Cae

Cae is one of our creatives we recently began to collaborate with for the summer. He’s a plant enthusiast, musician and homegower who provides educational and creative content for his audience. Be sure to follow along with him here!


One of our favorite affiliates Olivia is a model and creative. She’s been on our live a few times and has a ton of awesome information on her page about microdosing cannabis for your own consumption throughout her content. To see more follow it here!

Hollow Hollis

Jerrel is one of our newest creatives we are collaborating with. Not only is he an educator in cannabis but also in all things spirituality and astrology. Be sure to give him a follow here!

Betty Krocker Bakes

Recent award winner Betty is a comedian, creator, and host! Her skits bring education for cannabis in new and fun ways to her audience and beyond. Be sure to follow her here!


Shanee is a Denver creative that has a passion for all things makeup, dance, and travel. We collaborated with Shannee for a photoshoot about a year ago but she can be found throughout our site and social content. Be sure to give her a follow here!

Michael Mims

Micheal is an actor, model and trainer in the LA area that we recently collaborated on for some summer content. Micheal also knows a trick or two about Tik Tok and how to get a killer transition. You can catch him on the recent Netflix series and here on Instagram!

Chief Keish

Kaneisha is a Denver creative and sound therapy practitioner that we brought on as a model that you can see sprinkled throughout our content. She’s an Aries with a passion for education while bringing healing frequencies to her community. Be sure to give her a follow here!

Terrell Davis

Terrell is our professional good vibes dispenser and plant specialist! Whether you’re starting or ending your day Terrell has the best crystal, plant, and tea recommendations you could ever dream of! Follow Terrell here for more plant tips and tricks!

Junior King

Junior is one of our more recent models that we collaborated with for some of the content you will find throughout our social media and site. He’s also an artist and creative from the High Club which is a small creative collective located in southern California.

Doobie Dreubie

If you’ve tuned into our morning seshes then you would have met activist and educator Dreu. Dreu is an east coast creator that has helped us integrate our units into her guided yoga meditations. We plan to do more soon so be sure to give her a follow and tune into our IG Live schedule for more uplifting seshes with Drue!

Alicia Goku

Alicia is an entrepreneur, musician, and creative that taken the cannabis industry by a storm. Through her content she creates funny and relatable cannabis content while also educating her followers on how to integrate CBD into their seshes. Be sure to follow Alicia on all her socials @aliciagoku_!

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