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Hooray for a new herbal vaporizer! Introducing our newest and most innovative herbal vaporizer, The Vexil! Packing power and efficiency in a compact form, the Vexil delivers an unparalleled aromatherapy experience for its class.

Four preset temperatures have been carefully selected for optimal performance and a unique zirconia cooling mouthpiece enhances the Boundless experience. Built for portability and reliability, the Vexil features a metal casing and non-combustion heating technology to ensure you get the most out of your product.

Today we’ll be teaching you how to use our new unit, the Vexil. So before we get started, be sure to grab your favorite herb and fully charge your new unit.

Setting Up the Vexil

The first thing we want to do is remove the mouthpiece to place some finely ground herb into the bowl. Next, we’ll want to insert a screen if you haven’t already placed it directly into your bowl. Now we can add our herb of choice to our Vexil bowl.

There’s no need to overpack your herb because we want to make sure we’re getting a decent amount of airflow through the chamber. So don’t worry about having to cram a bunch in there! To turn the unit on (or off), we’ll press the power button on top of the unit five times.

Vexil Temperature Settings

Once your unit is turned on, you can press the up and down button to cycle through the temperature settings. The vexil comes with four preset temperature settings to fit your personal preferences and needs. The temperature settings include 360F/182C (Green), 380F/193C (Purple), 400F/204C (Blue), and 420F/215C (Red).

If the increase or decrease button is pressed after the set temperature is reached, the temperature will change according to the button pressed. This is indicated by the color of the icon on the screen. To note, the temperatures do not cycle and must be adjusted manually.

If you’d like to turn off the heater at any point during the session, hold the power button for 3 seconds. To restart the heater, hold the power button for 3 seconds. Once the maximum temperature is reached, the decrease button must be pressed to go back down in temperature and vice versa. After the session has been completed, your Vexil will enter sleep mode to save the battery. To restart the heater, hold the power button down for 3 seconds. If there is no need for another session, click the power button 5 times fast to power the device off to end your session.

Enjoying Your Vexil Vaporizer

We hope you enjoy your new Teal or Black Vexil vaporizer as much as we do! maybe you’re still in need of further help? Watch our how-to video for a more in-depth breakdown of How to Use the Vexil Vaporizer. Also, to clean and maintain your new unit, check out our full video on How to Clean the Vexil

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