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With any hobby you are just getting started with, there’s usually some sort of up-front investment needed. So, it’s no surprise that vaping would at the very least come with some type of initial investment. Not to say you can’t find inexpensive vaporizers on the market that will do a decent enough job. But you also must factor in the cost of your herbs. Don’t forget about any accessories you may need since over time this can add up. So, you should welcome any opportunity to save money with open arms. Which leads us to the topic at hand: How Can a Vaporizer Conserve my Herb?

With everybody trying to stretch their dollars these days, it’s no wonder people are moving more towards vaporizers. Seeing that when you have a top-notch device you can operate efficiently, you’ll save money, which in turn saves you herb. Now, let’s look at how using a vaporizer to its full potential can help you conserve your herbs.

More Efficient

When asked why they prefer vaporizing over the classic methods of smoking cannabis, many people will say that it takes less material overall to get them nice and lifted. One of the primary reasons behind this is that when you use a vaporizer, your herbs aren’t constantly burning as they would with a bong or pipe. After you turn on your vaporizer and it’s reached your desired temperature, it isn’t continuously combusting the herb as a joint or bowl would. The whole time that joint is burning, whether someone’s taking a drag, or it’s simply being passed around the circle, all that time in-between hits is wasting your precious herb.

You are literally watching your herb go up in smoke when you decide to roll one up. There’s nothing wrong with blazing blunts and joints if that’s how you enjoy your herb. You just want to be fully aware of this potential drawback. Especially since that cherry on your joint or in your bowl can reach temperatures so high that it destroys some of the active ingredients in your herb. A vaporizer is specifically designed, so the herb sits directly in the air path to provide the best utilization of the active materials found in your herb.

Temperature Controlled Vaporizers Conserve Herb

Temperature control is another big reason many herb enthusiasts can’t live without their trusty vaporizer. It provides you with optimal control over the temperature at which you vaporize your herb. You’re able to dial in the temperature exactly to your personal preferences. While destroying very little, if any, of the herb’s active ingredients.

This precise temperature control allows you to boil and vaporize said active ingredients. This is without the worry of combustion, allowing you to conserve your herb slowly with a vaporizer. Most people would agree that the “sweet spot” for vaporizing herb lies somewhere between 350°F and 410°F. If you decide to get a little crazy and go above the recommended temperature range, you’ll more than likely burn your herb, which completely defeats the purpose of utilizing a vaporizer in the first place.

That’s why many start by going low and slow. What this means is you start at the lowest temperature while inhaling slowly. If your vaporizer isn’t producing as much vapor as you’d like, try raising the temperature slightly to see if it makes any difference. You’ll want to repeat this process until you’re pleased with the vapor that’s being produced. For a more detailed write-up, we recommend you read our What the Best Temperature to Vape Weed blog post.

Less Material is Needed

When you decide to shift from smoking to vaping, the difference in your herb consumption will change dramatically. This is partly because of the increased efficiency vaporizers offer. The fact that you’re using less material per session is also a contributing factor. If you were to roll up a .5g jay (average joint size) and compare that to the biggest vaporizer chamber at around .25g (most vaporizers hold much less), you can already see how you’ll be saving herb. Particularly if you’re able to get multiple sessions from one vaporizer load (which you usually can). Maybe you’re someone who just smokes at bedtime and wants to transition to vaporizing? You’ll purchase far less because vaping allows your herb to last much longer than when you were smoking. Over time, you’ll notice your stash doesn’t disappear as quickly as when compared to before.

Herb conservation is one of many reasons vaporizing herb is superior to smoking it. Not to say that vaping your herb doesn’t have its own set of drawbacks. The learning curve that comes with certain units can be a turnoff for some people. But most would agree that conserving your herb is a huge advantage vaporizers have over smoking.

Interested in learning more about weed vaporizers and all the benefits they offer? Check out our Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer blog post.

Buy a Weed Vaporizer Online

Now, if we were to choose the ideal vaporizer to help conserve your herb, we’d have to go with our newest vaporizer model, the CFX+ Dry Herb Vaporizer. It boasts improved cooling, and an improved UI, in addition to an extended vapor path. Whether you decide to go with the CFX+ or not, you now know how and why vaporizers can help you conserve your herb. If you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while, you should have a better understanding of vaporizers and if they’re the right choice for you.

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