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It’s important to choose the perfect nectar collector that fits your needs. Nothing compares to the smooth dab that this style of device provides.

Not familiar with the term “nectar collector”? No worries! It’s a somewhat new product among the concentrate community.

You’re in the right spot, nectar collector class is officially in session… so you can have your own session later. 😉

Cymba using the Terp Pen as a nectar collector, dabbing directly into her concentrate container.

What’s a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a vertical dab instrument that is also referred to as a honey straw or dab straw. You can use a nectar collector for wax, distillates, oils, or any other concentrates your heart desires.

To take a nectar collector dab, heat the tip of the unit with a torch or via battery-powered coil for the electronic models.

Once hot, it is dipped into your concentrates (versus a wax pen which is preloaded then heated) which produces instant vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece on the other end.

This design makes controlling your hit a lot easier. When using a dab pen where you can’t see the wax, you can inhale past your comfort level without even realizing it. And if you’re completely new to concentrates, that could put you down for the rest of the day.

No matter how you choose to consume your favorite concentrate for dabs, we always recommend starting with smaller amounts of wax and increasing over time. You’ll find your “sweet spot” in no time!

Types of Nectar Collectors

There are a few types of nectar collectors available, so you’ve got options as a consumer. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the dab straw journey.

A Terp Pen coil being dabbed into a wax filled cap.

If you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro looking to increase your knowledge, here is some information on the variety of nectar collectors you’ll see when shopping around.

We’ll take a look at the three common styles of vertical dab straws:

  • Silicone – The air path is made from silicone with a titanium or glass dab tip.
  • Glass – The body is constructed from glass, often with a water chamber and a variety of tips; ceramic, glass, and titanium.
  • Electric – Battery-powered with a separated steel vapor path and features quartz, ceramic, or a titanium coil.

There may be units that combine styles, like silicone & glass, but we’re focusing on the main three in this breakdown.

Silicone Dab Straws

A variety of silicone nectar collectors, three with titanium tips and two with glass.

Nectar collectors made from silicone are generally the most affordable option. These are nice for those on a budget or beginners who don’t want to invest too much before knowing if a dab straw is for them.

Silicone straws are easy to maintain because they are difficult to damage. The body of them, that is, if you’re using a glass tip, that will be the most fragile part. Another option is a titanium tip, which is virtually indestructible.

Their durable nature makes them a nice choice for portable dabs. However, you’ll still need a torch to heat the tip, which can be a bit cumbersome when on the go.

Benefits of a Silicone Dab Straw

Silicone nectar collectors aren’t for everyone, but they do have their devoted fans who swear by them. We’ll briefly discuss some of the reasons for their popularity.

  • Durable – Probably the number one reason people love these dab straws is that they’re nearly indestructible. Simply throw it in your bag or purse when you leave your house, and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Just keep in mind that this only applies to titanium tips that are virtually unbreakable.
  • Easy to Clean – Since silicone nectar collectors are incredibly resilient, you can easily bend and twist them in ways that make them a cinch to clean. You’re able to get into those tight, hard-to-clean spots that you can’t with glass or electric dab straws.
  • Inexpensive – Another popular reason for silicone nectar collectors’ popularity is their price point. Silicone dab straws are quite inexpensive, for the most part. Especially when you compare them to some of the other more advanced models on the market.

Drawbacks of a Silicone Dab Straw

As many fans as silicone dab straws have, they still have their fair share of detractors. They balk at the idea of using any form of silicone in their sessions. Let’s see why that is.

  • Taste – If you savor the flavor of your dabs, silicone dab straws probably aren’t for you. Some say that they taste no difference, whereas others say that the silicone gives your vapor a funny aftertaste. It all depends on how picky you and your flavor palate are.
  • Don’t Look as Good – This one is purely subjective, but it’s still worth noting. The designs that silicone honey straws come in usually leave something to be desired. Typically, you only find multi-colored pieces where they splash the colors together, almost looking like tie-dye.
  • External Heat Source – Unlike an e-nectar collector, a silicone dab straw requires an external heat source to use the device. Since these units don’t feature a battery or AC power, you must use a torch or other external heat source to get things going.

Glass Honey Straws

For those looking to replicate the same dabs they get from a rig, a glass nectar collector might be the way to go. This style will give you an all-glass air path, just like that of a dab rig.

If you choose a glass nectar collector set, they often include a water chamber and multiple nails.

The fragileness of glass, however, can make them a little dicey to use when out and about. Most units on the market come with a carrying case of some kind, but you’ll have a hot tip to deal with after dabbing.

An exposed hot tip does detract from the portability quite a bit. Plus, it can be outright dangerous if you accidentally touch it. Ouch!

Benefits of a Glass Honey Straw

There’s a handful of reasons why a glass dab straw is an ideal choice over the other options we’ve listed. Let’s take a minute to go over the leading reasons for using a glass nectar collector.

  • Optimal Flavor – When compared to silicone, glass nectar collectors offer much better tasting dabs, plain and simple. Given that silicone can alter the flavor of your dabs. With glass dab straws, you’ll enjoy optimal flavor with no aftertaste.
  • A Water Chamber? – Not all glass nectar collectors feature a water chamber, but the ones that do are phenomenal. The chamber filters and cools down your rips for some mouth-watering rips. This can be great for those new to the dabbing scene and who are looking for a smooth experience.
  • Countless Design Options Available – If you like to show off your style every chance you get, glass is the way to go. There are a plethora of various designs available on the market, with more high-quality pieces released all the time. Which differs greatly from what silicone nectar collectors have to offer with their basic, multi-colored designs.

Drawbacks of a Glass Honey Straw

Sure, dab enthusiasts hail glass nectar collectors for countless reasons. That still doesn’t mean they don’t have their own set of drawbacks to consider.

  • Fragile – Unlike their silicone brethren, glass dab straws are much more likely to crack or break since they’re so fragile. So, if you are the clumsy type, you may want to look at a silicone option instead.
  • Exposed Hot Tip – This won’t be an issue for everyone, but after you’ve heated the tip of your glass honey straw, it will take some time to cool down. If you aren’t careful, you’ll burn yourself, dropping your piece, and leave you with nothing more than a pile of broken glass.

Electric Nectar Collectors

If portability is your most important feature, then an electric nectar collector is what you’re looking for. One of the newest styles in the world of dabbing, e-nectar collectors, are battery-powered vertical dabbing devices.

An electronic nectar collector with the coil exposed.

By incorporating a battery into the design, you don’t need to worry about having a torch or even butane on hand. Just make sure you keep it charged. A full battery should last you a day, depending on usage.

High-end electric nectar collectors utilize breath-activated heating, so no button is needed to take a hit. Just inhale and enjoy.

Benefits of Choosing an Electric Dab Straw

So, why would someone choose an electric nectar collector over a glass or silicone? As noted, electric dab straws are a great companion for an active lifestyle.

Here are some key aspects we like about the electronic honey straw models:

  • Convenience – Since no external heat source is needed like with the other two options, you don’t have to lug around a torch every time you want to have a session. Some models are even buttonless, requiring just inhalation to activate the device.
  • Accuracy – With an electric dab straw, you have the luxury of a consistent vape temperature every session. Simply dial into your desired temperature and the internal coil heats up to that precisely calibrated setting.
  • Safety – Along with being super convenient, not needing an external heat source also improves the overall safety of the device. You can also cap the hot coil after each use, curbing the chances of burning yourself.
  • Maintenance – Most models allow you to disassemble the device for easy cleaning with some isopropyl alcohol. When the heating coil needs replacing from extensive use, a fresh set will bring life back to the device, almost like it’s brand new.
The cap of a nectar collector being removed for a quick dab.

Drawbacks of an Electric Dab Straw

You can’t talk about how great e-nectar collectors are without taking the time to delve into their drawbacks. There may not be as many shortcomings as the other options, but they’re still important to keep in mind before you make any final decisions.

 Can Be Pricey – Although not all electric nectar collectors come with a steep price point, some of the more advanced models may cost you an arm and a leg. Not to say there aren’t inexpensive options out there (like our Terp Pen). Just be ready to pay more if you want more advanced features.
• Must Charge The Device – This is a huge deterrent to those who party out on the town. You’ll want to carry a charger with you if you plan to head out for a lengthy period of time. Cause nothing’s worse than going to take a draw from your piece and seeing that it requires a charge. You want to make sure you always have a charger on you when you go out.

Making Your Choice of Nectar Collectors

Now that you’re familiar with the variety of products currently available, it’ll be easier to choose a nectar collector.

Once you determine the specific features you want, it’s all about finding the exact product to fit your needs.

If you still have questions, get in touch with the Boundless team and we’ll make the buying process a breeze!

Watch the Terp Pen in Action

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